Saturday, December 13, 2008

Psst...hey, non-Followers!  You know who you are.  You don't want to click on that button to the right?  That's cool.  It's so not a requirement.  And to prove it, we're giving away a prize just for the 'Nons' who stop by.  It's happening Sunday, so come back and check us out.

Meanwhile, everyone still has a chance to win Kathleen's giveaway.  Read the post below and enter!

ps - hey Followers don't un-follow!  We've got fun stuff planned for you in 2009!


Estella said...

I cannot make the followers link work.

Michele Hauf said...

here's the funny thing, I'm not sure myself how you actually become a follower. I thought you just subscribed to our blog. But is that so?

Can someone who is a Follower please explain?


Virginia said...

I didn't know how to do it until after the followers contest I think last weekend. I just click on the blue following on the right side of the page under Followers and it took me right in and lead me through on how to do it.