Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Debra: Idol-ing on Broadway

a_top6_tonight_green I’m playing TV Review Blogger today! As soon as I realized I was blogging on a Wednesday, a day we usually reserve for guests, I knew I had to take on this new snarky career.

First, can someone explain to me why Ryan has pointy hair? He doesn’t have a punk, spiked hair look and yet, his hair forms a point on the top of his head. Someone get him a mirror. I will give him props though because he has an incredibly difficult job. He starts trouble and then has to get the show smoothly out of it.

Second, I’ll confess to liking Broadway Week. Especially with Andrew Lloyd Webber. What a songbook. The man has certainly served it up over the years– Cats, Jesus Christ Superstar, Phantom, Starlight Express, and just keep going. Heck, Phantom has its own permanent theater in Vegas. Who’d have thunk it?

Mentor Grade: A+
Andrew Lloyd Webber is their servant. He’s going to make the words work for them ! How cool is that? The man turned up his sleeves and got to work.

Level of Difficulty: Right Bloody Awful

Great Bit of Snark: Seacrest called out Simon on his Broadway snipes. For years, if a contestant gets too musical theater, Simon says–in a let-me-depress-your-pretension-right-now voice, "That’s a bit Broadway actually."

Today’s redundant question: Why does Ryan have pointy hair ?

Syesha Mercado-
She rocked her look. (I’m channeling Paula. Sorry.) So, cool ‘tude, great figure, very retro for me and much too Broadway. Sorry. Can’t see this as a single on the radio. Great performance, but not American Idol. Not that she cares. Broadway will be calling.

Jason Castro
What’s with the dreads? How do you care for those things? I like this kid even though tonight was sooo not his night. This could have been one of "his" songs. But Randy called it when he labeled the performance a train wreck.

Brook White
Yikes!!! First the mentor says you haven’t got a clue and then you forget the words to the point you have to begin again. My heart goes out to her, but this isn’t the first time Brook has screwed up and started over. We saw it in the auditions, on the big stage and again tonight. Shouldn’t she be past the nerves by this point? Idol is a shake down. It’s a pressure cooker. I was a big fan of hers in the beginning, but I’ve cooled on her. I haven’t seen her become "more," which is what Idol is all about for me. My favorite moment for Brook didn’t come from her song but from Simon’s restraint and the fact he supported her choice to begin again after Paula bitch slapped her for it.

David Archuleta
How embarrassing to be ambushed by giggly school girls? Next, finally! Someone says out loud what we’ve all been thinking– "Dave...dude, open your eyes." Dontcha ever wonder what he’d sound like if he’d ever recovered 100% from that vocal paralysis thing? Interestingly, a quick cut to Andrew Lloyd Webber in the audience didn’t show a happy composer. He looked totally unmoved, still on that wrong foot. THIS JUST IN... Entertainment Weekly's Recap claims that David flubbed his lyrics again. The producers switched to a angle from behind him just as it was happening. That may be why Lord Webber was peeved.

Carly Smithson
Love her; hate the song. I know Webber told her to sing it and she loved singing it but I hated it. I much prefer her clear lovely voice instead of the shrieking stuff. I do love her though and want her to stick around. Her personality lit up that stage tonight.

David Cook
LOVE HIM. He is the perfect example of someone becoming "more" on Idol. He’s remained true to his essence but continually stepped up his game. He’s weathered scandal and put it to rest by showing he can be just as original (and fabulous) as any little known arrangement he might fnd. And he hit the money notes! Love him. Love him. Love him.

Okay, how about you? Have I been too hard? Too easy? Tone-deaf? Is there a reasonable explanation as to why they make Ryan’s head pointy?


Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

Hey Debra:

Whoa. I just watched AI, on Tivo. (Yes, I admit it. Came home from a booksigning and couldn't resist.) And I think you are amazing. I agree with every word. So funny! From the cooling on Brooke to the way-cool David Cook.

Pointy head though..good question. Wish I knew.

We'll definitely have to chat...

Debra Dixon said...

Hank-- Yes! Someone agrees with me. I may have a future in this TV Watch thing. (g)

I adore watching people develop and earn their chances at life. Some might argue that these folks have fallen into opportunity but they didn't. They stood in line for days, sank their hearts out again and again. And before that they worked in smoke-filled bars and got doors slammed in their faces. Plus they get critiqued on national television.

At least writers can read their rejection letters in the privacy and comfort of their favorite arm chair.

Cindy Gerard said...

Have to agree all around, Deb. You nailed it on all counts. What i really love about David Cook is that in the beginning Simon told him that he thought he'd never go anywhere - he was just another front man for a bar band and without his guitar he'd be boring. WRONG!! This guy rocks. He's destined to be another Dautry.

Debra Dixon said...

Cindy-- David Cook is destined to be another Daughtry. He's so solid and I had forgotten that Simon told him he wouldn't be interesting without the guitar.

So...ha! Take that Simon!

And I actually usually agree with Simon but I never did agree on David C. There was always something about him that made me watch him intently because there were layers and interesting emotions you just didn't want to miss.

Betina Krahn said...

Okay, I 'm not a big AI fan, but I did catch it last night. And the big winner was David Cook-- WOW-- he did indeed hit the money notes! And what a song to give a newbie-- the Phantom's set piece! I was totally blown away by his performance.

The guy with the dreds--Castro-- ewwwww.
Syesha has real possibilities; a strong voice and a pleasant personality.
Brook is a meltdown waiting to happen. She goes "soft" way too often and curls inward, hiding within her hair.
And Archuleta--sigh-- has some pipes, but he's such a kid that I can't take him seriously. Maybe it's his teeth. I'm a real "teeth" person and his look like a third grader's.
Carly-- yeah, Deb, the wrong song. But she worked it and I give her kudos for stage presence and moxy. She's probably the biggest personality in the group and I could see her doing a Chris Daughtry and having a career in spite of whoever wins AI. I get the feeling she hasn't settled into who she is yet. . . the music and her personality haven't come together yet.
David Cook. . . the "Dark" song cemented him forever in my mind. He's quite a singer and good enough looking to be star quality. Except-- did anybody notice that his mellon is TWICE the size of Ryan Seacrest's? Cook has got a really BIG head! I mean, physically-- a big head. Once I noticed it, I couldn't look at anything else!

Okay, I'm picky-- but my money is on Cook, unless he blows it or Carly steps up with something that showcases her unique talent and brings her into the fore. Archuleta still has a chance, but there's something so baby-faced about him-- we'll have to see.

Sheesh-- all this from somebody who isn't even and Idol fan!

Virginia Lady said...

Wow! You nailed all of them exactly! I agree 110%. My money's on David Cook for the final. He's the only one who has made song after song his own.

Something about Jason strikes me as way too mellow and folksy to win Idol.

Archuleta annoys me. I hadn't really realized why until ALW told him to open his eyes. I think that may be it, though, Betina has a point about his teeth, so maybe that's it. He strikes me as a lounge singer.

Debra Dixon said...

Betina-- Your commentary is fabulous. I can't believe I missed the size of David Cook's head. LOL!

Ryan Seacrest is a tiny guy though.

Re: David Cook
Haunting, memorable
That's why he's it for me, hands down. He's been piling on the performances left and right.

Debra Dixon said...

Virginia Lady--

ROFL! David Archuleta as a little lounge singer. Purrrfect! LOL!

Playground Monitor said...

Yo dawg! You got it right. At the beginning I did not like David Cook at all, but he's won me over through the weeks. And last night he was ahhh--mazing.

I agree that Brooke is a meltdown waiting to happen and I'm afraid we'll be saying goodbye to either her or Jason Castro tonight. I like Jason. He has these amazing eyes and when he's singing the right songs, he's wonderful (Fragile, Hallellujah, Over the Rainbow). But Broadway was too big for him -- especially Andrew Lloyd Webber's Broadway.

I like Syesha too. I think she has a beautiful voice and just hasn't hit her stride on Idol yet. Perhaps her destiny IS Broadway because she sure performed well last night.

Carly -- she seems to run hot and cold and still hasn't sung her breakout song on the show yet. At least last night I wasn't distracted by the tattoos. I know -- snarky.

Not only does David A close his eyes but he licks his lips while he sings. He's been performing for ages (he won Arsenio Hall's Star Search) and I have to wonder if his vocal paralysis comes from too much intensive singing at such an early age. I'd have put my money on him at the beginning, but I think David C has overshadowed him. Of course, legions of teenage girls can do a lot of voting (as can rabid Alabamians who pushed Taylor Hicks to victory - and I can say that cause I'm from Alabama ::g:: ).


Playground Monitor said...

Oh... forgot! Why do they make Ryan's head pointy? Maybe the same reason they give Simon that parted-down-the-middle flat top?


Are you going to critique "Dancing with the Stars" next week? I'm hooked on that too.

Debra Dixon said...


Join the Snark Patrol ! I do think someone has cautioned Carly to cover those tatoos.

It shouldn't matter but it will put off a certain number of voters. And they need to stop showing her husband in the audience. It's great she's not ashamed of him, but bring the tatooed wonder boy out AFTER she wins.

Well, Cook should win if there is any justice, but he might prefer going out before the final two so that he can cut his own record deal and not be bound by Idol.

Although after Daughtry, they probably amended their deals through the top 4.

Playground Monitor said...

My husband just cringes every time he sees Carly's husband. And the DH has a tattoo of his own. But it's just a tribal band around his left bicep, not his whole body and face.

I bet Idol did amend its contract after Daughtry. How far did Kellie Pickler go? She's hot right now on the country scene and I heard a song by Phil Stacey on the country station a few days ago. Many of the "losers" are fairing far better than the winners with Carrie Underwood being the exception. Speaking of Carrie, I seem to remember she got skewered by Simon on Broadway week. Taylor Hicks bought out his contract so he could continue his "Soul Patrol" ways. #1 son went to college with him and remembers him from the club scene in town.


Christie Ridgway said...

Good critique, Deb. First, I think they give Ryan the pointy head to make him look taller.

Syesha...I like her, but I'm cooling. Her smile is so cute, though!

Still love Jason. I voted for him.


Carly...I know, I cringe when I see her husband too, who actually looks very cute under all that ink. I liked her performance.

David A...he kind of creeps me out. There, I said it. Son 2 thinks he's great. He voted for him last night.

David C...Awesome! I voted for him, too.

Debra Dixon said...


Gawd! You may be right. They may be doing that to make him appear taller. To me he's looked shorter this season than most.

Re: Little David
Felt good to just get that out there in the open, huh? LOL!

Michele Hauf said...

I got nothing. Never watched the show, probably never will.

But I do reserve space Monday and Tuesday nights on the couch for Dancing With The Stars. Go, Tony! (That's Marissa's dance partner. Since the nummy Max isn't on the show this year, I've had to find a new set of abs to cheer for.) :-)


Debra Dixon said...

Michele-- You have to blog about Dancing if you have a Tuesday blog coming up! I'd love to hear what you have to say.

Love DWTS.

Liza said...

I'm with Christie that they give Ryan pointy hair to make him look taller. Most of the contestants are like a head taller than him.

I haven't watched AI very much this year, but I really like what I've seen of David Cook.

Anonymous said...


"David's segment started off with a Coke "Real" moment that was real, all right. Real creepy. Seacrest beckoned a bunch of "sisters" to come up and hug David, and the result was half "Tiger Beat," half polygamist fantasy. Given that Archuleta — whose father recently denied rumors that he's a "stage dad" — is from Utah (a.k.a. MormonLand), and the tween girls were dressed like they had just walked off the compound set of "Big Love," I can't imagine the LDS church being too happy about Seacrest inadvertently reminding America of all the recent headlines involving those fundamentalist sects."

Also, apparently Brooke wasn't the only one who flubbed lyrics. So did David A and Carly according to the article.

Playground Monitor said...

Maks. Yum. 'Nuff said. ;-)


Debra Dixon said...

Liza-- We're right there with you on David Cook!

Debra Dixon said...


That whole girls squeezing David A was creepy!

Virginia said...

I not sure I want to watch Idol again. This show is not a singing computition. Its all about popularity. I just finished watching the results show. I think it SUCKS!

Debra Dixon said...

Virginia-- I HATE that Carly left. It does suck swamp water.

Brooke should have gone.

photoquest said...

This is my first time on your sight and loved it when i saw this blog. I'm a huge David Cook fan he has got to be one of the sexiest people when he sings! I got sick of Brook the more i saw of her personality! she stopped and started over 2 different times she must have altimerz. I can't believe Carly left and Brook stayed. I'll have to check out your site more often Jane Porter had you listed on her site and said to check out your blog.

photoquest said...

Sorry My badd, I was on Susan Kay Law's site and saw about the blog but was on Jane's then Susan, just wanted to make it right.

Debra Dixon said...

Photoquest-- We don't care how you got here! We're just happy to see you. :)

Come hang out anytime.