Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas...According to Plan?

Merry Christmas!

Hope yours is going well and without any major surprises. I'm up early (with the cat) while everyone else is still asleep here in my household in SoCal.

Yesterday started the same. We like to watch movies on Christmas Eve, but since I was the only one awake I watched The Jane Austen Book Club in the early hours. Perfect girl movie to go with my coffee.

All my work was done except for making pies and manicotti, which I did mid-day, and then helped the males in my house do some last-minute (of course) wrapping. Evening arrived, the manicotti was delish (make-ahead and you don't have to boil the pasta), and the sons opened their Christmas Eve gift, traditionally something I give to "all" my "boys." This year it is Guitar Hero World Band Tour for the Wii. Maybe it wasn't according to plan, but it was no surprise that Son 2 broke one of the drumsticks after (fact) ten hits on the drum machine. Oh, and we think the guitar is a lemon. But we were able to borrow the neighbor's guitar and so that contingent of males arrived and I had six boys banging and "singing" in my family room.

Surfer Guy and I escaped to the living room and enjoyed the tree and my new friends, the penguins. Here's another shot of them. Aren't they cute? They caught my eye in a glitzy holiday store and even Surfer Guy (no shopper) said we had to have them.

Today is breakfast and presents and then ham and turkey and trimmings for dinner. The only other holiday glitch we know about (so far) is that we had to change our post-Christmas plans to meet relatives at the in-laws in the SoCal mountains because these next few days are supposed to be stormy (raining here right now). But I wouldn't be surprised if something surprising happens still. Maybe it will be a run to the store for a grocery item or batteries...

I hope your holiday is going well! If you want to share a hiccup in your Christmas plans, feel free, or just take a silent moment to enjoy the day and know that I'm wishing you the very best.


Betina Krahn said...

Merry Christmas, christie-- and EVERYBODY!

The only hiccup so far has been my using a dark cookie sheet for one of my rounds of making Peanut Blossom cookies. Some of the cookies now have dark bottoms. I'm getting rid of that @#$%^*! cookie sheet!

The visit with the fiance's kids is going well. . . shopping was actually fun yesterday! Aafter a great Christmast dinner with the wider family this afternoon, we're going to the movie to see "Bedtime Stories." (We have a young one in our midst!)

Last night we did the Advent Wreath and devotions. . . then had some quiet time for meditation and prayers for those we love. It was a lovely time. . . maybe our last Christmas together for some time. In January, the fiance's son is off to the Navy!

Best Wishes-- and Christie, I envy you your perguins! They're wonderful!

Dina said...

Merry Christmas To All!!

Michele Hauf said...

We opened presents last night, as we've always done, after a meal of roast and dumplings and creamed corn. Great surprise to see The Girl's face, after she'd told me she wanted those ugly boots at Target, to see as she opened up real Uggs. The Boy got clothes, but that's what he needed. And I got $100 GC to Amazon! You all know what I'll be doing today--after I clean the house AGAIN, for the next round of visitors tonight. In-laws are coming and staying until Tuesday.

Playground Monitor said...

Santa brought me a new vacuum cleaner. Don't think ill of Santa, though, because it's a DYSON! He also brought me a spa day at the Westin's Heavenly Spa -- massage, facial, mani and pedi. I love Santa! I also got about $70 in gift cards from Books-a-Million. Yeehaw! My sister gave me a pewter paperweight with the inscription "Most things are difficult before they are easy," which she said should be my mantra for getting my NaNoWriMo book finished and editted and ready to submit.

No hiccups -- yet. I still have to roast the turkey.

Merry Christmas to all!


Estella said...

Merry Christmas to all!

catslady said...

The happies of holidays to all!

Kylie said...

Hiccups--or Kylie just losing her mind? You be the judge. First when all 13 of us got situated for present opening I found myself short the Santa present I bought for my dh. Looked frantically with help from kids on and off for an hour before I recalled where I'd hidden it. Wow. Then started opening a present with my name on it, and started thinking it looked familiar. And hey, it was my handwriting on the tag. I wrote my own name on the tag instead of putting to my dh. Screwup number 2! Then discovered I'd written the same grandson's name on both gifts I'd wrapped for my daughter and had to open one and peek to be make sure which one was which...I'm totally losing it! And soooo glad my responsibilities are over!