Friday, November 27, 2009

Why can't it be Purple Friday?

It just sounds so much more pleasant, doesn't it?  A nice royal color that sends out good vibes to one and all.  But no, it is Black Friday.  Black, because supposedly this is the day of the year that puts store ledgers back in the black.  It is a day some look forward to all year.  A day others rue.

I used to be one of those who preened the ads on Thanksgiving Thursday and plotted out my moves for the following day.  That's when my kids were younger and getting a deal on toys was essential.  Alas, this sacred day of uber-shopping has lost its glimmer.

I still look over the ads, but only the few stores that interest me.  Is it just me, or are there no exciting deals this year?  Nothing compels me to want to get up early.  No must-haves.  I had hoped retailers would have enticed us with major deals.

Now I don't even bother to wake early.  I get up my usual time.  I get to the stores when I get there.  Sometimes it's 10:00, other times it's afternoon.  The way I look at it, if there is something I want, and it's still there when I arrive, then it was meant to be.  If it's gone, then I didn't really need it, did I?   I honestly don't need anything this year (or ever), but I do like to check the DVD television series sets.

But this year I'm going to avoid the stores all-together.  I went to Amazon and put a couple DVD sets in my wish list.  Supernatural season 4, Big Bang Theory season 2, and Weeds season 5.  Tomorrow I'll check back.  If they're on sale, I'll order them.  If not, I'll get back to work, because this story ain't finishing itself, and it's due on my editor's desk on Tuesday.  Sigh...

What about you?  Are you a Black Friday die-hard?  Or do you seclude yourself away from retail stores today?  If you have been out shopping already, what did you get?  What are your strategies?  Find any good deals?  



ArkansasCyndi said...

I've done Black Friday sales a couple of times but always when there is something I really want. Twice it has been computers. This morning, I got up at 3:50 to be at Sams Club by 4:15 or so to pick up an Acer Apire computer for $197. The store had six. I got the second one! Woo-Hoo. Sams did it right. At 5:45, staff came out, scan membership cards, then gave out pull tags for the hot ticket items like the Acer. They then let people into the store a few at a time. No rushing through the store. No struggling to grab the last one of something.

Not a die-hard.

Cindy Gerard said...

I almost feel UnAmerican I'm because I soooo do not do black friday. I have enough stress in my life without looking for it in the throng of bargain hungry shoppers :o) I do admire those brave souls, however, who set their alarms early and brave the elements and the crowds. Shopper-rage can't hold a candle to road-rage :o)
But shop on people! And my you get the bargain of a lifetime!

Playground Monitor said...

I'm done with my shopping already and since it was about 28 degrees earlier this morning, I'm glad I wasn't outside in the lines.

I have no regrets. Well I did have a tiny pang when I saw a 500GB external hard drive on sale for less than what I just paid for a 250GB one. But I shopped from the warm comfort of my desk chair and it was delivered to my door. I'll never fill up 250 gigs, so why am I worrying about 500?

I do need to make a couple returns today, but it'll be much later when the frost has melted off my windshield and it's warmed up a bit.


Michele Hauf said...

Arkansas, is that those little netbook computers that do online and email? WOuld be nice to have one of those. Yeah for you getting the deal!

Marilyn shopped online. Wise woman.

Cindy may be the wisest of all avoiding it entirely.

I checked Amazon and only Supernatural is on sale. Of course you know I can't buy anything at Amazon without spending the $25 for free shipping. Yeah, they see me coming.

Kathleen Eagle said...

ToyR and Target have had some good sales in the last couple of weeks, so I've done most of the toy shopping. I've read that the deals will continue through Christmas and that the BF deals have been toned down in favor of a longer deal period. Retailers want to make that magical black mark today but they'll keep the deal lure going, I guess.

I've never done the BF early morning hunt. I did an early morning deal once, but I'm not sure it was BF. Remember Santa Bear? The year dear daughter got married (2000) they had the bride and groom Santas, and I needed 2 sets--I used to give my niece SB every year. S-I-L met met at the door of what was then Dayton's, and we poured in with the crowd. Got the bears. Amazing what people will do. I've never had the urge to do it again.

Debra Dixon said...

I've never done Black Friday. Can't even imagine the dedication it takes.

Hey, but for those who like bargains, I can give you the CYBER MONDAY code for Bell Bridge Books and BelleBooks.

Everything is 25% off until midnight on Monday.

Put the word CYBER in front of your name on your order form. The 25% reduction will be reflect in the actual credit card charge. You won't see it on the order form but you'll get it.

Michele Hauf said...

I do remember Santa Bear, Kathy. I had to get one for my daughter one year. Ugg.

Yeah! A bargain at BelleBooks!

That's right, Monday is the online sales day, right? Now that I can probably get into.

catslady said...

I did it once or twice but decided never again lol. I would love to save the money but I hate the whole idea and feeling pressured to BUY NOW OR ELSE. I really hate that a lot of stores were opened on Thanksgiving Day - how horrible for some families.

Terry Odell said...

I stay home. This year, I did go to the grocery store, but that was out of necessity.

I got in the habit of shopping early because our family birthday cycle started in late October, so as long as I was out, I bought extra gifts.

Now, we no longer exchange gifts because it's simply too expensive, and we're all spread out so nobody has that "insider" glimpse into what's needed.

This year, we WILL be with some family for our holiday so I'm thinking I should be thinking about gifts. Sigh.

Interesting poll I saw on TV (I think it was a news channel) asking if people planned to spend more, less, or the same this year. 25% said the same. 75% said they weren't going shopping at all.