Friday, October 17, 2008

Kylie wants to Know: How do YOU Spell Relief??

Well I didn’t go quite so far as our friend in the picture, although I had a few touchy moments! But I do sort of feel I made it over the top of huge mountain a couple days ago.

I made my deadline.

And yeah, any author will tell you that’s a greeeeaaat feeling. Especially when it’s one of those write 78 pages in two days not sure if it’s even doable sort of deadlines. Whew.

See, some deadlines leave leeway. Like maybe a few days to actually edit the darn book before sending it in. Others have me writing all night and all the next day to get the project in on time and wondering if it made sense. This was that sort of deadline. If I’d had this guy’s club, I’m not sure whether I would have used it on the computer or myself.

It was my second book for Berkley, WAKING EVIL. And the title grew more apropos as it went along because it was one of those books that refused to end. I had planned about a five hundred page manuscript; it weighed in at nearly 560. I felt like I’d signed up for a marathon but someone added on a couple more laps without telling me!

Not that my husband wasn’t all kinds of supportive. Oh, yeah. He was full of help, like every time he walked by me he’d ask, “You done yet?” And then, my personal favorite, “Just end it. Now. Type The end.” Yep, that’s how it’s done, honey!

But I’m pretty proud of this particular deadline because I wrote the book in 4 ½ months. During two of those months I was working on another book at the same time. (Not to be recommended!) Two sons got married during the course of it; I took two trips; school started and I went back to work; and I had surgery. So I really feel like it was quite an accomplishment in some respects.

In other respects, I just feel exhausted.

Usually I treat myself when I get a book done. Okay, I’ll admit it, sometimes it’s with grease. McDonalds comes to mind! Sometimes it’s with a little trip or a couple days off writing. This time…it was a bowl of popcorn and a nap. My standards have gotten disgracefully low. And the next day I had to dive right into book three.

But…it was a really good nap.

We all have stressers. What are yours? Do you have something tried and true for destressing? What do you do to treat yourself or celebrate for accomplishing a goal?


Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Kylie
Congrats on making your deadline. I knew you could do it. Why did I know? Because you're SUPERWOMAN. I'm thinking that anyone who read your post would have to agree with me.
As to destressers - Chocolate, chocolate and chocolate. And did I mention chocolate?

And let me take the opportunity to officially welcome you as a regular rider on TopDown. We are Thrilled to have you in the convertible on a full time basis!

Liza said...

Congrats on making your deadline Kylie! I love to nap to get away from stress. Sometimes reading will help, but I usually don't want to think when I'm stressed so a nap is best.

D Twomey said...

You are a busy, busy woman! Congratulations on getting your book done by deadline!

I like to get the heck outa' dodge to unwind. Unfortunately, we don't do it nearly often enough!

Kylie said...

Ha, Cindy, sounds like I've got you fooled, LOL!

Chocolate is good. Yum! But you know my tastes run more to Skittles and Cheetos!

Kylie said...

Liza, yes! Reading is a good way to unwind. I started a book, too, sort as a reward because I have no time to read when I'm under deadline.

But you can't beat a nap, LOL! Sometimes I swear I have dog blood. My dog naps all the time and she seems very destressed!

Kylie said...

D twomey--you have the right idea. Getting away from it all is so relaxing. A change of scenery can do wonders.

In the winter my husband has to get out of the country. He just has to have the change or he feels like he's going to explode. His tastes run to the tropical so in the spirit of wifely sacrifice, LOL, I go to Jamaica or the Dominican with him.

But that's me. Just give give give all the time!

Playground Monitor said...

Oh my gosh! I'm exhausted just reading about your last few months. And you are such a good wife to drag along to warmer climes with your husband.

The Caribbean sounds like fun. The DH and I are going to Curacao in January. The group that's going has already set up a Yahoo loop -- it's through a travel agency so the people going are from literally all over the world. That should be really de-stressing: a beach chair under a thatched umbrella with a romance novel in one hand and a fruity drink in the other.

Otherwise, I de-stress with movies and TV. A good Law and Order SVU marathon works for me. Or a couple good chick flicks.


Keri Ford said...

After finishing something like that, (and if no one is home) I get up and jump and dance around the house. :O)Complete kid like excitement over getting a sucker.

If I'm overwhelmed, I'll read or nap (naps=good) or take a bath or just take some quiet keri time. In the summer I love just going and lounging in the sun to unwind.

Kylie said...

Keri, all your suggestions sound wonderful! I thought of doing a jig but I'm not up to a lot of moving around yet, LOL!

For some reason the thought of a hot bath only appeals to me in the winter. Sun. Ah. That is true relaxation! I crave it even more as the temps turn cooler.

flchen1 said...

Congrats, Kylie! Chocolate, candy, chips, ice cream... all of those are treats :) Naps are good, although hard to come by. Getting to start a book I've been eager to read. A pedicure... Glad you've got a supportive hubby ;)

Helen Brenna said...

Kylie congrats on making your deadline. It's amazing with everything else you had going on - I'm sure I wouldn't have made it!

I destress by working out long and hard. Then I get a good night's sleep. Real exciting, huh? lol

lois greiman said...

Kylie, you're making me feel like a slacker. I'm going to have to go dash a book off this afternoon now.

You know, I used to be better at rewarding myself when I finished a project, but that was about 20 books ago. We'd go out to dinner and make a big deal out of it. Now I just call a friend and start the next one. Hmmm, I want to make a big deal out of it again. Maybe we should be our own 'big deal support group.' Anyway, woooooo hoooo, go Kylie!! Good job. :)

catslady said...

Wow, you deserve something exciting with all you've done! When I feel I've accomplished something I go out and buy a book lol.

Michele Hauf said...

Congrats, Kylie! Writing a book that quickly, along with a few more tossed in, is a nerve-wracking thing, so it deserves a bit reward.

I like to do the chocolate reward. I also beamed when you mentioned McDonalds grease. I do not like McDs at all anymore, but their sausage mcmuffins with egg are delightfully greasy and a perfect reward.

Kylie said...

Blogger hates me-let's see if I can write this without getting the post inhaled like the last six. Grr!

Flchen1--all great suggestions! And today I went and had a manicure. Not quite as relaxing as a pedicure, LOL, but a nice treat just the same.

Kylie said...

Marilyn, I see blogger ate my reply to your post too! But I'm very interested in your trip to Curacao! I'm not sure where that is, but it sounds wonderful.

My dh likes to find a place and stick to it but I would like to make it my life's ambition to visit every white sand beach on the globe. A beach ambassador, so to speak, LOL!

Kylie said...

Helen there really is something to a good workout, isn't there? I'm not saying I'm a happy camper on the treadmill at dawn, LOL, but I get real antsy if I haven't been able to exercise for a couple days. It really is a good stress reliever. Plus it makes me feel very virtuous!

Kylie said...

Lois, I think deadlines sort of take the pizzazz out of our celebration. It's hard to get real excited when you know you have to start a new book the next day, LOL.

If you're knocking off another book today, though, make it another Chrissy one!

Kylie said...

Catslady,if I am really celebrating, like going on vacation or something, that's the only time I'll buy a hard back book LOL. But I have a whole pile of paperbacks here to select from when I get done with a deadline.

To think I never had a to be read pile until I started writing!

Kylie said...

Michelle, LOL, what is it about the grease that feels like our perfect reward? I think because we deny ourselves so long knowing it's not good for us.

I'm a sucker for their fries. And their breakfast bagel. Somehow if I feel like I deserve it, I can convince myself there's no calories in either one, LOL.

Jane said...

Congrats on making your deadline, Kylie. After a project or job is done, I like to celebrate with champagne and strawberries. I try to pamper myself by getting a massage or getting a mani/pedi.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Welcome, Kylie!

Finishing a book is such a high, if they let me out I'm likely to float off and get hung up in the treetops. The minute it's actually finished, if the car's going somewhere, I'm in it. I remember one time when the moment came as just as hubby was headed for Menard's. "Wait! I'm coming!" (And, yes, on many levels.) I actually jumped in the pickup without my shoes. It was that good for me.

Kylie said...

Wow, Jane, you really know how to celebrate, LOL! I like your style!

Kylie said...

LOL, Kathleen, a trip to Menards can be rewarding for me, but my husband is less thrilled with having me along. I usually end up having him buy things to start on a project for him at home!

Betina Krahn said...

Kylie, I treat myself to be big dinner out. . . and sometimes a dip in a pool or a trip to see the kids.

I'm on deadline right now and have a trip scheduled to start November 7th! I can't afford to miss either one. This is a reunion with my college roommates and buddies. Haven't seen them in 30+ years! So I must have this blasted book finished!

Personally, I like Cindy's and Michele's way of celebrating. Eat some chocolate for me, Kylie! then go have a beautiful, bountiful, decadent breakfast somewhere!

Kylie said...

Betina, I'm with you about rewarding myself with a trip to see the kids. We spent the day with four of them (and the obligatory 2 dozen friends!) tailgating. And it was so wonderful to just sit outside on a beautiful fall day and enjoy everyone's company. I have a new outlook on the next book. The one that comes with an even tighter deadline. Gulp!

Good luck with your deadline! Because your outing sounds great!

Debra Dixon said...


Sorry I wasn't here to celebrate the making of the deadline.

Very good. Mucho proud of you.