Thursday, April 10, 2008


Welcome Miss Holly into the convertible today! (Psst, but don't listen when she gives directions. I'm just sayin'...) Emma's latest release DEMON'S FIRE just blazed into bookstores. I've just started it, and what can I say but that it's hot, sexy, has an awesome, complex plot, and is an amazing sensory and sensual treat. Emma will give away a signed copy of DEMON'S FIRE to one lucky commenter, so ask her about her books, or hmm...those parts she mentions below. I'll stop gabbing now, and let Emma take control of the wheel.

Ah, manparts . . .

I started thinking about them--not that I need an excuse--when Michele informed me that abs on covers are Big.

Traditionally, men like to identify themselves as "breast men" or "leg men" or whatever their favorite female body part is. I admit to having fancied a nice, hard set of male abdominals since I first knew there was such a thing. Whoever invented the term "six-pack" caught my imagination immediately. I cannot, however, claim to be an "ab woman."

I like the whole package, you see.

When J.D. Robb talks about Roarke having the hands of a thief, I think, "oh, yummy." (See the cover of DEMON'S FIRE for my idea of sexy hands.) Well developed arms are lovely (not bulgy ones, just lean and hard). Strong legs are nice, and butts that don't disappear in a pair of jeans. The nape of a man's neck after he's had a haircut has been known to exert a strange pull on me. The primal appeal of broad shoulders can hardly be denied, or the furrow of a spine cutting through a muscular wedge of back. (Have you seen Jared Padalecki with his shirt off? That man's shoulder-to-hip ratio is what's "Supernatural.") Sometimes noses have character, and jaws, and interesting dents in chins. Even imperfections aren't without their charm. What could make a handsome man more accessible and endearing than ears that stick out? Of course, different traits become more appealing as the man who's attached to them grows on you. Voices, smiles, a certain twinkle in the eye . . .

Do you have a favorite manpart? Care to share? You know we'll enjoy being reminded how much we like them.

Nothing could be harder than learning to love again . . .

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acdaisy95 said...

Favorite manpart? Ummm...his sexy chest especially with a six pack. :)

Anonymous said...

i do like chest and eyes

kim h
love jensen ackles.

Jane said...

I'm quite a fan of the six pack myself. I've seen some eight packs, but I think that's too much. Long muscular legs are a big turn on, too.

Playground Monitor said...

Dimples -- both sets. ;-)

And nice hands and feet -- well-manicured and clean.

And eyes. Don't you just love Jason Castro (the guy with the dreads) on American Idol? He has the most gorgeous eyes and enough eyelashes for three people.


Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Emma. Welcome to the convertible and WOW, man parts .... Hum. suppose I'd better not state the obvious :o)
Seriously, like Marilyn, I'm a sucker for the eyes, and yes, Marilyn, Jason's eyes are amazing!

Betina Krahn said...

Emma! Welcome to the convertible! I have to go out TODAY and pick up Demon's Fire! Sounds fantastic! And I could use a dose of heat just about now. LOL.

My favorite manpart. . . hmmm. Probably notice shoulders first for obvious reasons. Then mouth and smile, which means anything around the mouth gets attention, like chin, jawline and dimples. Eyes are next, clear and willing to make eye contact. But for some reason the dealbreaker is always hands. If a guy has little, stubby, dirty hands or badly chewed-up nails. . . the attraction fizzles like a firecracker in the rain. Go figure.

But if the guy has a great set of glutes as he walks away, I may be persuaded to call him back. ;)

Okay, Emma. . . I'll be thinkin' about this all day! Thanks!


CrystalGB said...

My favorites are eyes, tight behind and washboard abs. :)

Michele Hauf said...

Hey, Emma, good to see you here!

I think I like a nice broad muscled back most, but hands do it for me, too. And what the heck do they call that great 'cut' muscle that rides the hip (like in Jared's picture)? That is so sexy!


Helen Brenna said...

Hi, Emma!!

Chest. Something hard I can run my hands over and over and over and ...

Whew. Is it hot in here?

Judi said...

What a great way to start the day, thinking about sexy man-parts. Thanks Emma! :)

Hmmm...the eyes, strong arms, a killer smile, and a yummy chest always get a second look from me.;)
See photos of Channing Tatum for reference, lol.

*sneaks off to get in a cold shower* ;D

flip said...

Mmmmm, man parts.....broad shoulders, muscular thighs, well defined abs, powerful hands, powerful chest, strong arms, now which are my favorite man parts?....honestly, I want to buy any cover which features the area where the well defined waist meets the hip. you know the area just above the towel in the picture. But I do love the whole package.

Loved Prince of Ice, I must get Demon Fire.

limecello said...

Hi Emma!

I have to agree, the whole package is my "favorite part." I'm picky, so that encompasses personality too. I cannot for the life of me separate Jared Padalecki from "Dean" on Gilmore Girls. That's what I always think of first, although I suppose Supernatural has made him much more famous.
I really liked the excerpt for Demon's Fire (Hehe - the very convenient link led me to visit your webpage). How do you come up with all those interesting names? And how do you pronounce them?

Debra Dixon said...

Yo, Emma! Glad to have you here.

Don't include me in the drawing because you know I already have my own copy in my TBR stack.

::Jared Padalecki::
When I saw that boy walk around in that towel, I just fell off the sofa. He his officially my favorite manpart.

lois greiman said...

Hey Holly, great to have you with us...amping up our imaginations as usual.

Odd, I think, but one of my favorite parts are necks, when they're all muscley and they turn and the tendons pull tight and sharp, but sometimes there's other good stuff too. :)

Emma Holly said...

Well, something everyone has an opinion on . . . just as I'd hoped!

Hello acdaisy95! Thanks for starting things off!

Anonymous, I confess I, too, am a Jensen Ackles fan. It's that smile, that twinkle, that lovely rear view . . . hm . . . wait, shaking myself back into the real world now. LOL.

Playground Monitor, that Jason Castro is quite arresting. And is voice is pretty cool, too.

Cindy, you could state the obvious, but then you might have to describe it! *g*

Hi Betina! How nice to "see" you. I didn't think about jawlines, but--yes--they can be good, too.

Crystalbg, you've got that hockey thing, the--er--hat trick or some such thing. When you get three goals in a row.

Michele! Thanks for inviting me.

Helen--maybe it's hot in here. How can you tell in Minnesota?

I'm not familiar with Channing Tatum, judi. Do I need to be enlightened?

Thank you, flip! I hope you enjoy how I "made things right" for poor tortured Prince Pahndir.

Lois, I think your imagination does just fine on its own. *g* Oh, yes, strong necks are yummy!

wolfpackgirl said...

Hmmm.... How to pick my favorite man part when all are so great...

I guess I'd have to pick eyes first along with very kissable lips.

I'd have to agree with Betina about stubby, dirty, little hands though. That would definitely be a deal breaker.

Michele Hauf said...

I don't know if this is an official 'part', but I love it when you see that muscle in a man's jaw flex. You know, in the movies it's always when he's trying desperately not to break down, or he's angry and the tension just gets that muscle pulsing.

Linda said...

My favorite part of a man would be the hairy chest - I love to run my fingers through a hairy chest, follow the line of hair down... Well. Enough of fantasizing.

I bought Demon's Fire in pdf thinking I could convert it to read on my eBookwise because Adobe will convert it to html with only a few minutes delay. But when it downloaded, I discovered it was a digital pdf and now it's on an unwieldy computer where I'm not likely to ever read it. Sigh. I'd love to win a signed copy. I love this series and have read all the other stories about the demons.

Leiha said...

I knew there was a reason I loved you Emma! I am a tried and true abs gal. A pair of sexy abs makes me want to wash my face in them, LOL.

I have my signed copy of Demon's Fire (fire is right! another reason to love Emma). I just wanted to pop in because where Emma goes, I go.

Emma Holly said...

Hey, limecello! Glad you liked the excerpt. Re: the names. Sometimes they just come to me. Sometimes I steal them from travel guides of wherever I'm researching. I think readers should pronounce the names however they feel comfortable. For, Prince Pahndir, my hero in Demon's Fire, in my head I think of him as Prince Ponder, because you just have to ponder and ponder his sexiness!

Wolfpackgirl, love your handle! Did some author/fixation lead you to pick it? Is it safe to ask? LOL.

Sorry about the pdf mixup, Linda, but good luck in the contest!

Leiha, you truly are my BFF! How could I go anywhere without you? *g*

Melissa said...

Hi, Emma!!
Oh, I do love me some abs!!
But I just have this thing for a big, strong, wide set of shoulder that lead to a wide, broad chest, too!!
I LOVE broad shoulder on a man...sigh. Now I'm going to have to go find me some eyecandy...

tetewa said...

I'm all about the chest and abs, I prefer no hair on the chest also. Love the picture of Jared and can't wait to watch Supernatural tonight!

Playground Monitor said...

RE: wolfpackgirl. After her comment about not cheering for UNC the other night, I'm guessing she's a NC State fan. They are known as the Wolfpack. My sister and BIL are State grads.

flchen1 said...


Sorry! Got distracted by that cover and the photo you posted! I am quite fond of a smooth well defined chest and abs. A great voice can really grab you though--a bit low, confident, husky when appropriate...

Congrats on the new release!

ddurance said...

Jared Supernatural.........and love those abs. Great abs get me every time!

Emma Holly said...

Hi, Melissa--good luck on your search!

Welcome, Tetewa. I may have to put Supernatural on in the background when I'm chatting at Writerspace tonight. :-)

Hi, flchen1! The cover for Demon's Fire is one of my favorites so far. When my agent and I saw it, we were both going "yowza!"

Hello, ddurance. Thank you for stopping by!

Chris M. said...

Hi, Emma, I said on RBL I'd say hi, so here I am. "Hi" :-)

I am a big fan of the whole package, but the first thing that really gets me is his smile. It lights up his eyes, adds those gorgeous laugh lines and just invites you right on in!

Then, the rear end (I like how you put that, it doesn't disappear in jeans), then the shoulders and chest, and that muscle everyone is talking about (my sister and I call it the "sex muscle"-isn't that how it's toned?). I could go on.. and on... and on... Like I said, the whole package just plain does it for me.

Wow... great discussion! ;-)


Michele said...

Hi Emma!
Man Parts?
Let's get to the root of the issue.

Tee hee

Actually, for me it's firm thighs. When you can grab onto them and they don't move,their strength is the perfect brace for leaning against while in pursuit of ... fun and exploration. I love the texture of the crisp hairs beneath my palms and fingers while I grip the steel beneath. They can restrain and entrap me, leaving hands free to roam.
Thighs are very sensual parts of a man that I just love to touch.

Then again, if the man had a certain apendage like your Demons?, Well, I'd HAVE to add that too.*grin*

Emma Holly said...

chrismm--thanks for stopping by. Your picture is so cute!

michele, all you RWTTD ladies, thanks so much for letting me in the car. I had a lovely time feeling the cyberwind in my hair!