Tuesday, September 30, 2008

October is...Food and Recipe Month!

We're "theme-ing" our months. In September, if the spirit moved us, we talked about First Sales. This month, it's sharing (if the Rider so chooses) a recipe or great food tip. As the holidays approach, I hope we can bring new ideas to the table (pun!). So check the blog often. Not every day will be a foodie thing, but I'll use my days to talk about my fave recipes and maybe find a way to include them in the comments (I'm SO trying a microwave mug chocolate cake recipe ASAP!)

Came home from Costco tonight where Son 2 accompanied me and insisted on bringing home a bag of dried mangos. Tasty, but =very= sweet.


Cait London said...

That cake-in-a-mug sounds good. I'm getting ready to make apple butter and plum/pineapple/nut jams for Christmas, and to go with my yeast breads. But recently, I tried a chicken tortilla soup recipe and loved it. We have an Amish foods place nearby and I love their seasonings, so I cook from scratch, making batch of taco seasoning next.

Christie Ridgway said...

Cait! Christmas gifts already. You are soooo good.