Wednesday, June 03, 2009

Got a Favorite?

Helen here. I'm doing bookmarks for the first time ever to promote my new Mirabelle Island Superromance series. The first book FIRST COME TWINS is coming out in August, just got the cover last week, so I thought I'd start with that one. Then, shhh, don't tell anyone this, but I managed to snag an unofficial version of NEXT COMES LOVE, the second book cover, coming out in October.

So I'm doing bookmarks for both books and they're very, very different in tone and appearance. Which is cool because even though the two books are both set on the same island, they're very different books.

These bookmarks will be smaller than most, only business card size. Michele did a bookmark a while back for FROM THE DARK that I just loved. She tied on some purple cording and a bead on one end. So I'm following suit.

How'd I do with my first shot at photoshopping bookmarks? What do you like? What don't you like? Got a favorite between these two?

And just out of curiosity, do you keep booksmarks? Use them? Throw them away? What size do you like the best?

Michele asked, so here are the backs. Rather than put contact info, I decided to advertise the series. Can't decide if I should make any mention of a possible 4th book in 2010. I've got a proposal in, and while my editor seems very positive, have heard nothing definitive yet.

I'm thinking counting my chicks before they hatch ain't such a great idea!



Playground Monitor said...

The one on the left appeals to me most, I think because it's lighter and the couple stands our more in contrast.

I keep bookmarks. My favorite size is one that's just slightly longer than a standard paperback book. That way it sticks out enough to easily show my place but not so much it won't slide into my purse without bending up and/or catching on something and pulling out. Make sense?

Congrats on the new releases! And my lips are sealed on the second cover.


Michele Hauf said...

Ooh, I love them both! I like how you just used the couples instead of using the whole cover. What are you putting on the back? All your contact info? I'd go with a dusty pink tassel for the first, and maybe bright red for the second. Fun! Love the titles, too.

Helen Brenna said...

Ask and ye shall receive, Michele. Just posted the backs.

Helen Brenna said...

Marilyn, that's a good point. I love how that first cover shows up on the thumbnail cover on Amazon and the like. The couple really stand out.

Dusty pink. I was going to use dark brown with a wooden bead, but now you have me wondering. Yes, red on the second. Definitely!

Helen Brenna said...

On my screen, these are darned close to actual size, too.

Christie Ridgway said...

Oooh, I think these look good, Helen. I also love the titles of the books. I had a First Comes Love, Then Comes Marriage out in single title and people =always= asked me why there wasn't a "baby" book next. You have that! Congrats!

Michele Hauf said...

Isn't making bookmarks fun? I love doing it.

Debra Dixon said...

Helen-- These are great!

But put your website on there, just so people know you have one. Get them to your website so maybe they'll sign up for your mailing list, etc.

ForestJane said...

They're both nice. :)

I'd send them to this site, good idea, DD, readers like the chance to interact with the authors, and blogging is a neat way to do that.

If you're going to holepunch the middle for a string and bead, you might think about moving the text down a tad.

I give out so many bookmarks that the ones I keep are the exceptional ones - laminated, with a cutout, braided string, etc. The one I use the most now is paperback sized, with a hole in the top and a rubberband thru it - the idea is that you put the bookmark all the way down in the book, then snap the rubberband around the book and it holds the book shut in your purse.

D Twomey said...

Love them both! But I was drawn to the more subtle colored one first. I keep and use bookmarks... I've never used one the size of a business card though. Usually paperbook size... I hope I get to try these out!

Congratulations on your new series!!! Can't wait to get my hands on them...

Lori said...

I like the lighter background of the first, but I always wonder what couples are looking at off in the distance? I like the second one where they are eating each other up with their eyes.

As for the question about bookmarks? I think those and pens are the 2 best giveaways and author can do. I always need bookmarks! And I never throw them away (I admit to sometimes losing them, though).

Michele Hauf said...

Is it just me, or does the first guy look a little like Zaqery Quinto who plays Spock?

Playground Monitor said...

Here's another vote for putting your website on the bookmark. You want to drive traffic to your website. They'll see your backlist, find it, read it and become a lifelong fan.

The rubber band idea is neat. And I have some bookmarks that have ribbon or cord or yarn. One has a couple strands of eyelash yarn and that adds interesting detail.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Michele, I thought the first guy was a dead ringer for Ben Affleck, who's fine by me so made me take a closer look.

Helen, both great covers, but the first one is a real standout!

I like the biz card size because you can send them out cheaply, and they work as bookmarks as well as the longer ones do. If you put an 2010 calendar on the reverse side of one of them people might tuck it in a wallet. Since you have 2 to give out at once and it's that time of year, it's a thought. And, yes, I would add web sites. I know people can google it, but it's a nudge.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Does anyone know whether there's a problem with using only part of the cover art? Harlequin used to say you had to use the whole thing--something to do with copyright.

april said...

I really like the red one. I like the backs, too, because it shows the progression of books and acts as a reminder for the upcoming ones.

I do keep bookmarks. I often leave them in the book from which they match. Actually, I often leave my bookmarks in whatever book I read last and then can't find them. Occasionally, while going through my books, I'll find one and use it for awhile until I leave it in a book again.

Helen Brenna said...

Christie - this series started out with the 3rd title, THEN COMES A BABY, and we went back from there. I'm hoping there will be a 4th and 5th in this series, though, so those titles will be interesting!

Deb, good point. Can't decide if I should put the website in or not. I figure people assume I have a website. Google me and there it is. Maybe that's not a good idea, though.

A bookmark with a rubber band! Cool idea, ForestJane!

DTwomey - if you're really, really nice to me, I'll send you a couple! LOL - she's my SIL, folks.

Lori, the second, darker book mark is from a pretty hot scene in the book. I'm so glad they picked that one!!

Michele - Hmm, maybe he does look a bit like the young Spock. Fascinating!

Helen Brenna said...

Kathy, a friend of mine also thought Ben Affleck for the guy on the first cover. And, yes, technically, I'm not supposed to only use part of the cover. So, shhh, on that too!!

April, that makes sense - the bookmark in the book. Glad to hear so many people keep them!

Betina Krahn said...

Ditto, Helen, on the Ben Affleck guy! I nearly had heart failrue when I saw him! Wow, Helen got Big Ben on her cover! After I realized it probably wasn't him and settled down, I still loved the cover. BOTH covers, in fact. Very intense and really great looking people!

And I love your bookmarks. It really helps to have the titles and release dates of a series to keep on hand. I DO keep the ones I really like-- usually stuff them into the book they promote, if I happen to have it on hand. Gee, it's been a while since I did bookmarks. Hmmmmm.

DJB's Photo Adventures said...

I like them both. The picture on the left is more interesting to me but I like that you put the information of the following books on the back! I get bookmarks from my local bookstore Beth Anne's Book Corner here in Colorado Springs. I use them in many books and to remind me of a book or series I am really interested in!

Helen Brenna said...

Yeah, Betina, me and Ben ... we're tight! lol

Debbie - good point. I'll have to get some out to my local bookstores.

ForestJane said...


And don't forget your local library too, we get bookmarks from movie promoters, kid's book series, special city events, etc.

My libary doesn't mind putting them out for people to pick up.

Helen Brenna said...

Oh, oh, libraries! Thank you, thank you, thank you, Jane. Can you tell these are my first ever bookmarks?

D Twomey said...

Do I really have to be nice? Not sure it's worth that! :)

... i'm kidding. you know that right?

Helen Brenna said...

DT - Like you're ever NOT nice?

flchen1 said...

Wow, love them both, Helen! And I love the little tag lines on each! I do like it when an author lists the titles in the series (you might want to actually include the series title somewhere, too)--and I'd love to know about upcoming titles, even if they're just possibilities. Or maybe be sure to list your website to point people to where they *can* get the up-to-date info on the whole series and your backlist.

I use author bookmarks all the time, and prefer the sort of traditional size--1-2" wide and 5-8" long. I tend not to like the postcard size quite as much just because they stick out from the side of the book and get banged up and bent--I just don't like how it looks (weird, I know...)

Looking forward to seeing these in person!