Wednesday, March 18, 2009


Hey Authors,

I’m hosting a WORST COVER CONTEST here at ‘Cuz it’s been a long hard winter and I need to laugh.

So ‘fess up, you know you’ve had ‘em--covers that make you wonder WHAT the art department was thinking. Covers where the humans don’t look human or the background should have been WAY farther back. Maybe your heroine had three hands (okay, not many of us are THAT lucky) or maybe they forgot to give your rider reins for his horse (that’s one of my favorites) or maybe your handsome hero is just a little short of well…handsome. Whatever. Let’s poke fun…but only at ourselves, please. You cannot nominate someone else’s cover. That would be rude. (Even for me.)

If you’d like to enter please send your name, email address, and your cover, or a link for your cover to by March 31st. There will be conciliatory prizes. :)

And readers, tell us, what do YOU like to see in a cover? On the flip side, what do you NEVER want to see again.


Betina Krahn said...

Lois, this is a great idea! I can't wait to see what comes up. I have an entry or two. . . but I'll have to dig them out of a box somewhere. Are you going to post them all for voting or just the top ten... as the "Art Department Hall of Shame"?


Playground Monitor said...

Ohhhhhh gosh. This is gonna be fun. I just emailed a friend and sent her here to check out your contest. She has a doozie.


lois greiman said...

Betina, fantastic!! Please do send. I'm waiting to see how many entries I get before I decide what to post. But I'm having a great time with it.

Marilyn, I loooove doozies. I've already got some winners. My own included.

amy*skf said...

Can't wait for this. Sometimes they're so bad they're good, or at least memorable.

Caffey said...

This sounds fun!! And those bad covers are too sometimes awesome reads!

I don't care for the 'cartoonish' covers. I often think that maybe its not really a romance read so I would pass it by. But now I make sure I check the blurb on it to see if its what I'd like to read because it could end up a great romance!

I do love those sexy chests, LOL. I know some don't care for them, but I love them but like the heads on them, LOL. Too I been so enjoying the fantasy and urban fantasy covers! Just great backgrounds and h/h along with them so much like the genre, very fitting. Then too recent historicals have been so beautiful! I love with the beautiful dresses on the heroine on the covers. So I think the covers have been so much better than the past!

I shall look for a bad cover tomorrow, LOL. Does it need to be a book, like from the last year? Cuz some from way before it may make sense for during today, that they are a bad cover, so should it be like within the last two years or something?

catslady said...

As with Cathy I tend to pass by the cartoonish/cutesy covers. I guess I assume that the book is a lighter read then I usually prefer.
As to the chests, love them but I like not seeing the entire face - I'd rather imagine my own. And I'm not so thrilled to the really graphic covers - sorry, but once again I'd just rather imagine it myself lol.