Friday, January 09, 2009

Why I'd Like to be a Man

Lots of new books out from the Riders this month, including me, with a new Silhouette Special Edition, titled I Still Do. This is the first of two stories that are about the ramifications of an impetuous, double-quickie wedding in Las Vegas. At the heart of this story are two childhood summer sweethearts who run into each other at a Vegas resort and then spend three days together culminating in a spur-of-the-moment “I do.” The book is all about the now-whats that crop up the morning after…

The hero of the book is a firefighter, and maybe it was he who got me thinking about why I’d like to be a man. But I have a new coffee-buddy who is a firefighter and a woman, so it’s probably not that. And I live with two sons and Surfer Guy, my husband, so the whole peeing-standing-up thing isn’t such a draw since I also clean the bathrooms on occasion. (You know what I mean.)

One of the big reasons why I’d like to be a man is how little they obsess about their surroundings. We’re having some people over to watch football on Sunday and I’m starting to gather my thoughts about food, about dust, about some flowers I need for the foyer table. Surfer Guy catches on to the whirring in my brain and says, “Why don’t you just leave everything to me?” Yeah. Right. But the fact is, if I did, he’d run out at the last minute and get some chips, crackers, and sardines. He wouldn’t worry about dust or flowers. He’d have a great time and assume everyone else was too. What’s not to like about that? (Except you know I can’t leave everything to him. Just can’t.)

Hah. I’m gathering my stuff to head out to the gym and I just remembered exactly when this topic came to me. I get on this device at the gym called the “Stepmill” about four times a week (think treadmill except you’re constantly climbing steps). While I’m on it, I look out these big windows and watch the construction of a huge apartment complex across the street. There I am, sweating so that I can have celery sticks for lunch, and I’m watching these guys lift heavy panels of plywood, or stacks of 2 x 4s. It’s that easy strength that I admire and envy. Though I’m admittedly pretty short, I lift weights and I still couldn’t reach around a sheet of wood and prop it onto my shoulder and back and trudge it to a second location.

And think what these construction guys can eat for lunch!

Is there a reason that you’d like to be a man? Please share!


Betina Krahn said...

Christie, you're a brave woman for bringing this up. Every great once in a while (usually as I'm trying to get into my hero's POV) I imagine what it would be like to be a man.

Striding through the world with total confidence in my physical abilities and appearance-- even if I'm wearing a ratty old T-shirt and ancient jeans. Looking at the rest of the world as if it's all a potential acquisition. . . including the females. Not worrying about what others think of me; assuming mistakes and problems are always someone else's fault; having the "objective" answer pop to mind first instead of the subjective and personal one. . .

And that peeing while standing thing is quite a perk. Still. . . only one Big O at a time. . . hmmmm. And that special rush of feeling you get when you hold a newborn, even if it's a stranger's baby. . .

Nah, I'm quite happy with the female thing for now.

Debra Dixon said...

Okay, Betina just put...ahem...her finger on the crux of the matter. LOL!

But I totally side with Christy on the strength thing. Even working out, even lifting weights women just don't have that amazing easy strength that most men have.

My son is one of those crazy upper body strength guys. They loved him in wrestling. If he's at the house and he sees me struggling with something he takes over and it's like he's picking up a feather or something.

Stupid boys!

Michele Hauf said...

Walking around the house without a shirt on. Oh man, would that be nice on hot summer days!

Keri Ford said...

Funny timing on this post! I found out at the doc's yesterday that my body has LESS estrogen than the average man does. It was WAAAAYYYY less than the average man.

I'm not noticing much difference in me, I don't think. Except I'm having more acne right now that I did as a teenager.

I'm not into peeing standing up, though there is this Nintendo Wii Game that involves peeing like a man. It comes with a belt that you strap on and then buckle the remote in "the place". The object of the game is to not miss the toilet. Occasionally I believe there's some sort of monster that pops out of the lid. Extra points for getting him.

The hubby works construction and he keeps in good fit. Only down side is they have to wear jeans and long sleeve shirts everyday. So it’s hard to get a tan in the summer :O(

Lori said...

OK, I'll go there, since nobody else seems to be willing.

No periods.


Christie Ridgway said...

You guys are great! Such excellent answers. (And special thanks to Michele who fixed my formatting problems. Blogger and I weren't playing nice this a.m.)

I didn't even think about periods, Lori. Good answer.

Love the no-shirt thing. My kids spend the summer in board shorts. Nothin' else.

Betina: I was thinking about that just the other day when I was craning my neck to look into an infant seat set in a shopping cart. I just =had= to see that baby. I'm pretty sure guys don't get that.

Keri: A Wii pee game? LOL. Are they going to up your estrogen?

Helen Brenna said...

Guys clothes are so easy. I mean think about it. Shirt and pants. Suit and tie. Shorts and shirt.

I'd love to just buy a whole stack of my favorite shirts in different colors. Find a pair of jeans I like, buy several.


And men's bodies are beautiful. I LOVE the pic on the bottom, but it needs to be MUCH bigger, Christie!!!! He's hot.

Love the title and premise for your new book!

Christie Ridgway said...

Good one, Helen. The ease of men's clothing. Son 2 wanted me to iron a shirt today. I was somewhat disturbed that it would turn into a trend.

Lucky for me, I spotted a small stain so he moved on to another shirt that needed no ironing. And yeah, note to self, I should teach him how to iron.

I know, that construction guy is v. cute. The guys I stare at across the street from the gym all keep their shirts on, though.

Kylie said...

Love your post, Christie! And your cover...Yum!

You mentioned guys being oblivious of their surroundings. How about this total lack of consideration about their looks? They just assume they look good. No fussing, no preening. Shower, dress and go. That'd be nice.

But you know what I really want? I want a man mirror, LOL. They must come from a different store than women mirrors do. The voice that lives in my mirror is mean!

"You're wearing that? Have you seen your butt? Look at that flab around your middle!"

And yet when my husband tried on a a-hem skimpy bathing suit he'd bought for a joke many years ago, apparently the voice told *him* something different because he said, "Hey, I look pretty good."

I want that mirror. (and I want to burn that bathing suit!)

Kathleen Eagle said...

I have honestly never ever wanted to be a man. I shake my head at you, ladies. A response springs to mind for every comment. (no surprise, huh?)

Here's the thing. The strong, muscular male body is very attractive. And, indeed, useful. From where I stand, it's one of God's loveliest gifts to women, and I thank Her for it. I very much enjoy where I stand. I particularly appreciate the fact God gave the men that package to carry between their legs instead of us. How clever of Her to comfort them with the notion that we actually envy them that particular body part. They're so cute when they strut.

Obviously the Wii game Keri described was fashioned by a man. It is to laugh.

Kylie said...

LOL, Kathleen! You always make me laugh!

Playground Monitor said...

Men only have to have a couple pairs of shoes -- black, brown, tennis shoes, maybe sandals. They go with any and everything.

And Helen, I tend to find something I like and buy one in every color. Kohl's had a great sale on mock-T's and I bought 4 to go with my favorite jeans. Last summer I found some great V-neck t-shirts and bought half-a-dozen to wear with my fave khaki shorts. Of course I have umpteen pairs of shoes. ::grin::

I also envy men because generally nobody treats them like they're stupid or non-existant. I've called the guy who put up our privacy fence 3 times about repairing the gate. He won't call me back. I'm getting ready to sic my husband on him, and after the DH rips him a new one in the most calm and diplomatic way possible, Fence Guy will wish he'd called me back.

I don't wish I was a man, but I'd like the respect and courtesy they seem to command.


Christie Ridgway said...

The man mirror--excellent! Kylie, I'd love to see a pic of your dh in that bathing suit!

And you're right, Kathleen, the male body is useful. I do want that sometimes when I'm trying to reach high shelves or lift something out of the car (or into the cart at Costco).

Christie Ridgway said...

Marilyn: That's so frustrating! I usually make Surfer Guy deal with the Fence Guys in our world these days because I acted as the general contractor when we added onto our house years ago and I'm tired of it. I was quite young and I don't think I understood how many times they dissed me. I just kept nagging!

Cindy Gerard said...

Congrats on the new release, Christy. Love the premise - and your question today. Can't say that I've ever wished I were a man but that strength thing would be a nice advantage. I'm a weakling, always have been. For the most part, I'm happy as heck about the way things shook down - including the package part :o) Better a bra than a cup any day ...

Christie Ridgway said...

::snicker:: about the bra v. cup, Cindy.

No one wishes they could eat like a man? Admittedly Surfer Guy is tall (6'5") so he has a lot of room in which to pack it away (and he doesn't even like chocolate!). But all those male muscles get to eat better than my puny female ones.

I also like what Marilyn said about the shoes. It sure would make things simpler to have less than a handful.

Keri Ford said...

Okay, the game is called Wii Pii. Here's the link

And yes, they're upping my estrogen. Actually they're changing my birth control pills when my old kind runs out in a couple weeks. It's supposed to be estrogen focused. This is the second time my body had problems with the estrogen. I'm glad I knew the signs the 2nd time go around before things really went out of whack (low estrogen is like going thorugh menopause). I caught it when I started getting steady acne.

lois greiman said...

I think I was kind of raised like a boy. I honestly believed I could do anything guys could. I arm-wrestled my husband when I first met him and was actually surprised he could win. Not sure what rock I had been living under. But I think it's been good for me in the long run. I don't think of myself as physically weak (emotionally maybe:). I like challenges. But I see your point, Christie. When I was in Costa Rica hiking everywhhhhheeeere I realized it would have been stupid to go there without a burly guy to keep everyone in line. And that bugged me.

Just one 'O' at a time. :) You crack me up, Betina.

Christie Ridgway said...

Lois: You are such a stud with a pretty face! I admire your gumption.

And I have to admit that I do like the feeling of safety I get when accompanied by my tall husband. But I have to say, I'm way more feisty than he is. But it's probably because I have to be. I don't think a man of his size gets challenged much in any way at all.

Estella said...

I don't think I have ever thought about being a man.

Estella said...

I don't think I have ever thought about being a man.

flchen1 said...

I think you've already hit the biggies--no periods, no labor, and being able to pee just about anywhere ;) What a fun/ny topic, Christie! And congrats on the latest--it's always fun to see what happens AFTER the HEA!

Playground Monitor said...

The running joke in our family was that the DH and both sons could get in and out of a public restroom faster than me. "Of course you can," I told them. "I have to wait for a stall. All you have to do is whip it out and pee on the wall." That would be an advantage.

I forgot to mention that I have I STILL DO in my TBR pile.


Kathleen said...

I grew up in a home with a father and 4 brothers, and there is nothing you can tell me about being a man. I have seen it all. You think being the only girl in this family I would be the spoiled princess, but oh no not me. My mother made me do all the work, look after the younger brothers and take orders from the older brother. I think that is why I have remainded singel all my life. I get the bathroom when I want it and I don't have to worry about the toilet seat being up.
Now I must say that now they are glad to have a sister, because if not for me, nobody could organize like I can. They know that when it comes to organization I am the go to person and I never let them forget it!!!!!!
So being a man, no I like life just as it is. I don't have to answer to no one!!!!!
I will make sure this book is on my TBR list Christie

FIONA said...

My TBR pile grows a little bigger. :-)

I've never wanted to be a man, but I would like the strength and the ability to eat more. I just started a diet/exercise program. The program has a part for men and one for women. My goodness, they get to eat so much more!

As for everything else, I'll happily stick with being female.

GunDiva said...

I was totally raised like one of the guys; I was my dad's favorite fishing buddy and was going to grow up to be a firefighter/paramedic. Hmmm...that didn't happen.

After my divorce, my ex-husband accused me of "being a negative masculine influence" on the kids. I just laughed because I think that being "one of the guys" has helped me out in the long-run; I was a single mom for 12 years and had the confidence that I could crawl under the hood of my car to tune it up, or do minor house repairs. I like being a girl, though I'm not especially girly - I don't even mind the sitting-down-to-pee thing (and I really love the not being limited to one 'O' thing)!

squiresj said...

I've always thought it would be easier to be a man. They go to work and come home and eat and crash in front of sofa. You do all the work. If you want to do something, it is not important. You could go fishing without worrying about how you are going to pee. You can be helpless and no one cares. One major reason lately is to get rid of mood swings - they are awful.