Saturday, February 07, 2009

Animals and FUN

We seem to have a theme going here. . . humor and animals. And since my blogging day is a way off, I'm using a weekend day to share some of my favorite humor-animal blends.

The first is in honor of the Valentine season. . .

Everything else is just for fun!

Ouch. Kitty with Attitude.

And my very favorite!

This guy makes me smile, even on a rotten day!

Hope this has brought a smile to your day, too!


catslady said...

Continuing yesterday's theme - thank you so much for the laughs!!!!

Kylie said...

Cute cute cute. Where would be without our furry friends to brighten our days?

Anonymous said...

I love them! Thanks for the BIG GRIN.

Nikki said...

While they are all precious, that last one is priceless! You gotta love a dog who smiles!

PJ said...

Oh, how cute! Thank you!

I had a yellow lab/travelin' man mix who would smile like the dog in the last picture any time I brought out the camera. He was such a ham. Pictures like that always make my day a little brighter.

Cindy Gerard said...

so sweet, Betina. thanks

Anonymous said...

Cute pics.
Hey, how's Deb's finger? Is it getting better? I miss her.

Kathleen Eagle said...

These are great! Notice the way some of them remind you of particular people? The pup in the car seat reminds me so much of my younger granddaughter when she conks out in the car. Adorable!