Wednesday, November 11, 2009


Dang. Yesterday's vote could hardly have been more evenly split. I know you guys were trying to help me in picking a face for Riley, my next hero, but ...

I tallied 17 total votes. Tom Brady and Wentworth tied with 6 votes each. Josh got 5 votes, but a couple of those were extremely strong ones!

I guess that explains why I'm having a hard time choosing between the three. Maybe I just haven't hit on the right guy yet?

And I'm having such a hard time picturing him, what do you think the chances are that the art department at Harlequin will get the guy right on cover? hehehe


Terry Odell said...

I got my cover for my next release, and the artist said it would be impossible to match my characters, so she just went for a 'hot' cover.

Small presses don't have the budget for actual live models and photo shoots. so I'm used to taking what I get.

And it IS a hot cover , even if h/h don't look like the folks inside the book.

Emmanuelle said...

I've loved your covers so far, so you can be confident I think ;-)

Helen Brenna said...

Terry, that is a hot cover!

Emmanuelle, that's good to know. I do love the expectation of new covers!

mariska said...

Terry ! It's totally HOT !

Helen, even you are a new author for me, A Surprise for your tenth book, will always a great pleasure for me :D

Anonymous said...

love brady an dwentworht