Sunday, January 04, 2009

Great Contest For Writers - DUEL ON THE DELTA

Calling all writers! My local Romance Writers Of America chapter, River City Romance Writers is now accepting entries for their annual contest. 25 pages and NO synopsis. Well, you can send an optional 1-pager if you want but you don't have to!

Baby, it's cold out there. (The weather and publishing) Contests are a way to get your book in front of an agent or editor if you final. Being a contest finalist says, "My book is pick of the litter."

This is a great contest with good feedback and a great new score sheet, which I helped develop. ::Debra blushing demurely:: I'll also be coordinating the Paranormal category. Why do I say that? Well, because that means I'm going to be looking at and reading everything that comes in! That's like having an extra judge free! Plus I'm a first round judge in another category dear to my heart.

Here's a list of our final round judges:

Mystery/Romantic Suspense
Keyren Gerlach, Associate Editor, Silhouette Romantic Suspense

Contemporary (series)
Wanda Ottewell, Senior Editor of Harlequin Superromance

Young Adult
J.L. Stermer, Asst. Agent, Donald Maass Literary Agency

Deb Werksman, Sourcebooks, Inc

Deborah Nemeth, Editor, Samhain Publishing, LTD

Mainstream/Single Title
Margo Lipschultz, Associate Editor, Harlequin

Tina Colombo, Senior Editor, Love Inspired Historical and
Love Inspired Suspense, Harlequin

SO...what are you waiting for? Get the to the website and print out an entry form. (check the website menu on the left for clickable links to the entry form, last year's winners and scoresheet. Ya'll come! Entry deadline is 2/15. Got questions? Email me at:

BelleBooks AT Bellebooks DOT com


M. said...

Was I correct or mistaken in my impression that entries are by snail mail only? I didn't see instructions for e-entries.

Debra Dixon said...

Hey, M --

I don't thinl they have the online entry working for this year. I told 'em! (g) But you can pay by PayPal and print the entry form from the web.

Next year, they're supposed to move to the electronic online entry.

Playground Monitor said...

I haven't finished my book yet, and even the first 25 pages are far from contest-worthy. This is where I start hyperventilating. I'm having such a difficult time getting back into this book after the holidays. And it doesn't help that this whole week is booked up with doctor appointments and haircuts and preparation for a presentation at my RWA meeting next Saturday.

Looks like a great contest though. And who knows what can happen between now and February 15?


Debra Dixon said...

Marilyn-- It is a great contest and you've got *weeks* before the deadline. Think about entering. That might get you motivated to get moving!