Tuesday, April 15, 2008

So who’s watching American Idol?

This topic has been noticeably missing from the convertible this year. I know, it’s no longer the phenomenon it once was but then neither is chocolate ice cream but that doesn’t mean we still don’t love it!

Are you watching this year? If so, what do you think? When the season started and they narrowed it down to the top 24 or so, I was thinking hands, down, little David Archuleta was going to walk away with the title. I mean, what is not to LOVE about this boy? I just want to bake him cookies or something. His humility just melts me. And that voice. He’s truly an amazing talent.

So, my vote has always been with David A, but now these others are starting to come into their own. David Cook. Can you believe that guy? He’s an amazing rocker. Carly’s voice is incredible. Sweet Jason’s eyes are to die for and Brooke White has that Carly Simon thing going for her that is at once nostalgic and refreshingly new.

Frankly, they’re all wonderful – I already miss Chikezie, and Michael and Ramiele. The Idol gives back show was touching and mobilizing. Who could resist giving to such a wonderful and worthy cause?

So tell me, out there in blogger land, are you over Idol? Or are you still loving it? Do you have a fav? Who do you think is going to leave this week? And have you ever voted? Details. Give me details.


Betina Krahn said...

I confess, I'm not really into Idol all that much. But I have caught a couple of recent shows because it's on near one of my favorites. And I have to say, the talent is really amazing! This crop of singers is so much better than the groups of former years. . . I think they've done a fabulous job of learning how to pick out the raw talent that comes before them.

I can't really watch the terrible stuff at the beginning. . . it makes me squirm and hurt for those poor folks who don't realize how awful they are.

I may have to watch for the rest of the season just because I really like the songs and seeing the fresh talent out there!

Virginia Lady said...

I'm enjoying this season more than the last couple. I think more of these kids have that special charisma to take them all the way. That makes the competition much more intense to me.

I love David Cook, but I could totally see David A winning as well. It's exciting to watch.

I'm just always so impressed with how together these kids are. I certainly wasn't when I was their age.

Liza said...

I actually gave up American Idol this year. I've watched almost every year, but am getting tired of the show. It seems to me that it is more of a popularity contest than a singing contest. I have voted in the past, and might pick Idol back up now that Biggest Loser is ending tonight. I did see Carly sing and really liked her voice. My friends have told me both of the Davids are really great too.

Cindy Gerard said...

It's true - the talent this year is amazing. I think they learned a lesson with SanJaya and made certain they selected the best talent so there wouldn't be a repeat of that debacle. It almost turned me off on the show.
I think what I find so appealing is it really is all about the American dream, isn't it? I mean, these are just ordinary people who've been given this extraordinary opportunity. Not to wax Pollyanna, but I love it that these kind of opportunities still exist. And it's good clean fun to watch - can't say that about most of the stuff that's on youtube :o(

Helen Brenna said...

For some reason, I couldn't get into the season this year, but in years past I've been crazy about it. Must be what's happening in my life, not Idol, since most people seem to think the talent is awesome.

I hear people aren't crazy about Brooke. True?

Michele Hauf said...

Never watched it. Weird, because I'm so into Dancing With The Stars, and this is similar. Hmm...


Playground Monitor said...

I am still in shock over Michael Johns going home last week. I didn't think he would win, but thought he'd go farther. Heck, I'm still in shock that Melinda Doolittle didn't win last year. Did anyone else find it cruel the way they gave Michael a bit of false hope about not being eliminated last week?

Simon keeps saying it's all about a recording career and I'm just not sure whose CD I'd buy if they won. I already bought Brooke's when Carole King recorded "Tapestry" back in the 70's. If Jason did an album of the Sting-type stuff he's sung, I'd buy that. I'm not a rocker anymore so that cuts out David Cook, though he's been an amazing performer (loved Hello). Syesha has a magnificent voice but just hasn't found her breakout song yet. I'm so-so about Carly; her tattoos distract me. Kristy Lee Cook should have gone weeks ago.

And that brings me to David Archuleta. I've read some disturbing articles about his father being the consummate stage parent. Go to YouTube and search for David A and you'll find performances of Imagine and Angels from years ago. These are not new songs to him. He's already a seasoned performer. I'm not saying that he shouldn't win AI, but he's not the inexperienced child everyone thinks he is.

That being said, I haven't voted all season. I Tivo the show and watch later, after the voting is over. Same for Dancing with the Stars, which I adore. I think Kristi Yamaguchi is sure to be in the finals. And can you believe how well Marlee Matlin has done. I'm completely amazed by her. I have trouble executing a simple waltz and I can hear the music.


Debra Dixon said...

Cindy-- I love Idol. It's something my mother and I bonded over several years ago. And now we're into Dancing with the Stars. Mother's a dancer and has been teaching tap or line dancing for probably 20 years to seniors. And in the last couple of years line dancing communities have "imported" her for workshops. She's sort of a mini-celebrity in that world. She and her husband are also great ballroom dancers so we have to watch DWTS.

Now back to Idol...
I'm a big fan of David Cook. He feels very authentic, like Daughtry. Neither have "changed" but both became more polished and nuanced as the season progressed.

I didn't like last week's performance but I loved the "Give Back" on his hand. Thought that was cool.

And I love Carly. Fabulous voice but I honestly don't connect with her in a personal way. I did finally vote last week because I don't want her to go home before some of the others. So, I broke down and voted for the first time this season. Voted for Carly and Jason. (BTW, we have the cd of the Haiwaiian dude who did that arrangement of Over the Rainbow. Well my sister has it and we listen to it in the car a lot.)

Kathleen Eagle said...

I've never gotten into Idol or the dance shows. I do love Project Runway, and that show has the "American Dream" aspect also.

Cindy Gerard said...

Deb - Daughtry is amazing, isn't he? Talk about a pure voice. I'm not even a rocker and I love that guys's music. And Jason's Over the Rainbow was wonderful. I'd never heard that arrangement before. It was perfect for him. He's kind of the dark horse in the race. so unique and so unaffected by all the hoopla.
Marilyn - I've heard some of the same things about David A. What's with those parents? He's such a sweetie pie.
And Kathleen - I've watched Runway on occasion too, find it very entertaining but, disturbing in some ways too. A very interesting view into the fashion industry.

Jane said...

I'm a big fan of Idol, but I've never voted. I guess I can blame myself if one of my favorites gets voted off because I didn't call in and support them. I was pretty mad that Michael Johns got the boot. He was in my top three. David A. is still my favorite. I did not care for David Cook in the beginning, but he really surprised me recently. He's definitely become a huge contender. I also like Brooke and Jason Castro.

Cindy Gerard said...

Jane - exact same thing happened to me. David cook really has grown on me but I'm still a sucker for David A :o) I've never voted either. Guess I figure I'll leave it to the kids who spend most of their money on music. Still, i'm surprised by how many of us (read: not teenagers) are into Idol. Guess good entertainment is good entertainment no matter what the age.

Susan Kay Law said...

I tend to be in and out. I watch the initial selection shows (NOT to watch the ones who are bad . . . I find that painful. But I just love seeing people so excited when they get a ticket. Not that often you get to share in somebody's dream coming true.)

Then I skip for a while, and watch near the end, when they get down to six or so. I think my brain just can't keep track of twenty different singers.

So I haven't started up again this year.


Christie Ridgway said...

I love Jason! We also have the original of the Hawaiian version of "Over the Rainbow" which is so wonderful I worried that Jason might be able to handle it. He did great.

I'm with whoever said Brooke isn't working for them because they already love Carly. Me, too.

David A...I don't know. As much as he seems to be a polished star, he feels too young to me. He needs to season.

My buddy at the gym loves David Cook as much as I loved Daughtry (and still do).

I think one of the guys will win.

And I've been an on-again, off-again Idol fan over the years, but this season I'm into with Son 2. So it's very fun because we watch together.

PJ said...

My niece got me hooked on AI during the first season and I'm still a faithful viewer. I do vote for my favorites. I figure I can't complain about who goes home if I don't vote and I do so love to complain. (grin)

I love David A. but agree that he's still too young. David Cook has grown on me over the weeks and is now my #1. I thought he was amazing last night. I like Brooke but she's stumbled in the past few weeks. Carly has a pure voice but I just haven't been able to warm up to her. Jason doesn't have to sing a note. Just let him sit there with his adorable grin and gorgeous eyes and I'll be happy.
I'm ready for both Kristy Lee and Syesha to go home.

Darcy Burke said...

My husband and I always watch the early auditions because they are soooo entertaining. Then I'm usually roped into watching Hollywood week (more craptastic performances and high drama), but soon after that I lose interest. This year, however, I'm pulling for David Cook. I rarely voted in the past, but two weeks ago I started throwing votes at him (and Michael Johns until he was shockingly and distressingly eliminated last week - boo hiss!). I don't get why Simon says DC is pompous because he strikes me as very genuine and talented. Part of his appeal to me is that I simply like his kind of voice and music style, but more than that he seems like a good guy. I'm sure the tragic story of his brother who is dying of brain cancer has put him into a more sympathetic light - his tears after last night's performance when his brother was in the audience (flown in with a medical team because he's that sick) were very moving. And the show hasn't made a big dramatic deal of the situation, which is pretty classy, IMO. David Cook for the win!!

(Can't believe I just wrote all of that about a reality show. /shakes head and laughs.)