Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Thanks for making Release Day so special!

Thanks, everyone, for making yesterday so special for me. I hope Make Me Yours gives you half the pleasure you just gave me!
And to celebrate further, here are the book winners. And yes, I decided to give away FIVE books instead of three! I wish I could send it to everybody who commented!
and Virginia
Please send your snail mail addy to: Betina@BetinaKrahn.com
Hurry. . . the books are packed up and waiting to be sent!
Love, Betina


Kathleen Eagle said...

Betina, this photo is gorgeous. This shade of blue is a favorite of mine, and you make it sing.

I started MAKE ME YOURS last night, and it sucked me right in. Had to make myself put it down so I could get to work this morning, but what a story!

Anonymous said...

wtg winners yea cat

Caffey said...

Thanks Betina!! I absolutely had a great time chatting with you and so looking forward to reading this! Thanks!

Virginia said...

Thank you sooo much Betina! I just sent in my info!