Sunday, August 09, 2009

That new Foodie movie. . .

After my blog the other day, I hot-footed it out to see Julie and Julia and am delighted to report LOVING the movie! Such a lovely and interesting character study. The acting and cooking and atmosphere were all fabulous and Meryl should get an Oscar nomination for her turn as the big gawky cook with the fabulous palate.

There were plenty of laughs, some poignant moments, and many mouth-watering vignettes of cooking and food magnifique!

There were so many layers. . . American, French, aging woman, childless woman, struggling for identity, struggling for vocation, struggling for acceptance and validation, working to bring a dream to fruition. Julia's comfortable, cosmopolitan life in Paris contrasts sharply to Julie's constrained life in the Bronx, but it is startling to see the similarities. And there were layers of relationships. . . friends, husbands and wives. . . supporting each other, adoring each other. . . sometimes correcting each other.

This movie was a fabulous demonstration of the partnership of love, of the way true and abiding love grows and works in the lives of people.

Stanley Tucci is my new hero. He is downright sexy in this movie. REAL hero material. And that takes some doing.

My sig other pronounced it a "chick flick" before we went, but he loved it as much as I did. And there were quite a few men there. . . husbands will love the winking allusions to food and sex as parts of the same passion.

These are two wonderful and talented actresses led by a clever script and caught with marvelous cinematography. . . together they produce a film that is thought provoking and inspiring. As you watch these two women work and dream and persevere, you can't help asking yourself, "What is my dream? What could I be doing? What is my passion?"

And isn't it about time I got started on it?

If you have a chance to see the movie, drop in and let us know your take on it. And did you cringe through the lobster scene, too?


GunDiva said...

The RockCrawlinChef and I went to see Julie/Julia yesterday and LOVED it! I have to admit I was prepared to be disappointed, because it's been my experience that movies that receive as much fanfare are rarely deserving of it.

We left the movie theater inspired to pick up our writing where we left off. I'm not sure that I'll ever attempt to be published, but I'd like to see if I can't actually finish a book that I start. I have several beginnings, but no middles or endings.

Susan said...

I haven't seen J&J yet, but DH and I saw the advertisement for it. To me it looks wonderful, but he pronounced it a chick flick.
Then he said, "Too bad they couldn't get Dan Ackroyd to play Julia."
Susan Shay

Betina Krahn said...

Gun Diva-- so you felt it too! The inner push to do something with a neglected or as yet unrealized dream! I think it was that aspect that had people applauding at the end of the movie.

And Susan, they actually used the Dan Akroyd skit as a part of the movie! It was a hoot and almost eerie how dead on Dan Akroyd's impersonation was. Believe me, you might think this is a "chick flick" but honestly it's just a very well made movie that happens to be about two women.

Maybe we ought to start calling any movie involving two male characters "dude flicks." Knocked Up. Hangover. American Pie. Lethal Weapon. Righteous Kill. All "dude flicks."

SidneyKay said...

Love Stanley Tucci, he was great in Winchell, Conspiracy and if you like food movies, check out Big Night. It as a great omelet scene in it. He has wonderful eyes.

As far as Dan Ackroyd's SNL skit, I've heard that Julia Child loved it and would play it for her friends.

I really need to go see this movie, sounds good.

GunDiva said...

Betina - I bet that the blog sites get swamped with people now. We decided that one way to be accountable to our writing would be to post it in a blog rather than keep it hidden in our own hard drives; absolutely an idea stolen from the movie. Just wonder how many others will jump o the bandwagon.

SidneyKay - so NOT a chick flick. I think there were a lot of guys in the audience who were whining about it being a chick flick, but they seemed every bit as enamoured as the women. I rarely pay full price to see a movie and this is one I'd pay to see again. Do yourself a favor and go.

Playground Monitor said...

I saw this yesterday and LOVED it! It's not a movie about cooking. It's a movie about writing. All writers should see this. And I too adore Stanley Tucci. Did you see "Shall We Dance?"

I only thought Streep was brilliant in "The Devil Wore Prada." I was wrong. She was just good in that; she was brilliant as Julia Child.

I encourage everyone to go see this. It's well worth the price of the ticket.

Marilyn - who was creeped out by the lobster scene too

Helen Brenna said...

Have not seen the movie yet, but now I can't wait.

I've always thought Stanley Tucci was sexy. I know, so wierd!

The Bumbles said...

I haven't heard a bad thing about this book or the movie. Looks like I need to either read it or see it soon - or both!

Elizabeth (Beth) LaMie said...

Loved the movie, especially with Merrill's transformation into a tall woman. I feel inspired to keep on blogging & writing & hoping & praying. So great to see how Julie started out and made it to the big time.