Thursday, May 01, 2008

To E or not to E

We talked a bit previously about eReaders and eBooks. I wanted to bring it up again today, in an attempt to convince you to give eBooks a try, if you never have, promote my latest release. :-)

I've said this about eBooks: I write them, but I don't care to read them. Nothing to do with content, whatsoever. I just don't care to read a full-length novel on the computer. As a writer, I spend hours each day staring at the screen. When it comes time for leisure reading? I like to kick back, relax and hold a good old-fashioned book. ( And yeah, I dog-ear the corners, but I never crack the spine!) I'm sure many who work nine-to-five, staring at the computer screen all day, feel the same. But I've also said that I covet the Amazon Kindle. And when that puppy comes down a few hundred in price, I am so there. It's not so much like reading a screen, and a little closer to paper. I can relax with that thing in my bed, and get a reading experience pretty darn close to an actual book.

That said, I've come over to the E side. I recently wrote a short story to kick off the new Nocturne Bites line from Silhouette that debuts today. While writing that story, I hopped onto eHarlequin and downloaded a few Spice Briefs. The Briefs are short electronic stories. I wanted to look at the format, see how chapters were blocked off, just get a feel for the shorter length. What I didn't expect to learn is that I enjoyed reading those shorter format books on the computer. In fact, I've since gone back and ordered many more. They take less than an hour to read, and if you catch a sale, they are priced right.

This is what's great about short eBooks. If you've never tried the line (ex: Spice, Nocturne, various ePublishers) you can download a short story and give it a go. Or, if you're curious about a new-to-you author, you can download one of her stories and see what you think. I found a new favorite author while I was doing that. Megan Hart! She writes real, emotional, sexy erotica with amazing story lines that have me re-reading chapters before moving on to the next.

Anyway, I'm trying to point out that maybe a few of us diehard paperback readers might pick up some great new reads by checking out eBooks. And I'm all for that because I want you all to race over to right now and try my latest read! RACING THE MOON pairs a man desperate to get home before the full moon draws out his werewolf, with a sexy cat-shifting familiar who'd really like to help the wolf control his beast (with sex, of course), but when she has sex, well, let's just say all heck breaks loose, and it's a might scarier than any raging werewolf. Read the first chapter here! And I'm so pleased that Harlequin has priced this story to sell at 89 cents. 89 cents! You can't even get a candy bar for that price anymore.

So tell me, if you've never tried an eBook, do you think you might give a shorter eRead a chance? And if you do already E, do you still read paperback books? Do you ever foresee going completely E, for yourself, or will you always read paper books, as well?

And to get you started, I'll give a free download of RACING THE MOON to one commenter. Stop back tomorrow to see who won.



flchen1 said...

Hi, Michele, Congrats on your new e-release! Woohoo!

I have read some ebooks--some shorter-story length, and some closer to full-length books. I do like the immediate gratification of having the content available to me, and like that I can usually purchase it relatively cheaply. BUT I don't see myself ever going completely over to ebooks. I really enjoy the experience of holding a book in my hand, and turning the pages, and enjoying some of the tactile experience of it. I also like being able to read it wherever I like--I know that you can do that with some ereaders, but I don't have one and don't see dropping a significant chunk of change on one right now.

Of course, I'm open to that potentially changing some day--I tend to be a slow technology adopter, and yet I now LOVE our TiVo and digital camera... So, I won't say never, but I will say not in the near future. :)

Jane said...

Hi Michelle,
Congrats on the new release. I do read ebooks, but only on the computer because I don't own an ebook reader. I still prefer paperbacks and I think I will always read paper books. I don't think they'll become obsolete anytime soon, maybe never.

Liza said...

Congrats on the new release Michele. I have read a few ebooks, but still prefer to read paper books. I don't have an ebook reader, so until I got my laptop, I had to sit at my computer desk to read. I have actually read a few more ebooks since I got my laptop. I've also looked at getting a Kindle, but not until the price goes down.

Betina Krahn said...

Michele, I salute your innovative ways! You are up for anything! Racing the Moon will be my first e-experience!

And I'm kinda a slow-adopter of tech, too. (::waving at flchen::) Paradoxical, I know, since I'm also a science geek who's all for innovation and new advances in information technology. I guess I'm just comfortable in my tech-zone, and I'm a creature who loves her comforts.

But the immediate gratification of having a book NOW might ultimately draw me into the e-thing. Especially if it comes with a keyboard that I can use to write something myself. That Kindle looks mighty tempting.

That said, I'm with you, Jane, on the love of the physical book in hand. I also love the covers and the textures. . . the embossing. . . Ahem. I also like getting out from behind a computer while reading!


Playground Monitor said...

With the right ebook reader I could probably read them, but not on computer. I downloaded the first two Spice briefs and that length isn't bad to read on the computer. But any longer is rough. When I critique for a friend, I have to print off the chapters and do it on paper because reading from the computer screen is too difficult. I've heard the Kindle is great.

Congrats on the Nocturne Bite book. I have been working on an idea for that, hence the recent vampire research. Now if I could just figure out my heroine I'd be in good shape. I know her name and what she does for a living but can't figure out why she married the villain. Just a teensy, weensy, minor little plot problem -- NOT!


Michele Hauf said...

Marilyn, maybe she just loves bad boys? :-)'
I'm hearing from everyone that eBooks are great, but paperbacks will always be around. How could we live without them? I love my wall of book shelves in my office, filled with colorful spines of cherished reads.


Cindy Gerard said...

Congrats on the new release, Michele! I've never read an ebook although I find the idea intriguing. Like you, I spend all of my days on the computer and when I do have time to read, I like to relax with a 'real' book in my hands. It's almost a ritualistic thing.
That said, I would like to try an ebook as i see advantages to having a reader.
And by the way - I just read your teaser chapter. Hot, hot hot! Gonna go get me something cold to drink now!

ddurance said...

I read both ebooks and print. I still love print if for nothing other than the feel of the book in your hand and you can get them autographed, of course. I don't mind reading ebooks, but I am a little biased towards print, because I do work in a library. I wouldn't have a job if not for print books, but I do feel that ebooks are the wave of the future in publishing.


Helen Brenna said...

Love the cover, Michele! Congrats on kicking off the Nocturne Bites program. That's awesome.

I'm slow on the technological front, and I love turning my computer off at night after a long day working on it. Can't see myself turning to it, or a Kindle for entertainment. Though I can understand why a lot of people do. I'll probably be the last of the hold outs! The old fuddy duddy.

Oh, you know what could get me into it? I'm on the cusp of needing reading glasses. These days books at night are hard to read. I'm guessing you can change the brightness of a Kindle and font size for easier viewing. That sounds nice.

Christie Ridgway said...

Michele: Congrats on the new story! Last weekend, at the Chicago Spring Fling conference, I sat next to someone with the Kindle and got to play with it. I loved it. What I particularly loved, however, is the instant download feature. Unlike d/loading a audiobook/song to my iPod which requires a wire hookup and that my wifi at home to be operating oh-so-nicely, you can download Kindle books anytime, anywhere, directly!

I would love to have a Kindle when they come down in price too.

Amy Addison said...

I do read some e-books, but have never tried the e-shorts.

I love paperbacks, though. If I drop a paperback in the pool (assuming summer ever gets here and I get to use the pool), I'm not going to be too upset (unless I was at The Good Part). If I drop my e-reader in the pool, I will be sorely annoyed.

Michele Hauf said...

Amy, there is that. The pool would not be kind to the Kindle. Since I don't have a pool, I think I'll be okay. :-)

Helen, yes on making the text supersize! Even when I'm working on a manuscript, I've got my text at 14 pt font and enlarged to 200%! I wonder how long before I'll be at 300%?

AuthorM said...

Hey, Michele! Thanks for the shout out... :) I'm off to eHarl to get your story right now!

I started off in e-pubbing and I *still* don't like to read books on the computer. I'm lusting after a Kindle, too...but nothing can replace the glory of a paper book in hand. I also wouldn't take an e-reader to the beach, so that would be useless since that's when I tend to do a lot of reading with a lot of books, on vacation!

Short stories, though, those I'll read on the computer because they're short and don't take as much time. And I love to read (and write) short stories, so it's a perfect mix.

Okay, off to grab up the Bites, since I loooooove paranormal, skeery stuff (and sex. Yeah, I guess I like that, too.)


Michele Hauf said...

Thanks for stopping by, Megan. Just finished TEMPTED last night. Sigh... I want a James for myself.

AuthorM said...

Really? You wanted James? Most people seem to like Alex...that bad boy. Nice to know someone likes James. :)

Thank you so much for reading Tempted!

And I gotttt your Biiiiite...

Nathalie said...

E... bites! Funny

I am gradually buying ebooks instead of paper books... much more compact and I can take them with me anywhere!

Debra Dixon said...


I still don't have a Kindle. Which I want. And I don't read on the computer, but I expect to get an ebook reader in the next year.

We're putting up ebooks now at BelleBooks. Too many customers have asked. So we are.

Lily said...

I should try ebooks, but I really like the feel of paper and the fact that a book was first a paper book!

Melissa said...

Hi, Michele! This is a subject that I wrestled with FOREVER. LOL, I actually printed out e Books for YEARS when there was one I just had to have, because I didn't want to sit at the computer and read, and didn't want to buy a reader, because I just knew I wouldn't like it. So, for Christmas this year, I did a bunch of research with all my online friends who read e books to see which reader they liked the best...and was told by almost ALL that the eBookwise is the best, so...I bought myself one. And I LOVE it!! It's so easy to carry, and you've got oodles of books on that baby, so you won't run out of reads, and you can read with the lights out becasue it's got a back light, and if I get stalled on one book, I can just bookmark it and easily flip to, I could so go on. And yes, I still buy paperback, because I still have to physically have my keepers in my hands...but there are some books you can actually get earlier on an ereader, and some you can ONLY get on an I'm finally able to get those w/out having to worry about printing all that out. I love it, and wish I'd done it years ago. I had to buy the library to help me organize it, which was like $15, but I've loved it so much, I don't regret a penny of it. I don't see myself ever going totally E, but I do forsee it being more of a 50/50 thing, where I'm buying paper copies of only those I intend to keep. I'm moving this week, and I've packed 100's of books...yeah, I could use an easier method!!
Oh, and I love those Bites that HQ is doing...what a neat idea!!
And the Nocturne line is GREAT!!

Anonymous said...

I read ebooks and books, and I find that both have a value. I'm italian so it's a little difficult for me to find english or american books, and ebooks are easier to purchase and more speedy to arrive. I think that short ebooks can have thewir market without problem because to read on computer long books , sometimes can make the eyes tired, but a short story will not give this problem.

Now that I've said my opinion on short ebook I would like to say to Michel that I'm one of her fan. Gossamyr has been translated in italian by the editor fantaluna, I've read it and I've found it really surprising.


Michele Hauf said...

weirde, if you liked Gossamyr, Rhiana was also just translated in Italian! :-)

Chris M. said...

Okay, yeah yeah, I know.. Chris is again with the super late post! Things a bit insane in a house full of men children... lol.

I have to say that I like both formats, but there are some authors that even though I have the book in e-format I still got the print book as well because I just had to have it in print as well.

As a reviewer for an online review site I get most of my books in pdf format (whether they eventually come out in print first or not) and found a program that I could load onto my Palm Pilot (for free mind you) that transfers all pdf, html, text files to a format that I can read on my Palm Pilot. Which is nice, because I can also use it for my calendar and contact info stuff as well.

I currently have 18 ebooks loaded onto my Palm Pilot (or Palmy as my friend calls it) some for review and some just for fun. They are still saved on my computer as well as in a thumb drive (I'm a bit paranoid that way.. lol), so I can rotate in my Palm program what I'm reading.

That being said... my print book TBR pile is out of control... currently at 68... but there are so many out there that I HAVE to have. So, I'm sure that I will always want to have my print books in my hand as well as my ebooks that I can't get in print.

Heading over now to take a look at your eShort... looks yummy! Love the tall, dark and dimpled comment. And you really can't beat the price!