Sunday, December 14, 2008

Winner From Friday!

The winner of Friday's 12 Days of Christmas prize is Marilyn, our Playground Monitor! I wish I could send her 12 Lords a Leaping, but I missed the Riders' Chippendales excursion last month. So she'll have to settle for THE LAST GOOD MAN, along with a hankie from my collection.

This just in! Marilyn was inspired to use "The Green Bag Lady" pattern we talked about on Friday to whip up this cool bag over the weekend. And she says she's making more for gifts. Now I'm inspired to maybe borrow dear daughter's sewing machine and see if I remember where the thread goes.

Marilyn, your MAN is in the mail. (Or will be soon.) Don't forget to enter today's contest, all you non-followers. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Nice blog

War Of The Fire ©

Playground Monitor said...

Thanks for picking me to win. I'm looking forward to the book, and I've had fun with the bags. I've made 3 so far. My sewing skills are rusty, but each one gets easier.