Friday, July 03, 2009

Kathleen's Mixed Bag Friday

It's been such a newsy week. The only way you can get a real perspective on what's been going on and the relative importance of events is on "The Daily Show" and "The Colbert Report." Not that the big stuff hasn't been covered on the "real" news and information programs, but there's just so much. Thanks to DS and CR for the highlights. For example, did you know that one of the major news sources located Bubbles, Michael's famous chimp, at an animal shelter in FL? And Brian Williams toured the Neverland mansion and told us what used to be in this corner, on that wall.

And you knew that Jon Stewart would come up with a cover for the Luv Guv's story. This isn't it--found this one on Flickr--but there was a photoshopped beauty on DS Thursday night. It really was funny, but it isn't up on the site at this writing. You also knew that the comparison of the now infamous e-mails to Harlequin novels was inevitable. I googled Sanford romance novel, just out of curiosity. Tons. Interestingly enough, many bloggers point out that our fiction is far better than the guv's "love story." Repeated mention is made of the fact that he had a book deal in the works, but the publisher backed out. Of course, the deal was for a political tome. Sadly, the offers for his personal story, his wife's, and his girlfriend's are undoubtedly already piling up. Seriously. Imagine the book tours!

I watched the pilot for the new HBO half-hour series "Hung." Yes, that kind of hung. It's about a high school history teacher/BB coach, Ray, whose luck has been so bad lately that he attends one of those cheesy motivational seminars where participants are encouraged to figure out what their best "tool" is and how they might capitalize on on it. One of the other participants had a single but memorable encounter with Ray's biggest asset, and she offers to help him market it. Pilots aren't always the best indicator, but this one was pretty funny, so I'll tune in again. There's a Pimp Ray contest on the HBO website that might provide a bit of creative fun for a hot summer day.

Speaking of internet entertainment, here's one for the kids, courtesty of the Minnesota Zoo. It's called Who Pooped? (Are all kids of a certain age fascinated with the sight, smell and general hilarity associated with this bodily function? Or just the ones I know?) So the game, of course, it to match the animal with its excretion. Not only will the kids get a kick out of it, but poop identification is a useful life skill.

Our raised bed garden is coming along nicely. The tomatoes are as tall as Elton John, er, my grandson. The kids love to take the scissors to the lettuce and spinach and pluck a few onions for salad. That's all we're harvesting so far. After Michele's review of "Food Inc" I'm repeating the mantra often: This is how real food grows.

My bookend for today is the real thing. The bloggers and commentators who throw around the comparison between the Luv Guv and a Harlequin romance have not read Make Me Yours by Betina Krahn. I bought it ($3.74 at Target, mind you) this week with the intention of rewarding myself when I finish the WIP, but I couldn't wait. You'll love this one, folks. It's a delicious premise, wonderful characters, engaging dialogue, sparkling prose--such a treat!

Comments on the week that was? Summer projects in progress? Discoveries? Recommendations? Pitch something into the bag.


lois greiman said...

I'm working really hard on enjoying every molecule of summer...oh yeah...and trying to finish the 6th Chrissy mystery despite all the weird happening in the world.

Does anyone else have trouble focusing on work when summer comes?

Betina Krahn said...

Awwwww,thanks, Kathy. I'm soooo glad you liked it. And I have to say, I too have been braced for the inevitable "luv-guv" comparisons to a romance novel. Now I'm going to have to go back and see the Jon Stewart bit-- I bet it was hilarious.

And I love the poop quiz idea and the update on your garden and the glimpse of the kids.

What a great mixed bag on a Friday!

GunDiva said...

I wish my tomatoes were doing as well as yours! The recent hail has beat my lonely plant nearly to death. I've basically got one stalk with four little 'maters on them - I hope the stalk lives long enough for them to ripen.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Aw, Diva,that's a shame. Hail is a gardener's worst enemy.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hey, Betina, you mastered the shorter format right out of the chute. MMY oh MMY, what a sexy book. The tension is terrific. But I especially love the way you weave in the period details.

John Thomas, huh? Never heard that one. Willie, Peter, Dick, John Thomas. Men are so funny.

Kylie said...

Kathy, I feel like I caught up on the week's news with your encapsulation! Other than the morning paper, I haven't been getting much news. Had my two oldest grandsons all week and was busy entertaining them!

I do looooove my Jon Stewart fix, though! I'll have to catch up on what I missed on the online videos...

Playground Monitor said...

It HAS been an eventful week and sadly a lot of stuff got lost under the excessive Michael Jackson coverage. Farrah Fawcett's brave battle with cancer just seemed to disappear. Karl Malden's death went nearly unnoticed. Yes, the music industry lost an icon, but enough already!

I didn't plant a garden this year. It's difficult to garden with your leg in a cast. But the cast comes off a week from today! And immediately afterward I'm going to the spa for a mani/pedi cause I'll be leaving 3 days later for DC and the RWA conference. My website mates and I are having a modeling session Sunday to help us decide what clothes to take to DC. When you're limited to 1 suitcase and you also have to take clothing for 2 days of sightseeing, you need a strategic plan for mixing and matching.


Playground Monitor said...

Oh, forgot to comment on the Guv. I haven't seen or heard about the romance novel connection. Personally I think his wife should kick his sorry a$$ to the curb, hire herself a pit bull attorney and take the SOB for every dime she can get. Had it been one time with one woman, I'd recommend marriage counseling. But he says this Argentinian woman is his soul mate? And there have been others? And he will try to fall back in love with his wife? Nope, it's time for Mrs. Guv to wake up and smell the coffee. It's time for the big "D." And they both need counseling -- the wife to help her recover from the betrayal and hurt and the husband to show him the error of his ways. But I doubt he'll seek counseling. Cheating spouses seldom do, and even if they do, they tend to lie a lot, which defeats the purpose. She says she'll forgive him, but that's pointless too unless he earns her forgiveness by apologizing and really meaning it, which I doubt he will do given his behavior.

Okay, hopping off my soapbox.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Kylie, the clips are up on the Daily Show website. Last night Jon hit the nail on the head as usual with the highlights (read lowlights) of the MJ coverage. How low can TV news go? Up next on Good Morning America, the room where he died. "Also the room where the news died," said JS. Very sad.

But I forgot to mention the interview with the guy who made "Food Inc," the movie Michele recommended last weekend. That clip is on the website, too. Stewart says it's an important movie. Where else but "The Daily Show" and "Riding With the Top Down" would we learn this?

Kathleen Eagle said...

Marilyn, the Luv Guv is a cable news dream. I'll bet they're cursing the scandal gods for letting two such irresistible fields of tabloid fodder ripen in the same week.

Be sure to catch Stewart's satire of MSNBC's pathetic 6 degrees of separation bit in reference to Karl Mauldin's death.

Which brings me back to MAKE ME YOURS. The Victorian setting is so deja vu. Muckraking thrived then, too.

Michele Hauf said...

And don't forget MN finally got senator #2 this week!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Absolutely, Michele. Never let it be said that we rush to judgment.

ForestJane said...

Of all the pictures, I like the kids in the garden the best. :) Love the hat and shades.

You've really got some healthy looking greenery!

I must also be the only one brave enough to click on the whopooped site... the domain name should be .org instead of prg, but very cute idea! Now, if I'm ever walking behind ruminants in Africa... lol

Kathleen Eagle said...

Thanks, Jane. Called the plumber--the who pooped? link is back in service.

I really like this raised bed arrangement. It's easy to manage. We had one hot week, and now we're back in the low 70's. But those tomatoes really shot up last week.

Caffey said...

Ew on the poop! I didn't have my glasses on and thought it was something else before I started reading it. LOL. I got most of my news today with you here, LOL. We working really hard on this huge garden. Hubby is off for a few days and all his plans center around the yard! I do hope to get out as well a bit! But its going to be a relaxing one of reading and things around the house. Like paranormal, shape shifters? I just read Pamela Palmer's DESIRE UNTAMED first in her Feral Warriors series and its great. It just came out. And too, if you haven't yet, Mary Balogh's new family, Huxables is awesome! The first 3 books in paperback are out (came out 3 months in a row) and the 4th book, the brother is out in HC, SEDUCING AN ANGEL. I shall be reserving that book at the library so I can read soon. I love this series. So there's some recommendations for you!! I got Betina's book coming and in the meantime, I have all of hers I was able to get when I discovered hers, on my keepers shelf. So I'm looking forward to reading this too! Have a great 4th! Thanks for the fun week here!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Sorry, Caffey. Hate to think what you thought the poop was without glasses. Not the poop without glasses. Poop *with* glasses--eeewwww.

Sounds like you have a lovely weekend of reading ahead. I'll be writing. And trying to erase the image I just conjured. I was thinking about going to the zoo with the kids next week, but what with the weather, and now this image... Maybe I should take that photo down.

Happy fireworks, guys.

Caffey said...

Yep I had a great weekend of reading. I wasn't feeling up to par so reading helped me a bunch! I'm now about to start THE BRIDE of Julie Garwood. Its one I missed reading and I feel like reading a classic! Plus when I'm not well, reading always helps me and historical romances are always a comfort read!

PS I have glasses on and now am not going to check out the pic, LOL Hope you all had a good 4th!