Monday, November 23, 2009

Is it the morphine or is it my muse?

I was scheduled to give a workshop called Hogtying the Muse last Saturday, and I have to tell you I wasn’t feeling very ‘amused.’ You see, two weeks earlier I had snapped both bones in my right forearm, making typing (and my January deadline) seem pretty hopeless. But I had promised to be inspiring (yikes) so I tried to figure out how to engage that elusive muse. Toward that end, I searched through a few magazines and skimmed a couple self help books, but I didn’t find much. It was later on, frustrated by my inability to do…well...pretty much anything…and feeling patently sorry for myself, that I began thumbing through some photo albums…and voila…there she was. Ms. Muse!

It turns out that my girl hangs out in the strangest places:

Hiking to the tops of mountains.

Straddling a racing horse.

Sleeping on moon shadowed beeches.

I realized, really for the first time, that its when I step out of my comfort zone that I feel most inspired. That, in fact, each of my adventures has sparked an idea for a book. And more than that…has filled those ideas with lush imagery and heart-palpating sensations.

So although a few intelligent, well-meaning friends have suggested that I start being a little more careful, I think my sadistic little muse might be disappointed if I did. Well, her and my eldest son, who just called and asked if I was going to climb Mt Kilimanjaro with him or what?

We’re now planning the trip for 2013. I'll be officially old, but I’m hoping Ms. Muse likes Tanzania.

But when is enough enough? Am I being foolish? My mother in law seems to think I’m one banana short of a full bunch to take the risks I do, but I’m kind of afraid to wake up one morning and realize life has somehow zipped past me. That I’m 80 years old and have no stories to tell. Then again, I’m rather afraid of pain, too. This little arm debacle was enough to make me morphine’s biggest admirer.

So what do we do? Do we keep bounding through life like huskies through fresh snow or do we begin to employ a little judicious caution in our…ahum…mature years?


Helen Brenna said...

Go to Tanzania, Lois. The chances of you getting killed in a car accident are probably greater than a life threatening mishap in one of your adventures. Right?

KylieBrant said...

Go, Lois! I'd go to Tanzania with you!

Terry Odell said...

I've never been particularly adventurous, but I did Brave Things when we went to Australia. I refuse to be old (but I do accept those little SS checks every month).

Heck, I had my AARP card before I started writing. Talk about doing a Brave Thing.

My parents took up water-skiing for their 25th anniversary. They invited us on an 'adventure tour' of the PNW a couple of years ago, where we hiked and sea-kyacked (however you spell that one) and did all sorts of fun stuff.

But pain does suck. My knee tells me I'm getting older every morning, but I ignore it. Can't be an "old lady" knee--I must have tweaked it somehow, right?

Cindy Gerard said...

Go Lois Go!! A dear friend once told me that you should do something every day that scares you. While every day might be a bit much, it's good for the soul to at least pick a fear an conquer it every once in a while. Some of my most frightening moments have also been some of my proudest and most life changing!

lois greiman said...

terry, i love it when peope are willing to try new things. especially as couples.

one of my best friends just turned 60. she recently started motorcycling, playing accordian, and boxing. however, she just broke her arm, too. which makes me kind of go....hmmmm

lois greiman said...

cindy, i think it is a good idea to challenge fears, but i have to admit that sitting in front of the tv with a cup of hot choco sounds more enticing every day.

on the other hand, i'm still planning to explore the grand canyon cuz you inspired me so much. that's planned for may, but there are so many masochistic people who want to do the same that we didn't get accepted last year.

GunDiva said...

Go! My cousin's grandma-in-law started skydiving at the ripe old age of 78 and has more than 15 jumps in. She does it at least once a year on her birthday and again whenever she can afford to. If she can jump out of a perfectly good airplane in her late 70s, you can go to Tanzania.

Kathleen O said...

Go Lois...If I had the chance to go on a few trips I passed up on, because the time never seemed right or the money I saved had to be spent on something else, I would just say to heck with it and go.. Live today... because we never know what tomorrow is going to give us..

MsHellion said...

Go. Maturity is subjective and overrated.

catslady said...

I say go for it. There's nothing worse than wishing you had and although I've never broken anything, it will heal and memories you have forever :)

Michele Hauf said...

Heck, it was just your good typing arm. It wasn't like you broke your brain or lost your imagination.


You're a tough one, and I love hearing about your adventures. Would love to adventure myself, but prodding the hubby to leave the country is like moving the mountain an inch.

I like living vicariously through you. Keep on, woman!

lois greiman said...

wow, you guys are really supportive. thanks so much.

skydiving at 78, i love that.

Christie Ridgway said...

I'm with everyone else. Go, Lois! I don't think everyone has to be adventurous like you (say, me), but if I wanted to, you can be sure I'd be doing it.

We're getting too old for regrets, too.

lois greiman said...

i've been told that when polled, people's biggest regrets were not things they had done, but things they hadn't done. shrug

MarthaE said...

I hope your arm heals quickly! Sounds like you have a great muse! How wonderful that your son wants you to go along for the adventure! That is special! Go for it!

Anonymous said...

Go For It! Even if you choose at the last minute Not to take the climb, the 'high' of believing you will and can do it if you Want to, and the wonderful scenery is worth the venture!