Monday, June 01, 2009

Faeries in the Wild

In stores tomorrow Lois and I set our faeries free! Hmm...does that sound a little kooky? Sort of like letting one's freak flag fly? Only we're doing it with faery dust and wings. Hee.

It all started at Chili's, I swear. Lois, Leandra and I were chatting over asian chicken salad and lemonades. We've been friends for a long time. How cool would it be to do a project together? Sounded like an awesome idea. Since it was right around spring break and girls were getting wild on the beaches, it just fit to do something with faeries unleashed in the Mortal Realm. What kind of fun and havoc could they get into?  

Leandra's pairing her faery heroine with a sexy hunk of a NY fireman.  Lois's faery meets her handsome hero for the first time...naked.  And my tooth faery is looking for love and finds it when she flies smack-dab into a sexy sandman.  And those of you who are MaryJanice fans will recognize a cast of characters from her previous stories walking through her novella.

So here we are, with the actual book in hand! We lucked out and when we asked MaryJanice if she had an interest in doing the anthology with us, she said yes. Probably no one will really care that all four authors in the book are from Minnesota, but we think it's pretty cool. So are you in the mood for some goofy stories that'll make you laugh, smile, and maybe even shed a tear? Hey, so am I. ;-) Seriously though, I've read the whole thing, and I highly recommend the work of my cohorts. You might even see the world shimmer with a bit of faery dust after you've turned the last page.

So let's talk faeries.  Do you believe?  What are some of your favorite faery stories?  Tinkerbell, anyone?  I so loved the relationship she had with Peter Pan.  Or maybe you're more a Queen Mab kind of believer?



Playground Monitor said...

I haven't read any grown-up faery books, but my mother says when I was a little girl I'd watch Peter Pan (the Mary Martin version that used to be on TV) and clap for Tinkerbell when her light was getting weak.

Your anthology sounds like fun, and it IS neat that all the authors are from Minnesota.


Helen Brenna said...

Sounds like such a fun book to read, Michele, and to have written.

I want to do an anthology with friends. Waaaa!

As for faeries - Lucky Charms aside, have always loved Leprechan stories. All that luck and green too!

Michele Hauf said...

I loved that version of Peter Pan too, Marilyn. My favorite though, is the one out a few years ago with Peter Isaacs as Hook. The boy who played Peter Pan had the part nailed.

Helen, put one together! I admit I've sort of become obsessed with putting projects together. It's fun!

Kathleen Eagle said...

You and me clapping for Tink, Marilyn. I remember the Mary Martin version on TV. Yes, children, it was in black and white.

Has anyone been to Pixie Hollow yet? Michele, have you? I could blog about it this week. It's sooo cool.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Oh, and just about every other day the grands ask me the all-important question. "Do you believe in fairies, Nana?" Of course I do.

Cindy Gerard said...

Congrats on the new release to Riders Michele and Lois! Well, and of course to Leandra and MaryJanice!
Such a cool idea and it sounds like so much fun!!
Of course I believe in fairies and fairy dust - it's what makes the world go round :o)

Michele Hauf said...

Haven't discovered Pixie Hollow. Do tell us, Kathy!

Michele Hauf said...

Just added my September cover to the right sidebar. Kinda pretty!

Anonymous said...

Sounds wonderful. Have a thing for faeries. I think Queen Mab is just misunderstood

Keri Ford said...

Love Tinker Bell. Do not care for Peter Pan. As a young girl I remember thinking him obnoxious. (I had no brothers to show me that's just how boys act).

I like, and believe, in anything mythical--so long as it's not scary mythical!

The Never Fairy said...

All fairies are great! :)

I like Denny, though.
You can find him in a Peter Pan adventure based on Barrie's idea for more! Click my name to see it!


Michele Hauf said...

I forgot about the faery in Legend, or rather, she was a sprite. Una. Liked her.

Christie Ridgway said...

Yep, me too on loving Tink. About a month ago I found this darling little tink...handbag (?) in the part section at Target. Bright green, with tink on it, a little handle. But it's made of thin metal (like old school lunchboxes) and zips around the top. $5. I don't know what I'm going to do with it, but even Surfer Guy thought it was cute.

Congrats on the new release!

Debra Dixon said...


Couldn't be better timing. I'm looking for an anthology to load on the Kindle for this weekend. I'm traveling.

Love it. It better be on Kindle! I'll go look and keep punching the button every day until they get it loaded.

Cindy Gerard said...

With all this talk about Tinkerbell I had to chime in again. The heroine of Whisper No Lies (my 3rd BOI book) has a delicate little tattoo of Tinkerbell on her shoulder. The hero, of course, calls her Tink - even before he saw the tattoo - because she's such a little thing but such a powerhouse. Guess I've always loved Tinkerbell because she was so feisty!

An yes, Michele - your Sept cover rocks!!

Caroline said...

I loved the Brownie that lived behind the curtain of the A.A. Milne poetry book, Now We Are Six.

Who else remembers this…?

In the corner of the bedroom is a great big curtain,
Someone lives behind it but I don’t know who.
I think it is a Brownie, but I’m not quite certain;
Nanny isn’t certain, too.

Or some such thing.
Congrats on your fairy book! Sounds wonderful!!

Michele Hauf said...

Deb, I hope it's on Kindle too! Do they usually release the same day as the paper book? I've noticed the Nocturne Bites don't show up until a week or so after initial release at the eHarlequin site, which is frustrating when you want to download NOW!

Cindy, I love the hero calling her Tink before he saw the tat.

Caroline, hadn't heard of that one!

Debra Dixon said...

Michelle-- Yeah, I think Kindle does trail the print book. It's not in Kindle yet, but I told them I want it in Kindle. (g)

What I've started doing is putting the print book in my "save for later" section of the cart and then that way I don't forget I want the book.

Kylie said...

Shakespeare's fairies in Midsummer Night's Dream are probably my favorite, with Tinkerbell a close second.

I bought my daughter all the videos of the classic Disney movies and was so excited when the Christmas ornaments came out. They all get an ornament in their stocking. She likes to get the ones that go along with the movies, so we've got a Tinkerbell on the tree.

Debra Dixon said...


I love the Milne poems. The way the language reads is wonderful. Of course poems are all about language but they're just so darned endearing!

Betina Krahn said...

MIchele, I LOVE faeries! I have since my pre-school days and Peter Pan and Tinkerbell. Wnedy was sweet and all, but I wanted to be Tinkerbell. . . a girl who knew what she wanted and went after it. Plus, she was cute as a bug!

I did a faery story once for Avon. . . and I loved coming up with a faery "world" for that piece. I can't wait to see what you guys come up with in Faeries Gone Wild. I imagine WILD for faeries can be pretty darned WILD!!

Susan Shay said...

Gloria Harchar published 3 books with guy fairies. I so enjoyed those!
Susan Shay

Caroline said...


I so agree. So did my father, who passed away on the 16th of March. He used to read them to us so often I have many memorized! I miss dad!

Loved this post, Michelle