Thursday, January 22, 2009

Is It Spring Break Yet?

I don't know about you, but for me this winter in Minnesota is getting looooong.

So all you folks who live in different climes can understand what I'm talking about ...

That I recall, it's been white outside since Thanksgiving. We had record setting snowfall in the month of December. Just last week here in Minneapolis, we had more than 100 straight hours of below zero temperatures. I dressed up in snowpants, mukluks, parka and thick mitts and took my dogs out for a walk one day during all of this (crazy, I know, but they go nuts getting stuck inside for too long) and it was so cold we only made it a hundred or so feet from my dang car before my dogs started lifting their feet. I almost didn't get them back to the car. Dog booties may be in their immediate future.

Alexandria, a few hours north of here, set record lows of thirty three below and International Falls, known as the Ice Box of the Nation, set record lows of forty six below. We're talking actual temperatures. I don't want to even reiterate what the wind chills were last week. Makes me want to turn on my space heater just thinking about it.

Needless to say, my thoughts are turning to spring, specifically spring break. I'm thinking I could do for some sunshine, beaches, pina coladas, and cabana boys. And I'm thinking there's a hammock somewhere just like the one to the left with my name on it. So give me some ideas quick before I freeze to death up here.

What's been your favorite warm, reasonably priced spring break?



Keri Ford said...

Cheapest place? Hm. My parents have a place on the river about 20minutes away. I guess that would be it for me!

But that can sometimes be a little chilly at spring break. Course, chilly to me is the low 60s with a northern breeze!!

I could never live that far north. I hate being cold. I like snow for short periods and would love to hit a cabin on a mountain for a few days, but that's about it.

Betina Krahn said...

I was totally with you Helen, until the reasonably priced part. When I lived in Minnesota, I'd have paid anything for warmth and sunshine at the end of a frigid winter. My sympathies. Totally.

Both of my kids live there and I was there in December. . . the morning I left to come back to Florida is was TEN BELOW! When we touched down, the temp in Tampa was 75. I quickly remembered why I wanted to move to Florida.

Hey, maybe I could have a second career opening a B&B that caters to half-frozen Minnesota writers!

Kylie said...

Cancun used to be cheap. We've been about 9 times. But for the fourth time, on this spring break we'll go to the Dominican. Punta Cana is cheaper than Mexico and more tropical looking. I can't wait until March 14!

Cindy Gerard said...

I'm with Kylie. she's got me convinced that Punta Cana is the place to go. However --- The Grand Caymans ain't too shabby especially since I have a friend with a time share there and the lodging is like, free for me :o) Sandy beaches, here I come.

Helen Brenna said...

LOL. I didn't say cheap! I said "reasonably priced" as in not Hawaii or Fiji!

I've heard a lot about the Dominican lately. I'm on my way to checking put Punta Cana!

Debra Dixon said...

It's been cold cold cold here. Warming up to day. It's probably a heat-wavish 40 degrees.

I don't mind the cold if I get to stay inside. But I hate the cold when I've got to maneuver around the city. It was about 10 degrees when we had to leave the house for hubby's knee surgery on Tuesday. It was maybe 20 degrees when we left the hospital for home.

I send up little thank-you's into the universe for the person who thought, "Hmmm...what if we made the seats warm up??"

Helen Brenna said...

Deb, I don't know what I'd do without my seat warmers!!

Christie Ridgway said...

We've been to Mexico, on both the east and west coast several times during spring break (and a couple of times in Feb.) and have always met up with Minnesotans. I can see why!

So where do dogs do their, um, business when it's so cold outside?

I hate to tell you, but we've had about a week of 80-degree temps. We're supposed to be cooling down today, though, and before the 80s we had some very cold weather for us...barely getting into the 60s.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Helen, our mutual friend Monica put us on to a great B&B in Destin, FL years go. Henderson Inn (I think that was the name) We loved it--went 3 or 4 years--and then--grrr!--the property went to developers. It wasn't a traditional B&B. Two floors, maybe 20 rooms with names, each with unique decor, and a great restaurant downstairs. I guess they tore it all down and built condos. Made us sick.

We loved the white quartz sand and the gorgeous gulf water. The town was growing too fast, though, even in those few years, and the traffic had outgrown the streets. It's been hit by a big hurricane since we were there, too. Not all change is welcome.

Playground Monitor said...

Destin and the surrounding area is beautiful -- white sand and emerald waters. The little town of Seaside is so quaint. But it fills up during spring break.

Don't hate me, but I'm leaving for Curacao in 2 days. The DH decided he wanted a winter vacation in a warm place rather than a summer vacation in a blazing hot place. So I'm packing sundresses and shorts as I type.

Gotta go buy bug repellant and take a key to my neighbor.


lois greiman said...

Helen, please take me with you. Wherever. I'm out in the cold a couple hours a day and I've just about had it.

Am thinking fondly of Costa Rica...which was pretty inexpensive...although, ahum...I did tend to sleep on beeches and under picnic tables. :)At this point I'd sleep on the asphalt to keep warm.

Helen Brenna said...

Cooling down into the 60s Christie? Yeah, right.

My dogs LOVE the snow. They both roll in it. Our black flat-coated retriever digs her face in snowbanks. So funny to watch. And they do their business outside, just like in the summer. Spring time clean up sucks. Big time.

Kathy, I've heard FL panhandle is an inexpensive, not overly crowded place to go for sunny beaches. Too bad about that B&B.

Have a wonderful time, Marilyn!

Lois, no heated horse barns, eh? Can't imagine how cold that's gotta be.

Arkansas Cyndi said...

Loved Costa Rica. Beautiful. Don't remember what it cost but it wasn't exactly cheap

I'm in Florida right now (trying to find some warm weather). We are having a record cold snap. It went down to 25 last night. BRRR. But it should get back into the mid-70's this weekend. I'm near Coco Beach - in the Space Coast Area.

But heading home in March as it will start to warm up in Arkansas in April and it is absolutely gorgeous in the spring.

December said...

UGH - its been vicious out there (I'm in Wi) and I'm also looking online at Last minute tropical vaca deals.
I usually hit or

Helen Brenna said...

Lucky. Wintering in FL and summering in Arkansas, Cyndi. And I've heard FL has been cold. What happened to global warning?

December, I haven't done a last minute travel deal since kids. Looking forward to the fast approaching time when I can take advantage of those deals again!!

Suzanne Brandyn said...

My cheapest is at my front door. Rainbow Beach. :) Lazy days in the sun, cooling afternoons lying in a hammock sipping on what you have just here. A cocktail. The sound of the ocean soothing my soul and a good book in my hand.
One of the cheapest holidays a person can have.
Apart from that, Hawaii. :)