Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Guest author: Jordan Dane - Yet Another Great Shoe Story

I'm thrilled to welcome debut author, Jordan Dane to the convertible today. Jordan's fabulous new Romantic Suspense Series launches this month with: No One Heard Her Scream, followed byNo One Left To Tell and No One Lives Forever.
The reviews have been fantastic so make sure you rush right out and pick up your copy right away! Without further ado, here's Jordan!

Do you remember little Dorothy Gale? She was a terribly na├»ve teen from Kansas with questionable taste in fashion who owned a scruffy little dog named Toto. Dorothy used to daydream about traveling “over the rainbow.” (During the 60s, anyone might have accused her of partaking in one too many shrooms—but for the sake of this post—work with me.)

Before I sold, Dorothy and I had a lot in common.

But in my future loomed a cataclysmic event. Avon HarperCollins purchased my debut series in auction and is about to launch an aggressive back to back release event for all three books April through June 2008. By the time my releases happen, I have no doubt my experience will be comparable to little Dorothy’s. She’d been swept away by a tornado from her black and white world into the cosmic rainbow colored realm of Oz with its Munchkins, Emerald City, and enchanted ruby red slippers.

Getting published in this manner can be exhilarating and frightening at the same time, like being sucked into a life-changing vortex and whisked away to a distant and strange land. Here’s my take.

Selling felt like it had taken an Act of God. But now that I have embraced a full-time writing life, there are days it feels like winged primates are dive-bombing my head with deadlines, copy edits, and promotion. And whenever insecurity creeps up like bad underwear—when I ask myself, “My God, what were you thinking?”—I pray my good witch Glinda (my agent) will swoop down and reassure me that I had the power all along. And that my bodacious red slippers, that I’d worn from day one, had indeed helped me weather the storm. The similarities are astounding. Don’t you think? And for a chance at finding charming reader companions like Scarecrow, Lion, and Tin Man, my journey down yellow brick road may be fraught with wicked naysayer witches and indifferent review wizards.

Are you beginning to see the parallels like I did? (Pass the shrooms. It might help.)

I believe that if you squint real hard and get your head wrapped around this concept, getting published can feel like being blown into an alternative universe where snappy red slippers can protect you. Depleting hourglasses, flying chimps, burning scarecrows, and witches who melt when doused by H2O can be daunting unless you know how to wield the power of a good pair of shoes.

So my question is—if you could possess magic ruby red slippers, what powers would they have and how would you use them?

And to encourage your comments, some lucky respondents will be chosen at random to receive a signed copy of my debut book NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM, bookmarks, signed cover flats for the next two books in my series and an alarm key chain. Why a key chain with an alarm? If they can’t hear you scream, they’ll sure as hell hear this key chain thingee.

Thanks again for this opportunity to ride with the top down. I feel the wind in my hair already—or maybe that’s the breeze coming from low flying monkeys.


Keri Ford said...

Hey Jordan! I'm sooo glad to see you haven't lost those shoes...but I must admit, I've been waiting for them to fall off so I can slip them on!

Good Luck!

Jordan Dane said...

Good morning Keri--I wish I could share these shoes with everyone. Seriously.

It's in each of us to own a pair. And I hope you find the ones with your name on it.

Jordan Dane said...

When I asked my niece what super powers she would want with her pretty red shoes, she thought being invisible would be cool.

I told her she probably only wanted to see people naked.

She gave me her best Mona Lisa smile so I think I nailed it.

Anonymous said...

Oh boy magic ruby slippers. I'm seriously thinking calorie defusers. You eat a lightly toasted sesame bagel piled high with cream cheese, and click your heels....WHAM...those calories are INCINERATED.

Smiling just thinking about it.

Jordan, congratulations on your success.

(since I have a book-I'll pass on the drawing and ratch up the chances for another lucky reader)

Have great day.

And this is such a coool blog.

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Tina--Thanks for getting up so early and putting on those fuzzy bunny slippers to join us. I'm already on my 2nd cup of jo and checking into my usual online haunts this morning.

Wishing you all good things, girl. You'd be the first one I call if I needed someone to drive my white Ford Bronco.

Virginia Lady said...

Congratulations on your success! I definitely need a pair of those slippers. Mine would give me the ability to write killer a synopsis. And maybe the query letter as well.

I can't wait to read the series.

Jordan Dane said...

Good morning, Virginia Lady--

I have an article in my FOR WRITERS page at my website that gives an overview of writing a synopsis--not an easy feat. And Lisa Gardner's website also has volumes on the subject. She has a whole lecture, pages and pages of material. But after I researched a number of resources on the subject, I boiled down my article to what works for me and I like to keep things simple. I sold my last book in the series on a synopsis.

I think it's important to have your synopsis be a part of your voice. Some authors think it's a drudge, and certainly it is tough, but I always looked on it as a challenge to make the synopsis reflect my writing and draw the reader (the editor or agent) into it like I would a short story.

Good luck with your proposal and keep writing while you are waiting. It's a great distraction from nerves. When my books sold in auction, they came looking for my inventory and it was good that I had some.

Liza said...

If I had magic ruby slippers, I would be able to pop from place to place so I could travel anywhere I wanted with ease. Your books sound great and it looks like I'll be adding a few more to my tbb list.

Di said...

Magic ruby slippers? I want mine to speed my writing up to 20 pages a day. ;-D

And while I'm wishing...if those could be polished and edited pages it would be really cool! LOL

Jordan, I wrapped my greedy little mitts around your book when it first hit the shelf at Hastings, so I don't need a copy. Use it to introduce a new reader to your book. :-D

Would love for you to sign this one for me though. :-D


Susan said...

Ruby slippers of my own design? Cool! I'll take shoes that, when I put them on, add hours and hours to my day!
Susan Shay

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Liza--Thanks for stopping popping in with your snappy read shoes. In cyberspace, anything is possible.

And Di--Thanks so much for buying my book. I will most definitely sign it for you the next time I see you. I still can't believe it's out after nearly two years of waiting for this day. But I've got two more in the wings with NO ONE LEFT TO TELL coming out Apr 29 and NO ONE LIVES FOREVER out May 27. I can barely sit down before those two hit the shelves. So far, they are getting great reviews, including an RT TOP PICK for TELL in May. That was a shocker. That story was my GH finaling entry in 2005 and my first attempt at writing suspense. It's particularly gratifying to see that one doing so well.

Thanks for stopping by, Di. Can't wait to see you at another OK RWA function. The last one was a party at Sharon Sala's house. Had a blast seeing everyone.

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Susan--That's a good idea. To hell with seeing people naked. Adding hours to my day would be very much appreciated.

But if I could pop anywhere in the world, be invisible and see people naked, plus have more hours to do it--that is definitely tempting. Hmmmmmm

Playground Monitor said...

Gee... so many good ideas for those ruby slippers. Great analogy, by the way. Right now I'm thinking I'd love to click my heels and instantly lose the extra pounds and firm up the muscles. Then once I'm released from physical therapy and my foot is all healed, I can use those ruby slippers as ballroom shoes and dance to keep the weight off. The DH and I are dying to take salsa lessons.


Kathy Bacus said...

Good Morning, Jordan!

My ‘shoe power’ wish list varies from day to day. Last week, I would have wished for a ready, willing, and able muse whispering in my ear. Presently in a week that finds me going in a million different directions, the ability to be in at least four places at the same time is rather appealing. Uh. Just FYI. One of those places is NOT the Fitness Center. Hey, if I had the power to clone myself, I’d sure as heck give myself a body makeover first!

I’m loving NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM, Jordan. I’m ‘this’ close to finishing! What a wild debut week you’ve had! Keep enjoying the ride (with the top down, of course!)


Jordan Dane said...

Good morning, Marilyn--And you'd look pretty cool doing the salsa in those red glittery shoes. I love it.

And hey thanks for popping in, Kathy!! And for buying SCREAM. Glad you are enjoying it.

I've been all over town signing stock and enjoying seeing it on shelves. And I've got my first book launch this week here in Okieland with three more in April--NC and two in TX. April is shot--filled with travel and craziness. I've got to get back to writing #5 soon. I hate being away from my characters this long.

Betty S said...

Saw your book at Wal-Mart last night. (2 of those book bin slots-whatever they are called) Each was half empty. My first thought was, "OMG they're going so fast I might not get one!" It took all the self control I had not to buy it immediately, because I want to buy it at the book launch and get you to sign it.

I have rummaged through my closet and tried on more d@*#! shoes. None of them were red and I'm not sure any of them were magical. HOWEVER... I would practically sell my soul for a pair that would tell me what is wrong with my writing so I can fix it. I'm bright enough to know I'm doing something wrong, and dumb enough not to know what it is. I may take my next paycheck and buy out all the red shoes in town and see if I have any luck.

Stealth Blogging from work.

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Betty--I've had the pleasure of reading your wonderful writing and from my own experience, it's not as much about the writing as it is about the plot--at least the perceived plot--and getting the right eyeballs on your work.

Since my book TELL was a golden heart finalist and had it's share of rejections, I can tell ya that it feels great to have it be TOP PICK at RT for May with the advance readers loving the story. DO YOU KNOW HOW GRATIFYING THAT IS??? (calming myself down now) But this tells me that I had to have the right set of eyes looking at it - Lucia Macro at Avon and my brilliant agent Meredith Bernstein.

I was getting those "good" kind of rejections saying that my writing was strong and evocative but it was the story. And in the end, the story worked anyway because I didn't change a thing.

So keep writing and working at pushing the envelope with your abilities. I KNOW you have it in you. When I threw out the perceived rules of writing romantic suspense, that is when I sold.

Sending you all the good wishes I can, Betty. And I hope you find snappy red shoes of your own. You'd wear them in style.

Betty S said...

You are a treasure. I'm beginning to think that maybe friends are better than red shoes! I think the things you said are right. With mom sick, I been so out of contact with everyone lately that it is easy to get discouraged.

Talk a little about the difference between plot and perceived plot.
(if you have time)

Jordan Dane said...

It's my belief that editors only read thru so much of your book before they might say NO. With their hectic schedules and long hours, they see a lot of material. If something strikes them as a reason to say NO, they do. So they PERCEIVE your plot to be a certain way and don't really KNOW it for a fact since they never read your book to begin with. Sometimes in those "good" rejections, you can see it in their remarks that they didn't get beyond a certain chapter before they put it down. On a couple of instances, I think this is what happened to TELL. Maybe if a couple of editors had taken the time to read a little further, they might have made a different decision, but now that is a mute point and I'm glad it is. Having the three books released back to back is a good marketing venture.

You just never know, Betty, so you have to keep trying and hope that the next proposal you send will be the one. And having that agent first was a key move to getting me into a lot of new houses that had never seen my work. Agents are harder to convince, but they are so worth it.

lois greiman said...

Hey Jordan, thanks for riding with us. But you're on quite a ride of your own it looks like. Congratulations!

Jordan Dane said...

Thanks for joining us, Lois!! It feels great to have the wind in my hair today.

Laurie Wood said...

Jordan, I can't wait to read your trilogy. I love connected stories. I especially love the fact that your third one was a GH finalist, and several people had the chance to take it - but you and your writing triumphed in the end! (I've never finaled in the GH, but I can relate to your experience with editors :)

I *love* shoes of all kinds, and ruby red ones would be the best of all. Right now, I'd click them together to heal my shattered shoulder, so I could get back to writing. It's frustrating to have months off work, and not be able to write more than a page at a time! I could use a visit from my Muse, too, if she would only ignore my pain level and give me something new and exciting. :) Thanks for sharing your story; it's the kind of selling story that gives the rest of us hope and heart. Good luck with that April tour!

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Laurie--Sympathies on the hurt shoulder. That would set anyone back being that immobile. Ouch!!

But when I was home for 6 wks on a medical leave for my hysterectomy, I wrote most of SCREAM. The adrenaline rush from writing really got me through the pain and I was off pain meds after that first week. I wrote like a fiend up until the day I had to go back - 2pm to be exact when i wrote THE END.

And when I went back to work, I was still on cloud nine. There was something about SCREAM that made me feel like I'd found the right story line. And after my OK RWA chaptermate Sharon Sala read my full MS, she got me to her agent and jumpstarted the auction that got me sold. More details are on my website under the FOR WRITERS page for my FIRST SALE story, but see if you can focus on your story and at least think through it if you can't write. Get into the characters heads, visualize the story in your mind. Don't let this thing drag you down. Turn it into a positive.

Zig Ziglar said in a speech that I attended that he wrote his non-fiction book doing it a page a day. That is one of the reasons I started writing in the first place. I said, 'Hell, I can do that.'

petite said...

Congratulations on your wonderful series. This new release is awesome. Love reading your blog today as it is fascinating. Ruby Slippers would be wonderful. I would be able to travel to far flung destinations that I have only dreamt of. Best of luck.

anne said...

Welcome Jordan. You certainly are achieving a great success. Your series sounds compelling and unique. Congratulations. If only we all had Ruby slippers to cure all ills, then I would be thrilled. Health is my number one priority in life.

ruth said...

Hi Jordan, Loved reading your story. The connected books interest me greatly. Thanks for this glimpse.
Ruby Slippers are a great boon. Who wouldn't appreciate their beauty and good fortune. I think that they would be a great motivating influence, whether for excercising, or to increase my confidence.

Betina Krahn said...

Welcome Jordan! It's wonderful to have you in the convertible!

And I can't wait to pick up No One Heard Her Scream! Wow, what a title. And a great cover.

As for the Ruby slippers-- I'd have the power to transport anywhere, anytime. Like the movie Jumper. Just too cool. Either that, or the power to heal with a touch. Yeah, that would be real ruby slipper territory for me!

Come back and see us again, so we can rave about your wonderful books!

:) Betina

Jordan Dane said...

Thanks for showing up today you guys. Makes a new author feel downright special.

I firmly believe in visualizing success and who else will believe in you more than yourself. Be your biggest fan. There are too many naysayers and negativity out there.

Natasha72 said...

Jordan -
Sounds like you won't have any trouble rounding up Lion, Scarecrow and Tinman.

If I were to own a pair of magic sparkly red shoes I think I'd make them house cleaning, laundry-doing, grocery shopping shoes. Then I wouldn't need more hours in the day!


diane said...

Congratulations on this wonderful success. Your books sound riveting and the post today was original and amusing. Love your way with words. Very talented and enjoyable. Ruby Slippers would be a great time travel device. Sometimes that appeals to me.

Jordan Dane said...

You are so practical, Tasha, but I like what you said about putting those shoes to work on all those mundane tasks we do everyday.

And thanks for the vote of confidence with Tin Man, Lion, & Scarecrow.

My husband has always thought it would be cool if we had our own sound track for life--you know, a medley of tunes for danger, love, and drama. How cool would that be?

pearl said...

Hi Jordan,
Thanks for this lovely intro into your work and life. Congrats. on the series.Sounds like the ultimate reading. Ruby Slippers would come in handy to create gourmet delights daily.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hi, Jordan! What a whirlwind you're riding--congratulations! "No One Heard Her Scream" is a terrific title. Was it yours? I'll pick it up for the title alone. You're getting published exactly the right way for a trilogy, I think. Especially for suspense. Get 'em hooked and keep 'em hooked.

Anne, my first thought when I read Jordan's ruby slippers question--what power would I want--was healing power. Surprised me. I'd want to be a healer. Who knew?

I wish you great success with all 3 books!

Betty S said...

Oops! Got distracted by work for a few hours.

I get what you mean about the difference between plot and perceived plot. That makes a lot of sense now that you explain it.

GTG. Have to run some errands before heading to Edmond for a book launch this evening.


Jordan Dane said...

Hey Kathleen--Thanks for stopping by and sharing your wish for healing power for those pretty red shoes.

Yes, the title NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM was mine from the start. The other two books had to change to fit the NO ONE series.

The title came from dialogue where my obsessed woman detective discovers the body of a young girl was buried alive in a wall of an old theatre--and she imagines the horrors of how her sister might have died (an open case happening only months earlier). After she loses herself in that moment and mumbles aloud "No one heard her scream", one of her CSI techs replies, "Until now."

I love making the title fit with themes or dialogue, giving the reader an "Ah Ha" moment.

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Betty--What book launch are you going to?

Debra Dixon said...

Welcome, Jordan!

Glad to have you in the convertible and congrats on the debut. :)

Well, because of GMC the red shoes are near and dear to my heart. My superpower would be to add 1 hour to every day and squeeze it in wherever I needed it.

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Deb--I'm a big fan of your GMC book and I have it as recommended reading on one of my articles at my website's FOR WRITERS area--I think my article on Start with a Bang. I also got a chance to attend one of your workshops in Tulsa. I really enjoyed it.

Thanks for stopping by. You made my day!!

flchen1 said...

Wow, Jordan! Congrats on your success! I might have to steal Natasha's sparkly red house-cleaning slippers... Or maybe just gorgeous shoes that somehow give me the organized/uncluttered vision that people with clean, neat houses have... Is that too boring? ;)

Or maybe ones that help me to be incredibly patient and come up with fun, funny ways to do things with my kids throughout the day--in other words, super mom shoes?

Jordan Dane said...

Hey flchen1---I'm not sure I want to be THAT organized--goes against the grain--but it might help for the red shoes to hypnotize other people into thinking I'm thin, gorgeous and incredibly organized for a crazy author who needs therapy. (you can't have everything)

Kelli Stanley said...

JD, if anyone can dodge those monkeys and douse the old witch, it's you!! :) Great post (as usual!)

And you look fabulous in technicolor!! ;)

I don't think I'd wish for anything with my slippers except for more time to do everything I want and need to ... including taking a day and reuniting in Anchorage with some special pals. :)

Go, go, go, chica, straight to the NYT list!



Helen Ginger said...

Congrats on the series, Jordan. Can't wait to read the first. Hey, you said you were coming to Texas -- any chance you'll be in Austin?

Everyone has such good ideas for red shoes -- losing weight (definitely), travel (cool), housecleaning (man, that would be nice). I'd want them all. But I guess since we're talking shoes, I'd want them to make my feet smaller. I swear to you that the older I get the bigger my feet get. I have fabulous suede lace-up boots from my college days and can't get into them! So I'll take red heels that keep all of me small, including my Sasquatch feet.

Jordan Dane said...

Hye Kelli girl--I think it would be a good wish to be back in Anchorage with you and the crew again. I would LOVE that. I was just looking at our pics from that trip on my blog at Myspace.

And there is a fun pic of you and "Speedo" Bill Cameron on my SCREAM readers slide show. Both of you screaming, recreating the "We're only part of the food chain" feeling we had up there. I hope sweet Tana has recovered from that moment. Too funny.

You guys, Kelli Stanley is about to launch her own genre - Roman Noir - and with her voice and exceptional writing, it will be a memorable maiden voyage. I've had the pleasure of hearing her read excerpts and I can't wait to read the book. And you should see the amazing rave blurbs she's been getting from some very big names in the thriller community. Very impressive.

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Helen--I was just down in Austin in Nov 2007. And my appearance page is updated for all my trips, but the closest to Austin so far will be San Antonio for my 2nd book launch. It will be Apr 17th at The Twig bookstore after work 5-7pm. Since the book takes place in San Antonio, my old hometown, it is really doing well down there. I can't wait to see friends and family there.

Jane said...

Hi Jordan,
I've been waiting for "No One Heard Her Scream" to arrive. I'm so glad the books are arriving one after the other. Was this always the plan? Are the books only loosely connected or should they read in sequence?

Jane said...

I forgot to say that if I had magic slippers, my power would be telekinesis. I've always thought it would be cool to move objects with my mind. I also wouldn't mind psychic powers. Of course, I would only use these powers for good, not evil.

Jordan Dane said...

Hey Jane--If you had psychic powers, you might be able to tell us WHAT THE HELL BRITNEY SPEARS IS THINKING? Maybe all there is - is a vast wasteland of nothing but cricket sounds. But I digress...

SCREAM is a standalone but books 2&3 are connected by the main characters with the storyline picking up a few months later. The first of those stories is Raven's story--another woman detective. But book #3 tells that story through the eyes of my hero and the venue is Brazil. And to get the most of these two books, it's best to read them in order, although they both read as standalones in plot. They tie up nicely.

I love anti-heroes and have warm feelings for my crime boss in these two books as well as his woman assassin. The Rhapsody Book Club is featuring my FOREVER book in their June issue and recently asked to interview me on that book. They loved my woman assassin and I couldn't have been more thrilled. Jasmine Lee was a really fun character to discover and write.

Here is a link to an article I did on TELL for RT where I talk about Nicholas Charboneau and his body guard assassin Jasmine Lee. This link gets you beyond RT's membership requirements.


Jordan Dane said...

The two winners for a signed NO ONE HEARD HER SCREAM are:

Drum roll

Laurie Wood
Helen Ginger

Congratulations to you both!! I have emailed you asking for your addresses with an email where you can reach me. And thanks to everyone who came to play today and keep me out of too much trouble.

And thanks to the wonderful ladies of "riding with the top down" and the talented Cindy Gerard who is ON DEADLINE.

Cindy Gerard said...

Hey Jordan
thanks so much for the great visit. Sorry I didn't check in before now. My book is done - but at a price. I've been in bed the past 2 days with a horrible bug. Anyway, Thanks again for being such a great guest and here's wishing you much success on your series!!

Jordan Dane said...

Thanks, Cindy. I knew you were busy with your deadline. But being sick is terrible. I hope you get better soon.

And thanks again for asking me to take a ride in the convertible. I loved it!!!

Rebecca Cantrell said...

Hi Jordan,

Just managed to pop by late. I say hang on to those ruby slippers. As quickly as you're running, you'll need 'em. If I had a pair, I think I'd go for the instant teleportation thing too. Or to be able to do time and space travel while being invisible (I know, that's three!).

I have my own copy of SCREAM, but it's buried under Kelli Stanley's wonderful novel NOX DORMIENDA (my husband would be jealous of Kelli's main character Arcturus. Man that Roman doctor/PI is hot!), and CJ Lyons LIFELINES (speaking of hot doctors...). I can't wait to read my way to it. Then I can say I read one of Jordan Dane's first books...