Thursday, November 27, 2008

Christie's Thanksgiving Report

It's just after 6:00 am where I am. The cat wanted breakfast and so I'm up. It's pouring rain here in SoCal, and for that I'm thankful. One brother (mine) and family arrived last night and the dinner I made for all was delicious. For that I'm thankful. Oh, and that the cut on my left thumb did not mean a trip to the emergency room and that we found out Son 2 does not faint at the sight of blood and can apply bandaging quite well. The smaller cut on the web of my right pinkie (from the foil around the cork of a bottle of wine) hardly needed a bandage at all--and for that I'm thankful as well.

Second brother (Surfer Guy's) and family will arrive this morning. We have the traditional T-Day movie picked out, "Quantum Force" a choice which was approved by all--thankful for that too. Now I just have to get that turkey in the oven and turn off my brain so it doesn't create images of a mummifying bird (or worse) while we're gone. We'll be 12 at the table tonight, or maybe 14, because we have a couple of maybe-shows. No matter, as the food is plenty and the company welcoming! For that I'm truly thankful.

And this moment...oh, everybody, I wish you were here with me. The house is quiet as everyone else is still asleep. It's dark and rainy outside. I'm on the couch downstairs, using the laptop. And the cat, Goblin, (remember that stray we recently adopted?) is lying next to me. She's fallen back to sleep too, but she has one paw on my forearm, just touching me there as I type. I think she's very thankful right now too. Though I know this moment of pre-holiday excitement is fleeting, it only makes it more precious and wonderful. Just as precious and wonderful as a few hours from now when the boys will be playing video games and the men will be drinking beer and the women and girls will be gathered in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on the meal and planning the Friday shopping (okay, yeah, the females do most of the food prep, but the guys have ALL the clean-up).

My day is shaping up very happy...thank you for your part in it! Writing this post gave me a moment to breathe and think and appreciate.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Add your own holiday report or just take a silent moment to be thankful for the good and simple things.


Michele Hauf said...

Preparing to head over to my Mom's house. Just six or seven of us. Not much family in the Cities. We'll stuff ourselves, then play some Trivial Pursuit, then head to The Transporter III to top the day off.

I am thankful for the peace and healthy family members and my new kitty, Max (who is napping after tearing the house apart; it amazes me all the dust bunnies he's uncovered as he explores the darkest recesses of my home; broom!). :-)

Kylie said...

Part of the family arrived last night (Daughter, 2 sons, dil and two grandsons). Attorney son's car was stolen out of their driveway that morning, but the kids weren't in it. So for that, I'm thankful!

Rest of the family will arrive this afternoon, as we're taking second shift T-day dinner to allow the married sons to go to their in-laws first. It seems very strange not to have gotten up at the crack of dawn and bustle around all morning to have the noon meal ready. I could get used to this! We eat at four and there will only be eighteen or so, so not too many.

I'm always so thankful for family on these days when we can all get together and just enjoy each other. And only two dogs here so far so I'm not tearing my hair out yet!

Anonymous said...

I've baked two pies this morning. Making mac-and-cheese now. Then off to my parents' house where everyone is!

Happy Thanksgiving to the group

Christie Ridgway said...

I got the movie name wrong. Quantum...Solace? Whatever. You guys know what I mean.

Next brother arrived safe and sound. Yay!

Arkansas Cyndi: Mac & cheese on Thanksgiving? Yum. It's a fave of mine but I've never had it with turkey dinner.

Michele: Goblin waves to Max. (Or she would, if she wasn't sleeping again, this time on top of her pink mouse toy).

Kylie: Yikes on the stolen car! We always eat Thanksgiving dinner at dinner time. 6 pm tonight (unless I get sidetracked in which case it's later). Enjoy!

Maureen Child said...

Happy Thanksgiving, Christie!

And yes, avoid all emergency rooms!

Betina Krahn said...

Christie and everybody else-- Happy Thanksgiving! We ate early this year, at 1:00. And most of the family whent elsewhere, so it was just a quiet meal interrupted by phone calls from kids. Maybe next year the whole crew will be together!

We're dog-sitting my sister's schnauzer, so our dogs have a "cousin" over for the holiday. He has fallen right into the routine with the others and seems quite at home.

Turkey, dressing, gravy, R's special mashed potatoes, cranberry sauce, Sweet Potato Praline souffle, and corn on the cob. . . we're waiting for everything to settle so we can have pumpkin pie.

Lots to be thankful for, believe me. Especially the fact that we're healthy enough to walk off some of those calories later. And that we get to enjoy those phone calls from the kids.

lunaticcafe said...

I have a lot to be thankful for- Flyboy, the kids, my family and friends. Today we are having just the 4 of us, which is a first, but I'm still cooking a feast! The 20 lb. turkey is in the oven, cranberry salad in the fridge, veggie snacks are being devoured, party potatoes are next. Flyboy and daughter are playing the Wii and son is playing with his friend next door. After food we will watch Hancock and maybe play chess. It's raining outside and I have the house all opened up so I can enjoy the rain sounds- rain is a rare thing in AZ, especially on Thanksgiving.

Enjoy your day and Happy Thanksgiving to all!

FIONA said...

Happy Thanksgiving, everyone. We had our big meal at a friend's house today. Our family and 10 of her extended family. DH had to work at 2, so everyone agreed to eat at 12 so we could join them.

I'm so thankful for good friends.

Have a great day.

catslady said...

The thing about cooking Thanksgiving dinner is I seem to make the same amount of food no matter if 5 or 15 are coming. This year I'm going to have lots of leftovers lol. Hope everyone had a nice one.

Playground Monitor said...

We had dinner from Publix so I could have the time to write. NaNoWriMo ends on Sunday and I'm on track to make 50K words by them. I'm just taking a quick break now to stretch my brain a bit.

#2 son got home Wednesday night and had a safe trip. I can't believe this is my baby. We've talked about his master's program -- the classes he's taking, the ones he teaches and his work as an assistant track coach. He's told me about his ultimate career plans. Is this the little boy who used to stomp around the back yard in cowboy boots and a battered hat and pretend he was an adventurer?

Had a long phone chat with #1 son. They couldn't come home cause he has a big licensing exam on Monday (he's an architect). But they'll be home for Christmas. I got to talk to the grandbaby though it was pretty one-sided. Grammy would ask a question and she'd say "Uh huh." I'd hear my son laughing and urging "Tell Grammy what you ate today" or "Tell Papa you like to watch Wonder Pets."

We have lots of food left so I shouldn't have to cook again til Sunday. We're talking about going to see Quantum of Solace tomorrow while everyone else is fighting the Black Friday crowds. Sssshhh. Don't tell but I've already seen it. I'll go again with the DH and #2 son though cause that Daniel Craig is one hot dude!


lois greiman said...

Happy Thanksgiving everyone. It's nice to have this community to talk to. I just had Thanksgiving with my mil and dh. Am planning a big meal for this weekend.

Christie, kudos to you for making the men clean up. You'll have to teach me how to do that.

Nikki said...

I love that early morning quiet with just me, my coffee, and the cat. It is a perfect time to reflect and make lists and give thanks.