Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Creativity is everywhere


I’m constantly amazed at the creativity that surrounds us.  I know everyone is busy with last minute holiday traveling, decorating or shopping.  So, today I’m not going to tax your brain.  I’m just going to share something I think is fabulously creative.

Especially if you’re a fan of Harry Potter.  This clip is hysterical, and I think I’d actually go see the movie.  If it was a real movie!


Just think of the other possibilities for extending the Potter franchise:

To Sir Dumbledore, With Love

Wizard Side Story

Dead Wizards Society

St. Elmo's Fire Demon

Owls in the Hood

Fast Times At Hogwarts High

Sometimes reinventing the wheel can be fun.

Since this is my last post before the holidays, I’ll wish everyone Happy Holidays!


Terry Odell said...

They're already building Hogwarts at Universal Studios here in Orlando.

(And just a quick note, if you don't mind - your riding buddy, Betina Krahn, is my guest at Terry's Place today. She's giving away books.)

Paula R said...

Debra that was awesome. I would totally see that if it was a real movie. I love Dangerous Minds, so this would be great for me. Love the song too. I hope someone from hollywood taps into that, and see the potential. Now, I just wonder which poem they will use as the premise for the storyline. Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. Thank you for sharing this find.

Peace and love,
Paula R.

Debra Dixon said...

Terry-- Sure! Our folks would definitely want to know Betina is out and about guesting!

Debra Dixon said...


I thought this clip was amazingly creative. They managed to find the fine line between parody and homage.

When this comes out, (g) I'll go and see it.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Love this, Deb! Loved "Dangerous Minds," "Stand and Deliver," and that whole genre. I haven't seen the Harry Potter movies, but this is a terrific send-up.

Happy holidays!

Venus Vaughn said...


That was the stupidest sh*t I've seen in days. Thank you for the laugh.

Debra Dixon said...

Kathleen & Venus--

Yes, I thought we all deserved a laugh!