Monday, August 04, 2008

RWA Awards Ceremony

Helen here again. I had a marvelous conference which was, obviously, topped off by the awards ceremony Saturday night. Thought I'd post a couple pics for fun since we talked so much about dresses beforehand.

Here's me with my two wonderful guys. Don't they look spiffy?

After the ceremony - Susie, Connie Brockway, me and RITA!

And here's Cindy too. She did such a wonderful job presenting that night!

Fellow Superromance author, Kay Stockham. Who is, as usual, looking gorgeous!


Kelly Parra said...

Helen, congratulations!!! If was so wonderful to meet you and I cheered for you when you won!!

WK said...

Congrats Helen!!!


Helen Brenna said...

Thanks Kelly and Wendy.

Kelly, so nice to meet you, but I wish we both had gone home with RITAs, sweetie!!