Thursday, September 25, 2008


Consider this a public service announcement on behalf of writers everywhere – but mainly on behalf of me, Cindy Gerard, whose new series, BLACK OPS., INC. kicked off Tuesday (that’s right, I said Tuesday) September 23 with SHOW NO MERCY, which is now available at a book store near you! Now for the subliminal message part of our programming: buythebookbuythebookbuythebookohforpetessakebuythebook.

Okay. Got that off my chest. So what’s happening? Have I missed anything? How are you all doing? What are you doing to keep you busy? What are you all doing to stay out of trouble? Have you all figured out yet that because I’ve been doing a blog tour of the world promoting my new book – I mentioned that SHOW NO MERCY is out, right??? – that I really don’t have anything left to say and I’m just filling space and wondering how much of this crap you’re going to put up with?

Seriously, you all have days like this, right? Things just aren’t workin’ for ya. Here's a photo of my research assistant, Sly, having one of those ho hum days and laying down on the job. Maybe the coffee pot boiled over? Or maybe you stepped on the cat’s tail? Or perhaps, you drove away from the gas station with the nozzle still stuck in your car? Not that I did that. I would never do that. What makes you think I was talking about me? Just forget I mentioned it, okay? The true question is, what do you do when things just aren’t jellin?

When I have a day like that writing, I give myself several options. Keep my butt in the chair and work through it. Play solitaire all day. Google and scroll through the list of possible new professions. OR, and this is my favorite – snag my copy of Bird By Bird, by Anne Lamot off the bookshelf and read a chapter or two. Never fails. She always gets me writing again.

So what has happened to you lately (and these are the REAL questions) that set you back or slowed you down – whether it be in your writing or your life in general. And what have you done to help yourself get past the doldrums? A really disturbed mind wants to know.


Kylie said...

Disturbed minds, huh? LOL. I'm not gonna touch that one!

I'm a web troller. If I want to waste time I can find all sorts of interesting info on the web. And then there are shows I've missed with full episodes on the web which I sometimes have to sit and watch.

If I'm stuck in my writing it's always exercise that will do it. Going for a walk is a great unsticker.

As for getting past the doldrums...I'm fighting that myself since I am growing very very tired of the days of 7:30 meetings, 3:15 meetings and 4:00 meetings meaning I'm at school 7:15--5:30. That puts me in a dangerous frame of mind. It means I can't exercise (don't have time because I have to get my writing done when I get home and get that tailgating food prepared for the weekend) so to snap me out of it I have to be grouchy to my husband. Have to. It's in the wedding vows. Check 'em out.

Anyway...given the fact that he is a natural born pest he usually manages to get me laughing again. But he usually has to dodge a few elbows first, LOL!

Helen Brenna said...

Cindy, after writing those books on such a tight deadline, you must be creatively burned out.

When I feel like that surfing the web or getting lost in solitaire only seems to compound the problem. I need to get away from my computer and recharge.

I cleaned my office last weekend. Strange, I know, but man did that feel good!

Liza said...

I surf the web, read a book, nap, or clean up my house to re-charge. I'm going to the bookstore tonight, and will look for Show No Mercy.

Cindy Gerard said...

Kylie - thanks for not going anywhere near the disturbed mind issue.

Helen - I cleaned my office last week too. I can see the top of my printer now :o)

Liza - I like the way you think :o)

Keri Ford said...

I grab a book and read it, and that'll get me going again. After all, reading is what got me into writing.

My latest book was fantastic! Great I tell. Read it in one sitting (well almost, my son kept pestering me for things like food and clean diapers). It was Cindy Gerard's Show No Mercy.

Cindy Gerard said...

Keri - you're a doll!! thanks

Michele Hauf said...

How to get unstuck? A cat nap works sometimes for me. I gather two cats, a snuggly blanket, and go for it. I can get lost on the Internet sometimes, but the surfing thing just isn't interesting anymore. Sometimes, if I really listen to my innards, they are screaming 'Go for a drive!'. And I do. And for some reason, driving gets me out of my head and into a weird creative place. I get great ideas driving.

I know that sounds odd to be out of my head while driving. I haven't had any accidents yet. Promise!

Sean and Anna said...

I feel like I'm in good company- I've had the "I'm stressed out, the kids are both sick and not at the same time, I can't think anymore" blues for about 2 weeks! Everything and everybody seems to want a piece of me lately and I'm pulled in a million directions all at once. Did I mention that my mother might move in with us? AAHHHHH!

My solution- I start by venting to my best friend (via email because she is living overseas right now), then I pick a fight with my husband (Kylie was right about the wedding vows). Between those 2 events I exercise using the Wii Fit and I read. When all else fails I fold towels and any other available laundry.

And just to make you feel better about NOT leaving the gas nozzle in your car- I pulled into the gas station, went inside and got a pepsi (can usually solve most any problem with pepsi) and left. When I got to the school I realized that my car was on empty and I had left the station without filling up. The part that sucks... I paid for it when I got the pepsi!

lois greiman said...

Go sleep for a month, Cindy. You deserve it. Can't wait to read your latest and greatest!!

flchen1 said...

Hmm... I'd go with indulging yourself a little -- take a nap, get a massage or a pedi, eat out, have a long gab with a girlfriend over lunch... whatever it is you didn't get to do while you were cranking on the Black Ops, go do it!

And congrats! Can't wait to read them :)

Cindy Gerard said...

Sean and Anna - that's a big, "Oh NO!!" on the gas. Did they let you fill up when you went back? Lord, I hope so

Lois - I like the way you think, too. I might have to give it a try.

Michele - Your idea sounds lovely and snuggly and sweet. It's at the top of my list.

Flchen - I'm over due for all of this things. You women know how to get down and get relaxed!

Playground Monitor said...

I've just been a slug lately. And I don't know why. Yeah, I have horrible tendonitis in my left elbow (don't ask me how this happened cause I have no clue -- I'm right handed and it's on the inside rather than the outside of the elbow) but that shouldn't cause this slug-fest. Heck, I've only read one book so far this month and only 3 last month. I usually average half a dozen at least.

I can kill beaucoup time surfing. I can get so lost online. Yesterday I blogged about urban legends, and while I was researching a few things, I spent hours reading stuff on Then my DH went out of town and I rented two movies -- Sex and the City and Made of Honor. LOVED them! And of course Dancing with the Stars debuted this week and Survivor: Gabon starts tonight. And Law and Order SVU's new season was Tuesday night and Desperate Housewives kicks off its new season Sunday.

Oh dear...

And would you believe there are only 90 days til Christmas?


Cindy Gerard said...

Marilyn - a pox on you for the Christmas reminder. Only 90 days? Really?? That just doesn't seem possible.

catslady said...

Reading helps me the most - getting away from it all. Also the book by Eckert Tolle - A New Earth - helps to put things in perspective.

Debra Dixon said...

Cindy! Yay! Your world blog tour (g)

Oh, man. I'm getting ready to go to the SIBA Trade Show. Tomorrow. (Making note to mention your book in conversation.) It's 3:33 p.m. my time and I'm just now getting time to read the blog.

My part-timer is due here for work and I haven't prepped invoices or organized what I want her to do.

I'm having one of those days.

What am I going to do? I'm going to go have peaches and cream and remember that I shouldn't sweat the small...stuff. And it's all small stuff in the big scheme of things.

Cindy Gerard said...

Great advice, Deb. Don't sweat the small stuff. We forget that too often

Catslady - I'll have to check out that book. Always looking for new inspiration.

Robin said...

I bought it, I bought it, I bought It. See! It worked.

Lurker Robin here. Picked up Show No Mercy on Tuesday and will be reading it soon, soon, soon. Thanks for all your hard work and creativity and inspiration.

As to your question, life in general sets me back and then I crawl into a comfy chair and read.


Robin of mytwoblessings

Jane said...

Congrats on the new release, Cindy.
Sly is a cutie. I wish I could sleep on the job. Nothing new is happening. It's been quiet, but hopefully with the new season things will pick up a bit.

Cindy Gerard said...

Robin - yay! Glad to hear the subliminal message worked :o) thanks!

He is a doll baby. And we all wish we could sleep on the job

Betina Krahn said...

If the weather's decent in Iowa, get outside and go for walks and be with the critters for a while. Then grab a good book and head for a hammock or chaise lounge. And then hit the road, some up to the Twin Cities for some R&R and some retail therapy!

One of my recent recharge activities is volunteering at the hospital. Sounds deadly dull, but I really like being with people and helping out. And I know enough about medical stuff and hospital routines that I can actually be of use!

People-- when I want to recharge after a writing slog, I need people. So I go to a TARA meeting in Tampa or to a conference. Or just a weekend away in a hotel with a pool and spa would work.

Hit anything that tickles your fancy yet? How about visiting a few museums? My kid just bought a cute little house around the corner from the "Russian Art Museum" in Minneapolis. Who knew they even had a Russian art museum here? I'm gonna have to check this out!

Cindy Gerard said...

Great advice, Betina. thanks. Hope you enjoy your visit to Minnesota!