Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Guest: Cynthia Eden

Please welcome Cynthia Eden to the convertible today!

It’s a pleasure to be back at Riding With the Top Down! (Thanks for having me over again!) Today, I thought I’d talk about one of my favorite things…sharing the romance love.
I absolutely love it when I can introduce my friends to great authors. When I find a book that is just so fabulous I can’t put it down, I immediately have to share news of that glorious find with my friends. 

Once upon a time, I introduced these friends to the romance genre (they converted quickly, recognizing the awesomeness that is romance), and now, we, ahem, routinely *encourage* each other to go out, get new recommended books, and READ them.

When I meet new people and I find out that they don’t read romances, well, yes, I am tempted to instantly try to convert them into romance addicts. But I work slowly on this conversion. I always start by offering to loan folks one of the (oh, so many) books in my “library.” And by “library”—I mean my overflowing bookshelves in the den. 

Even though I am a writer, I don’t always give new romance recruits the books I’ve written to read for their romance introduction. No, instead, I try to pick the sub-genre of romance that would appeal most to them. If the person normally reads suspense, I give her romantic suspense. If I’ve got a history buff—you guessed it, historical romance. But, should I encounter someone who likes the darker things—say a wild and dark assortment of paranormal characters, then, oh, yes, I’d recommend my latest release, MIDNIGHT’S MASTER (Kensington Brava, July 09). I figure if the person likes the things that go bump in the night, she’ll love my book. ☺

But what about you? Do you make a habit of sharing the romance love? And how do you go about recruiting new romance readers? 

Leave me a comment, and you could win an autographed copy of MIDNIGHT’S MASTER—or a copy of my upcoming paranormal anthology, BELONG TO THE NIGHT (winner’s choice!). One commenter will be selected to win.
Thanks for checking out my post!
Cynthia Eden

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MIDNIGHT’S MASTER—Available now from Kensington Brava
BELONG TO THE NIGHT—Available 09/09 from Kensington Brava


Stonehawk said...

I like your post. Makes me happy that people are getting others to be addicted to romance novels. I like romance novels and I think they should be popular enough to be used anywhere even as college text books.

Laurie said...

Well, it has been slow going but my SIL got into Oprah's Reads and some romantic historicals. My daughter went from mysteries, to romantic suspense (Brenda Novak,Cindy Gerard, Debra Webb and Roxanne St Clair) to chick lit from Meg Cabot & Jodi Picult. Finally, she loved, LOVED... Stephanie Meyer's Twilight series... which I'm just starting to get into.

I've been reading romance since the late 80's and my tastes favor contemps, suspense and historicals... slowly picking up paranormals. So I'd love to give your book a try!!

Chris said...

I've had fun lately slowly nudging a friend into reading paranormal romances. She's on the slippery slope!

Kylie said...

Hi Cynthia! Welcome to the convertible! I share a lot of my favorite authors with one of my sisters, who is a reader. I recommend my favorite thriller writers to the one brother who reads. I seem to be surrounded by non-readers, unfortunately, but I do make recommendations to my aunts when I find out what they like to read.

I went from teen romances to historicals. When I discovered contemporary romance I was in heaven! Now I pretty much read exclusively in the romantic suspense and straight thriller lines. Not because I wouldn't like to try more things, but because my writing time came out of time I used to spend reading. That's the biggest disadvantage of being a writer for me--less reading time!

Helen Brenna said...

Hey, Cynthia, and welcome back! I love the title and cover of your new book!

I'm constantly right out front pimping my favorite writers to non-romance readers. But you're sneaky about it and probably more successful than me. Okay if I try your tactics? lol

Cindy Gerard said...

Hi Cynthia - welcome~ And Wow! What gorgeous covers!
As for new recruits - I give a lot of books away through my webpage contest. And I'm always telling others about friends of mine who are fabo writers. We have to stick together, yes??

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, everyone! It's so great to be chatting with you all todday. :-)

Oh, Stonehawk, I would LOVE for the books to be used as college texts. That would be fabulous.

Hi, Laurie! When I started reading romances, I began with category romances, then I branched into historicals, then romantic suspenses, and then I found the paranormals. Always so much to explore!!

LOL, Chris, so glad you've got a friend on the slope!

Thank you for the welcome, Kylie! And being a writer does suck that reading time away, doesn't it? I use books now as my "rewards" for finishing my writing. When a project is done, I spend a few days reading as much as I can. Ah, bliss!

Thank you, Helen! And I'm very glad you like the title and cover! And feel free to steal my sneaky tactics!!

Hi, Cindy! Thank you for the welcome and the wonderfufl compliment on the covers! And you are so right--we've got to stick together!

Laney4 said...

Thanks for the opportunity to win your book!
I read a book and decide if it seems to be "just the right thing" for one of several girlfriends, and then I pass the book onto her. For those books that are more generic, I set them aside and pass on to whichever girlfriend happens to be out of books at the moment.
When I have some autographed ones, I read them, LOAN them to the girlfriends, and then set them aside for a local fundraising silent auction. It takes awhile for the books to work their way back to me, but I keep track to help the process move more quickly on those books in particular. I try to include an author's bookmark in the auction books too.

Armenia said...

I love romance. I've recruited my friends and family by talking about what I'm currently reading. I draw them into my conversation about authors and the books they have written. I gauge my listener's wave of interest and recommend some great authors or books that I have read. And from the exchange, get some recommendations.

Cynthia, loved Midnights Master. My book fiend of a friend is borrowing it right now...getting nervoud because I don't like Niol being to far away from me. Oh, sigh.

Liza said...

I've recruited a few friends back to reading again, and now I'm working on them to try different romance books. With so many different types of romances out there, I can pretty much suggest different ones to all my friends. I did convert my sister and oldest niece over to romances, and now they keep raiding my "library"(overflowing bookshelves too).

lois greiman said...

Thanks for joining us here at Top Down, Cynthia, and thanks for spreading the good word about romance. :) Your covers really are gorgeous.

Edie Ramer said...

I've tried to convert my sister, but she has her mind set against romance. I have converted a friend, who is more open-minded and adventuresome in every way.

My FIL reads romance, and I often give him books to read. When I put in a mystery once, he got mad about it. lol

Cynthia Eden said...

Oh, Laney4, it sure sounds like you've got the romance sharing down! Talk about an organized plan of attack!

Hi, Armenia! Thank you! I'm so happy you enjoyed Midnight's Master. :-) And thanks for recruiting your friends to romance land!

Hey, Liza! I'm like you--I think there are so many romance sub-genres out there, there should be just about something for everyone I know.

Thanks for the welcome, Lois! And thanks for the compliment on the covers!

Hi, Edie!! I'll confess. My FIL reads romances, too--he started with mine and now he's hooked. Ah, the power of romance!

Anonymous said...

Great post.I've gotten my sister,niece and sister in law to read paranormal romances.I didn't have trouble convincing them though,we all like to read and pass books between us.

Melissa said...

LOL, I SO share my love for romance. With anyone and everyone!! When I find books I really love, I'll buy extra copies so I can share w/ friends and hook them on fav authors. I never know a stranger in a bookstore or book section, and have been KNOWN to suggest books to those browsing, lmao. But it's great, because I've seen ladies I've suggested romances to later, and they've told me how much they love an author I suggested. Last time I went to the dentist, the receptionist was thrilled to tell me I'd hooked her on Sherrilyn Kenyon, and who else did I suggest?? They're so easy to brag about and be proud of, how could you not share???

catslady said...

I always share my books - especially my favorite romances. I have a couple of friends that are on the fringe of admitting they like them too lol. My sister is hooked and sometimes my mom (she's 87 lol) but I'm working my hardest on my oldest daughter. She is a book snob - thinks you need to read oprah picks etc. I keep telling her she can do both and am determined to get her to admit she likes romances too. After all - she is going to inherit quite a few books lol.

Debra Dixon said...

Hey, Cynthia! Welcome to the 'vert again!

Yep. I'm a pusher. But I'm also always asking other people to recommend books to me. There are so many books out there it is impossible to find all the good ones, so I'm asking and making note of books that get mentioned a lot. :)

tetewa said...

A friend got me into reading romance many years ago when she introduced me to the Dark-Hunter series. I'm now addicted to the Paranormal genre and always looking for new authors and series to read in this genre. When I discover something I enjoy I pass them on to others friends to read.

GunDiva said...

I have to admit I was a book snob and wouldn't read "romance" - who the heck believes in HEA anyway? Then my dear friend Glenna gave me several copies of her CRAZY/LOOSE series and I was hooked. I would have never considered her books romance, but once I started looking at how the genre has expanded and how many sub-genres there are I was truly astounded. Books that I'd been reading and loving were part of the romance genre - who knew? Romance is definitely a force to be reckoned with...I've even hooked by brother (big, tough Marine) on the CRAZY/LOOSE series, who has in turn hooked his long-time girlfriend, so we're slowly infiltrating :)

Michele said...

Hi Cynthia :)

I am always trying to recruit friends into my "book club" :) Up to 4 right now, lol. Started them with TWILIGHT and have gotten them to try new reads. Just recently I introduced the Midnight series to a friend of mine and she couldn't put any of the books down. And how do I get new recruits, I keep talking to them about the books until they finally give in and give the book a chance, lol. Works every time!!!!

Brandy said...

I'm always trying to not convert, but add to on-line friends and neighbors book reading by sharing my romances. *G* I recently sent a friend a paranormal and she was hesitant, but enjoyed it! YAY!

flchen1 said...

Hi, Cynthia! I don't actively go thinking about how to convert friends (bring them to the romance dark-side, so to speak ;)), but I use similar reasoning--I try to nudge them based on what I know of their reading likes. My most successful conversion is probably my sister, who didn't read straight romance so much before, but we can swap faves now, so that's more than fun! It's terrific to find a great new read/author, and even more fun to share that with someone you like!

Thanks for writing the awesome reads, Cynthia!


Michele Hauf said...

Hey, Cynthia!

I'm afraid most of my friends are non-readers. (shudder) And those that do read already know the joy of romance. It is interesting though, when doing a book signing, when we can talk someone who claims not to be interested in 'those kinds of books' into trying one.

Cathy M said...

My son's new girlfriend has just started reading romance books and while we were talking about tv shows, mentioned the True Blood series. When I mentioned that I had all of Charlaine's books, she practically knocked the table over in excitement. I boxed up the whole series for her and she is having a blast reading it. Love when reading a great book gives others as much pleasure as it does me.

MarthaE said...

Hi Cynthia! Yes I share the romance love! Got my daughter reading but she likes different books than I do. I like your method of sharing from a genre that friends are interested in! I encourage friends to visit my blog and other blogs. Also I rave about Audible books all the time!

chey said...

I'm afraid most of my friends that read refuse to try romance.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, elaing8! So glad you've gotten others hooked on paranormals!

Hey, Melissa! LOL, I like the way you share!

Catslady, keep working on that oldest daughter! I bet you'll bring her over to the romance side.

Thank you, Debra! It's a pleasure to be here! And, oh, but I am now going to think of myself as a romance pusher. :-)

Hi, tetewa! Those Dark-Hunters are definitely addicted. I got one of my friends hooked with them, too.

GunDiva, glad to hear that you saw the romance light--and that your brother is enjoying them, too!!

Cynthia Eden said...

Michele, I love your book club! And thanks for introducting your friend to the Midnight books--you are so awesome.

Brandy, I love to get my friends interested in the paranormals (mostly b/c I love those books so much!).

Hi, Fedora! Sharing great books is always fun. :-) And thank you very much!

Oh, Michele, you poor thing! Maybe you'll change those non-readers one day!!

Cathy, I bet your son's girlfriend LOVES you now.

Hey, MarthaE! Thanks for the reminder on the Audible books!

Oh, no, Chey, say it isn't so! They are just missing out.

Thanks for all the comments, everyone! We're in for a bad blast of weather down in Mobile, but I will try to check in again once the storm has passed.

Amy Kathryn said...

I can't help but share my love of reading and since most of my reading is romance....

I have been sneakily getting my brother into reading romance by slipping him slightly romantic suspense and fantasy until I can hook him. Then I will bring out the hard stuff!

A coworker and I were having a battle over the reading habits of our summer student...I was recommending the Cynster series by Stephanie Laurens and she was talking up the classics that didn't make the cut for high school reading. That girl blew through all my Cynster books and then went out to get more. Score!!

sarabelle said...

Great post. I love romances and I have a nice group of friends that all read too, we pass our books around which makes it very nice in this tight economy.

Cynthia Eden said...

Hi, Amy Kathryn! LOL, glad the Cynster books gave you a score!

Sarabelle, isn't it great to have friends who share your love of romance?

donnas said...

Great post. I always try to share when I find a book I love. I will try to convince first my sister to read it then friends.

Pam P said...

Most of my family stick to straight mystery and thrillers, but I've finally got my mother into more romantic suspense and she likes its now. She won't read historicals but one weekend she was out of books to read so I convinced her to try a historical mystery with a female lawyer, and now she's likes that series. Just have to keep working on them, lol. Luckily I have online friends now who love historical roamnces and paranormals to talk books.

I Heart Book Gossip said...

I love sharing new books with friends. Some are into it and others aren't.

cindyc725 at gmail dot com

Lori T said...

Hi Cynthia~

I have always been a big romance girl...from the early days I liked my happily ever afters. Unfortunately, I have only had a few friends who loved romances as much as I do. I recently have been able to recruit my sister in law into the romance world and she is loving it!

Great post!!