Saturday, December 29, 2007

A Bloody Good Time (with Music)

Despite its appearance, today's blog is not merely a means to post pictures of Johnny Depp. This is a movie review (with lots 'o Johnny pics).I saw SWEENEY TODD: THE DEMON BARBER OF FLEET STREET on Christmas Day. Yeah, I know, strange movie choice for that day. But after a very lackluster screening of I AM LEGEND, I had high hopes for entertainment. And this movie delivered.

Warning: It is a musical, and many songs are sung. I warned The Hubby about this copiously before entering the theatre, but he still walked out shaking his head over the amount of musical numbers. Whatever. Johnny can sing. Probably not great, but it was good enough for me. Helena Bonham Carter, on the other hand, cannot sing as well, and she does have a tendency to grate on my nerves, so I could have done with a few less numbers warbled by her.

But dang, Johnny looks good in his ghoul makeup.
Tim Burton and Johnny Depp are a match made in, well, not exactly heaven, probably some lower, much darker depths. They first joined forces in EDWARD SCISSORHANDS, got back together for SLEEPY HOLLOW, and CORPSE BRIDE, and now this wonderfully bloody musical that features a barber on a vengeance streak that will not be stopped no matter who falls at his smartly-wielded blade. I love it when Todd sings a love song to his blade and pronounces it 'a part of his arm; and now he is complete'.

Sascha Baron Cohen has a surprisingly comical role in what is otherwise a dark, brooding story. I didn't see BORAT, so I can't say whether this is a typical performance of his, but it was just fine. Though that tight indigo suit he wears was a bit distracting. (He packs to the right, if anyone wonders. But you don't have to wonder; it's in your face right there on the big screen.)
The kid was awesome, I don't know who we was, but if that was his singing voice, then bravo. And Alan Rickman plays the greasy, slimeball of a ward perfectly. The young man who falls in love with Todd's daughter is another pretty face, (but he couldn't compete with Johnny) and I hope to see more of him in future movies.Was there blood? Oh heck yeah. Lots. Buckets. Waves. But I didn't look. (I'm not stupid.) When I saw Johnny moving in for the slice, I looked away. The most disturbing parts were actually when the bodies were dumped from the hinged chair, through a hole in the floor, to land, skull-crackingly-first, on the stone floor below. Ouch!

Anyway, if you're looking for a bloody good time at the movies with music and romance and murder, then this is the movie for you. Or maybe you're just a Johnny fan, like me, and want to pay homage to one of the finer actors on the big screen. He only gets better with age, I feel. Better looking, and more interesting to watch on screen.
What's up next for my guy? Barnabas Collins, the vampire, in a DARK SHADOWS remake. I can't wait!

[Sorry to freak you out with the red background color. It seemed appropriate for today's post.]


Kathleen Eagle said...

Thanks, Michele! I never miss a Johnny Depp film, but I'm pretty sure this one wouldn't appeal to DH. I'm thinking mother-daughter.

We saw "No Country For Old Men" (as violent as they come, but true to the Cormac McCarthy theme with good performances) and "Charlie Wilson's War," which is very well-written, good cast, fascinating story.

Anonymous said...

Great review. DH and I will put this at the top of out list. I loved Depp in CHOCOLATE.

We took the kids to see GOLDEN COMPASS today. WOW. Great special effects. Excellent cast. The story was interesting.

I'm reading the book. I know better than to read the book before the movie comes out, because I spend the entire movie thinking, "This is NOT how it was in the book." :-)

Betina Krahn said...

Michele, I saw "Sweeney" a day or two before Christmas. . . and REALLY liked it. In spite of all the arterial spray.

Depp has a surprisingly good voice that they could have showcased a bit more. Carter less so. . . and because of the accent they tended to swallow their words(lyrics) too much. I, too, loved the kid and was a little shocked at how the sweet kid looked in the ending scenes. Much changed! And for good reason!

Anyway, a GREAT performance all around. Loved Cohen in the nasty but buffoonish "Pirelli" role. . . righthand "pack" and all. And can anybody do "sniveling rat" like Timothy Spall? And Alan Rickman. . . a surprisingly vile and slimy judge who really deserved "the slice."

I may have to see it again just to catch all the asides I sensed but didn't quite catch. But I think I'll wait until it comes out on DVD. It's not for the faint of heart.

Interestingly, the first strains Johnny sings-- "There was a barber had a wife. . . and she was beautifuuulllll"-- ran around in my head for two days. Even had me singing it again and again. Haven't had that happen to me in quite a while!

Michele Hauf said...

Ah, Timothy Spall, that was the name of Rickman's cohort. He is a good rat. He played much the same role in Enchanted.

I was singing "Joanna" after the flick! Love that one. Might have to find it at iTunes.

Went and saw Alvin and the Chipmunks last night. So cute! If you remember the christmas song they did, like I do, you'll just get a big ole grin on your face when they sing that. The movie was a little long, but overall, too cute to miss.

Dara Edmondson said...

I don't usually do movies with so much blood, but I LOVED this one. Of course, Johnny's presence didn't hurt. My DH also has that aversion to musicals but really enjoyed it.
Dark Shadows??? Can't wait!

Betina Krahn said...

Is it just me, or does Johnny Depp just get better looking as he ages?

Debra Dixon said...

Checking in late but I just can't wait for Depp to take on Barnabas Collins. That is going to be excellent!

MsHellion said...

I saw it Christmas Eve. I love Johnny Depp flicks, but I was a bit overwhelmed by all the blood. *LOL* I was sorta shell-shocked afterwards--but I agree with everything you said. Johnny could sing; Helena less so; the kid awesome; Sasha funny...Alan Rickman, well, I thought he was still rather hot for the villain, but I always do.

Johnny Depp does get better looking as he ages...and he looks HOT in this film. That song where he's singing to his blades and is excited to have them back--that's one of my favorite parts of the film.

Helen Brenna said...

Can't wait to see this! Thanks, Michele!

Yes, Betina, Johnny is aging well. I read somewhere that he's in the top 10 actor/actresses from a fan relations standpoint. Apparently, he visits with people as he signs autographs. Cool.

Playground Monitor said...

As much as I enjoy a good movie, I think I'll avoid this one because of the blood.

Isn't there a song called "Not While I'm Around" that's from Sweeney Todd? I love the song -- it's almost like a lullaby. Who sings it in the show and how does this sweet song fit in with all that blood and gore?


Michele Hauf said...

mshellion - both me and you, swooning over a man signing a love song to his blades. What a couple of freaks. :-)

Marilyn, not sure about that song. Is it the one the boy sings to Miss Lovett about protecting her? If so, he's promising to protect her from something evil (he suspects Todd) and well, it does work well in the story. If that's the song...

Playground Monitor said...

I looked up a synopsis of the show and you're right about Tobias and Miss Lovett.

Has anybody seen the movie "Jersey Girl" with Ben Affleck where his little daughter is enamoured with Sweeney Todd and they recreate a scene for the school talent show?


Michele Hauf said...

I forgot about Ed Wood! Another Burton/Depp collaboration. Still haven't seen that movie. I so need to rent it.

I think the only Depp movies I haven't seen are Ed Wood, Blow, and the Hunter Thompson one (don't remember title).

For diehard fans, have you seen The Man Who Cried (with Christiana Ricci), or Dead Man or Before Night Falls (Johnny in drag)?

I think my favorites are Don Juan DeMarco and Chocolat.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Johnny Depp fans, have you seen "Dead Man"? It's a Western, surrealist style. Little known, weel worth seeing. He does so many interesting movies--really an actor's actor, I think. Speaking of which, his interview on "Inside the Actor's Studio" is not to be missed. You can rent it from Blockbuster online. "Ed Wood"! Wasn't that incredible?

It's not just you, Betina. Johnny gets better looking every year. (But so do you!)