Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Guest: Tawny Weber

Which Hero Pushes your Hot Button?
I love romances for so many reasons, but the most obvious is the hero. Nothing brings a book together for me more than the hero does. He’s that fantasy guy that we female readers get to imagine ourselves romancing as we step into the heroine’s shoes. The one we get to live out adventures, romances, excitement with, right? Am I the only one who judges my romances in their heroes?

Personally I’ve got a soft spot for Bad Boys. I think it’s a sneaking suspicion that those sexy, motorcycle riding, rough and ready heroes just know all kinds of naughty little tricks that the cutie-patootie Boy Next Door probably doesn’t. I have friends who swoon over the Alpha hero, and others who swear by the Beta guy. Some readers always buy certain authors books because they specialize in a specific kind of hero.

Because heroes are so integral into my writing and I’m fascinated by the appeal that different guys hold, even if I don’t always get it. I run a Hunk of the Month poll on my blog each month and its fun to see which hottie is preferred. I haven’t run fictional heroes yet, rather well known stars like Johnny Depp, George Clooney or in one case, Gerard Butler against himself in different time periods to ask the readers which historic hero they’d liked best. Coming up I’ll be polling for the Geeky Hunk, the Vampire Hunk and the Hunk with the Most Romantic Pickup Line to name just a few. I’m always surprised when my clear favorite doesn’t win. It’s like... huh? You all don’t LOVE him? (Seriously, some people don’t get all hot and bothered over Johnny Depp? I mean, really?)

Nick Angel, the hero in my latest Blaze, RISQUÉ BUSINESS, is a little bit of an alpha bad boy, definitely one of those take control kind of guys who make me think “oh yeah, he’d know a few naughty tricks.” (And boy does he!!!) He’s my favorite kind of guy, that sexy, intense, kind with a wicked sense of humor.

Thankfully there plenty of hero types to appeal to all of us, but it makes me curious. Do you have a favorite hero type? One kind of guy who if you see him on the cover makes your fingers itch to grab the book? How about an all time least favorite? You know, that instant turn-off hero that you won’t ever read? Tell me about your most and least favorite hero types and we’ll choose one name to win a book from my backlist.
Tawny’s latest Blaze release is RISQUE BUSINESS — where a literature reviewer out to make a name for herself and an erotic suspense author out to save his reputation go head to head in a game of sexual one-upmanship. When newly made over Delaney Connor publicly critiques best-selling author Nick Angel’s inability to bring emotion into his stories, it hits him where it hurts… his sales and his ego. In retaliation, he issues her a challenge of his own. Either prove good sex needs emotions… or admit the greatest sex in the world is purely physical. You can check out RISQUÉ BUSINESS here.

Tawny Weber is usually found dreaming up stories in her California home, surrounded by dogs, cats and kids. When she’s not writing hot, spicy stories for Blaze, she’s shopping for the perfect pair of boots or drooling over Johnny Depp pictures (when her husband isn’t looking, of course). Stop by and visit her on the web at


Helen Brenna said...

Hey Tawny. Welcome!! Love the title of your Blaze. Fun.

I love pretty much the same kind of here you mentioned. Sexy and intense. The humor is optional, but alphas are my favs.

Interestingly enough, I'm over George and Orlando. Not exactly sure why. Anyone else experience that same phenom? Johnny'll be on my list forever, unless he does something really stupid.

Michele Hauf said...

Ah, Johnny. Love the guy. And once in a while Orlando works to. Dare I admit George has never done it for me? Not sure why, but yes, maybe it's because I remember him from The Facts Of Life with the mullet and shaggy brows. :-)

I do like the bad boy heroes. The kind you think can never be redeemed, but then the right woman does. Bad boys are just misunderstood little guys that can get their feelings hurt as easily as the next guy. They might hide behind leather and muscle cars and maybe even fangs, but just give 'em a hug and watch them melt.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hi, Tawny! Welcome!

You have two of my favorites on display--Johnny and George. They look good, but they're also interesting, witty, very much their own men. They choose their movie roles for reasons other than money, and they have wonderful range.

That's the hero I want to read about. He marches to his own drum. He struggles with his own demons. He's sensitive, but he doesn't wear his sensitivity on his sleeve. Love doesn't come easily to him--maybe for lack of trust or insight into his real needs or some deep feeling of unworthiness--but when he falls, he falls hard. My hero probably isn't rich, but he's the guy you can count on in a crisis. If you can't get out of town before the hurricane hits, he's got you covered.

lois greiman said...

I love guys who don't take themselves too seriously. Who can laugh at themselves. Who see their own flaws. Oh, and a good set of abs helps too.

Anonymous said...

I have a weakness for the Alpha guys that have soft spots hidden that only his true love can find. Any of Nora's male characters work for me - especially the Chesapeake brothers and Roarke.

I also like the military background guys. Suz Brockmann and Cindy Gerard have some great ones.

I have trouble with the heroes that whine too much or are too self centered - even when the heroine is around.

Kylie said...

Thanks for being here, Tawny!

Alphas work for me. And I love the bad boys...really bad. I've had a hero that was a criminal. He wasn't undercover. He was crooked. But charming :) And when a guy like that gives it all up for the right woman...that's a happy ending :)

Although dark brooding and dangerous work for me I also like the easygoing affable charmers with plenty of humor to spare. Think Tucker Longstreet in Carnal Innocence.

My pet peeves are those that are controlling, overly possessive or bossy. Or too angsty. I want to tell them get over yourself :)

Beth said...

I guess I'm fickle because I love all kinds of heroes *g*

Nick in Risque Business is definitely one of my all time favorite heroes! He's sexy and intense, a bit wounded and more than a bit cynical *g* Love him!

The only ones who turn me off are the overly alpha Alpha heroes. You know, the guy who is so arrogant he doesn't need the heroine to love him because he loves himself enough for the both of them?

Right now my favorite star crush would probably be James McAvoy ;-)

M. said...

*raises hand*
me. the person who thinks of johnny deep (and, BTW brad pitt) as a really good actor, and certainly easy on the eyes, but for some reason it stops there for me. no visceral reaction.

show me antonio banderas, george clooney, or gael garcia bernal, OTOH, and it's all visceral. that they can act is somehow more icing on the cake than the main thing.

WK said...

Hey Tawny,
I like alpha heroes the best. And the bad boy is always better.LOL

Your book sounds good. I'll have to look for it.


Tawny said...

Hi Helen :-) thanks for the welcome! And thanks too for the title kudos - this is one of the only titles I suggested and got to keep LOL.

Isn't it wierd how we can be so hot for some hunks, but then it sort of fades? I think, for me, George is still funny and hot, but he's not really making me sigh these days. Orlando, oh yummmy but maybe its an age thing? I feel so cougarish lusting after him. But Johnny - ohhhh yeah. Always and forever LOL.

Like you, I love a sexy alpha, but definitely read for humor. It doens't have to be a funny book, per se, but I love those lighter moments that make snicker or laugh out loud.

Tawny said...

LOL Michelle on the George mullet phase. I don't remember that but I do recall his Roseanne days. Cute cute cute.

I love your definition of bad boys. Do you think we women see a bad boy and think there is a wound there somewhere that a little love would fix? Is that the allure?

Tawny said...

Hi Kathleen. I think I'm in love with your hero LOL. He's exactly the kind of guy who makes me go "oooooh" I think its that basic need to know you can count on him - and thats what is really heroic, isn't it? Knowing he'll be there when you need him?

Betina Krahn said...

Tawny, welcome fellow Blaze Babe!

I'll have to run out and get Risque Business! Sounds wonderful!

And as for heroes. . . I guess I mostly write guys who are strong but emotionally buttoned up. I have a secret thing (VERY secret) for bad boys, but know better than to get innvolved. That's why reading about them is always fun. And as for other reading and watching. . . I confess to liking alphas. It's just that you have to go a ways to make me like one.

I really like funny guys who don't mind laughing at themselves. And I really like guys who enjoy a range of pleasures-- eating, drinking, dancing, art, creating things, beautiful clothes. . . working with their hands. . .

So, like the rest of us here in the convertible, I have eclectic tastes. I can be won over by almost anybody, given time and good dialogue!

Tawny said...

Six Packs Count!!!

LOL Lois, a good set of abs is a DEFINITE selling point! I'm all for the hot bod. And laughter, yep, one of my favorite hero factors too. So lighthearted guys are your favorite reads, huh?

Debra Dixon said...

Hey, Tawny! Welcome to Top Down!

I have to say George never did it for me in his younger years but now that he's graying and has some miles and character on that face, I really like him.

Normally I go for the 20-something guys. Go figure.

Tawny said...

Anon - I love Nora's heroes as well. They are always strong, but have that softness when it comes to the heroine. A bad boy charmer hero I thought was really well done was Jennifer Crusies in Faking It. He was so fun.

Tawny said...

Hi Kylie! Thanks so much for the welcome. and Oops, I mixed up my response to you a little with my response to anon. So - yeah *g* What did you think of the charming crook in Faking It? Is that the kind of hero that appeals? and I loved Tucker! I'm a big fan of heroes with humor, even if they are deep and intense, just knowing they can laugh at something always appeals to me.

Tawny said...

Beth, I so hear you on the arrogance. I've never been a fan in heroes or heroines. I love confidence, but never when its at hte expense of others -does that make sense?

and thank you so much for loving Nick!!!

Tawny said...

LOL M. I know a few people who are not into Johnny. I totally understand. I'm one of those that doesnt' get the appeal of Gerry Butler and I have friend who think I need my brain checked because of it. *shrug* At least here are plenty of hotties out there for us all to choose from, huh?

Tawny said...

Hi Wendy :-) Thanks so much! and Yay another Bad Boy loving reader!

I am seeing a strong alpha trend here ladies. Does anyone dig the Betas? For instance, Vicki Lewis Thompson's awesome Nerd heroes?

Estella said...

I love all kinds of heroes!

Tawny said...

Hi Betina *waving* I love how you've definied your thing for bad boys -its great to be able to live out fantasies in our books, isn't it? It sounds like you're an equal opportunity hero lover ;-) So there's really no hero you'd toss against the wall (in the metaphoric book sense...)? I love your requirement for the Alpha, though - he has to win you over.

Maureen said...

I like heroes who are a combination of the alpha and beta hero. He can take charge of a situation but acknowledges that the heroine is perfectly capable and will even step aside when she has things under control. He has to have a sense of humor and be able to laugh at himself.

Christie Ridgway said...

I love the dark and broody and intense types (Alpha or Bad Boy) but they are so hard for me to write because I usually pair them with an irreverant heroine who is intent on him getting over himself! Eventually, said broody guy is forced to laugh at himself and he walks around about ten pounds lighter.

Tawny: Thanks for joining us today! I also love the title and the premise of your Blaze. And the cover's great too.

flchen1 said...

Hi, Tawny!! Ooh, those bad boys! I do love a good bad boy story, but actually I think what I really enjoy is stories where the hero or heroine somehow busts up some misperceptions--say, she's seemingly quiet and reserved or he's a bad boy and couldn't possibly love kids or maybe he's a geek... I really enjoy reading about their transformations, whether they are outward or whether it's the transformation of their self/other people's perceptions of them.

You do write a splendid bad boy!!

Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Tawny. Sorry to be chiming in so late but I've been SHOPPING today. I'm forgiven, right? Thanks for joining us today and for the photos of the hotties.
I'm a total Mark Harman fanatic for his role as Gibbs on NCIS. Tortured but tough and soft where he needs to be. Then - same show - Denozo. OMG. I LOVE that guy. Hot, funny, sexy and smart with his own little tortured soul working on him.
Can't wait for the new season to start.
Much luck on the new book. Great cover

Tawny said...

Hi Estella! I love a gal who loves her men *g*

Maureen, Oh yeah!!! I hear ya. There's nothing sexier than a guy you can count on who lets the heroine be strong. What a turn on!

Tawny said...

Hi Fedora! and thank you :-) I do love my bad boys. I love, too, seeing that exact growth you described. The hidden vulnerabilities and depths to characters are always so enticing.

Tawny said...

Cindy, you shopped? I'm jealous :-D Thank you for the welcome! It sounds like I'm going to have to check out NCIS? I mean, hot, funny, sexy, smart AND a little tortured, all in one guy? Oooh lala!!! Yum.