Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Christie Writes: P.S. I Cried A LOT!

Movie Review: P.S. I Love You


2 stars (out of 5) for story

5 stars (out of 5) for the guy-candy

Cast: Gerard Butler, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Harry Connick Jr., Hilary Swank, Lisa Kudrow

This movie is based on the book by the same name (written by the daughter of Ireland’s prime minister, Cecilia Ahern), and Hollywood has twisted the author’s premise by setting the story in NYC and making the heroine American and only the hero Irish. It’s no spoiler to tell you that her husband, Gerry, dies young and this movie is about Holly learning to live again with the help of her friends, family, and a year of Gerry’s letters that he left for her to open—all ending with (duh) “P.S. I love you.”

If you’ve seen the trailer, you’ve seen the funniest bits of the movie. All the characters are likeable, the situation is certainly compelling, but man, is it a downer. It’s really hard to pull the feel-good out of the first twelve months of a young widow’s life. The best parts were the flashbacks of Gerry and Holly as they met and lived and the other times when he “appears” to be around her after his death. He’s funny, has cool jewelry (I love that Holly is wearing all his bracelets after he’s gone), and truly is the life of the film…despite the fact that he’s dead. See, there’s the whole problem.

I read somewhere else that a viewer was bothered by the fact that Gerry was trying to “control” Holly with those letters after his death. I didn’t feel that at all. What seemed to me was that Gerry really knew Holly and knew what he could say to push her through the grieving process. It was just so damn sad!

But there is that guy candy…luscious, wonderful guy candy. Gerard Butler is manly and rockstar-ish (he’s singing again!) and I always like Harry Connick Jr., darling guy next door (oddly enough, he doesn’t sing) that he is. Finally, there is Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Where has he been all my life? Yeah, yeah, yeah. I’m not a Grey’s Anatomy fan so I didn’t know he was Denny, but even I had heard of that storyline. This is a guy who has it all. Big screen charisma, and in this movie, an Irish accent. Before the movie started, they showed a trailer for another, Accidental Husband, starring him, and believe me, I have it penciled into my calendar already.

But can I recommend on guy candy alone? No. You want to look at these pretty guys? Two words: Google Images. Because this soft-hearted romantic wasn’t bolstered up enough by their beauty to make it cheerfully through an almost two-hour sobfest.

Anyone else come home with a wet hanky? Or tell me what you’ve seen Jeffrey Dean Morgan in, because I think I’m his number 1 fan.


Helen Brenna said...

I had a feeling this story would be exactly as you described it, Christie. I'm thinking I'll be waiting for the video.

I'm not a Grey's fan either, so I've never hear of Jeffrey, but that pic got my attention. He's yummy!

Christie Ridgway said...

Helen: He's very very cute, particularly with the yummy Irish accent. Oh, and he sings in it too!

Michele Hauf said...

JDM did a stint on the TV show, SUPERNATURAL, playing Sam and Dean Winchester's father, who is a demon hunter. He's dead now (he seems to die on tv shows a lot), but if you can catch any season 1 or 2 re-runs, you might get a glimpse of him.

I was on the fence about this movie, but now I'm thinking it's a wait for the video thing. I like to gave upon Gerard, but not if he doesn't get enough screen time.

Betina Krahn said...

My sig-other has been mentioning this film every other day or so-- I think he thinks I need some inspiration in the romance department. But now that I know what it's about. . . I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD and I'm feeling a little maschochistic to rent it. Right now I need all of "up" vibes I can get.

Meanwhile, I just saw "Juno" last night and was delighted with it. Some really funny moments, GREAT dialogue, and a whole clutch of characters that were real and sympathetic and produced a story I really cared about.

A preggers 16 year old is not my favorite heroine, but in this story it worked magic on me. the character is fabulous-- if snarky. And this is one movie where the dad and step-mom actually were supportive and sane and sensible and were portrayed in an adult and competent light. And Jennifer Garner. . . there was one scene where my heart nearly broke for her. She's one helluv an actress! Even the geeky 17 yr old father (Pauley Bleeker!!) becomes unstereotyped and very human and lovable. The whole movie was a revelation. REALLY GOOD moviemaking.

And thanks, Christie, for that fabulous picture of Jeffrey Dean Morgan. Wow. I have been a major fan since his "Grey's" days. I'll have to rent this movie just to see him. And with an Irish accent. . . I'll be so gone.

Christie Ridgway said...

Michele: Gerard's in the movie a lot for a dead guy! So if just looking at him is what you're after...

I did also enjoy the part where they showed Gerry and Holly meeting in Ireland. Very cute, but so poignant since we know the guy is already dead.

Christie Ridgway said...

Betina! Glad to hear you enjoyed Juno. That's also on my list, but I wasn't sure how I'd feel about a 16 yr old pregnant. Not to poke my head in the sand, but I didn't think I'd find it "entertaining."

Now I'm going to give it a try! Surfer Guy doesn't go back to work until next week and even though I'm under deadline I'm trying to do stuff with him, too.

lois greiman said...

I generally hate sad movies, but I have to say, I kind of liked this one, although yes, I cried too. Still, I thought it was moving and poignant and quite lovely. Hmmmm, maybe I'm getting sappy

Kathleen Eagle said...

Thanks, Christie. You decided me. This one's a rental.

I haven't been able to get Clyde to go along with "Juno" for our weekly (almost) movie date, and my next mother-daughter choice has to be "Sweeney Todd." But I know I'm going to like that one.

Has anyone seen "Atonement"? A rare period piece, and with all the GG nominations, I was looking forward to seeing it at my neighborhood theater. They had the poster in the lobby, so I asked, and they said it didn't look like they were getting it after all. It's playing in 2 places here, neither close by. What gives?

Christie Ridgway said...

I can't figure out why Atonement disappeared so quickly either. I can still see it here in SoCal, but I have to go a bit farther afield.

Does it have a sad ending? They've likened it to Titanic, and after seeing P.S. I Love You and then Sweeney Todd (I also found it another downer, and not because of the blood), we're in the mood for something happier.

Kaitlin said...

Ah, see, I can't see this movie. I saw my Gerard dancing around in boxers & a pair of suspenders and I just about gagged. Take my masculine man & make him look like a dork. Yuck! :P

Not only that, but he's Scottish. Not the same accent at all. *sigh* Sorry, done ranting. HA! :D

I haven't seen Atonement anywhere around here. I heard from some people who saw it that it wasn't very good. Not like North & South or Pride and Prejudice. Aw well.

Hope everyone had a great New Years. Mine was boring...just the way I like it. :D

MaryF said...

I LOVED this movie. I've seen it three times!!! I didn't think it was a downer at all - I felt it was very hopeful.

And Jeffrey Dean was my main motivation for seeing it again and again and again....

He was in a couple of episodes of the first season of Weeds, in a small movie called Jam, which wasn't too bad, a terrible movie called Six....Denny is his best role until William. And he's going to be in The Watchmen, which is filming now.