Monday, October 01, 2007

Even Writers Get the Blues

Greiman here.

Okay, so things haven’t been going so great recently. Generally speaking I’ve screwed up everything I can screw up in the past week. So I thought, hey, I’d better check my schedule to see what I’ve neglected/forgotten/botched today. And lo and behold, looks like I’ve forgotten that it’s my day to blog.

My next thought was, you know, people don’t want to hear from me right now, cuz I’m in one mother of a mood. But I agreed to blog on October 1st (today, for those of you who are as out of it as I) and I am true to my obligations, so now you are obliged to listen to me moan.

Where to start--ummm--okay, that’s what makes me nuts. In actuality, things aren’t so bad. My family is healthy, I am, for the moment, employed, and we have food on the table.
Granted, a recent review sucked the big one, I’m still mourning my daughter’s exodus to college, and I’m getting behind on a deadline, but what it boils down to is that I’m just ‘off’. I’ve got the blues. I’m melancholy, down in the mouth, down in the dumps. Just plain down. And I’m ashamed of it. Cuz I feel like I should be happy all the time, singing like a little Snow White as I laboriously scrub the flagstones. But there ain’t a lot of singin’ going on at the ol’ Greiman estate. Mostly if someone opens his mouth, I glare him into oblivion. A bit more reminiscent of Grumpy than the pigment challenged little princess, perhaps.

So anyway, I thought I’d look for advice from people I haven’t yet cowed into silence: What are your tricks for getting out of the doldrums? Do you just hunker down and charge through it or is there a better way? Time with friends? Copious amounts of alcohol? A one way ticket to the Bahamas? Speak now or forever let my family suffer.


Candace said...

It's time for a comfort read, Lois. Scan your keeper shelf (I know you have at least one, 'cause you're a writer. We all have keeper shelves.) Grab that book that always makes you laugh out loud or, at least, chuckle. Or the one that restores your faith in the human race.

Then curl up someplace quiet and read until you feel better.

That's my surefire cure for the blues.

lois greiman said...

Thanks Candace.

Hey all, what do you read when you need a pickup?

Playground Monitor said...

Yeah, a good comfort read -- something that's pure romance with no suspense.

I also love to be around friends when I'm down (unless they're down too cause then we just have a pity party). Girl time can snap me out of the doldrums quicker than chocolate.

And then there's chocolate. :grin:

It must be different to send a daughter off to college. I was just so glad not to have to pick up my sons' dirty socks and underwear anymore.


lois greiman said...


Maybe I'm too attached, but my daughter's my best friend. I'm not sure they make enough chocolate for sending your best friend off into her new life. :)

Helen Brenna said...

For me, reading reminds me of work, so it doesn't cut it.

Sometimes, I think I burn out taking care of everyone else. Indulge yourself for a change. Forget about what everyone else wants or needs, ask yourself, "What do I want to do for myself today?"

Get a massage.
Go to a movie, alone even 'cause then you don't have to worry about coordinating a time or going to a movie someone else wants to see.
Have lunch with a friend.
Go for a run.
Treat yourself to a facial, manicure, pedicure.

If you can't think of anything just you, there's alway chocolate or alcohol, or both!!

Sometimes, it's hormones and I hunker down and tell myself it'll pass. Sometimes, I have to, believe it or not, give myself permission to be happy.

MsHellion said...

Reese's Peanut Butter Cups, miniatures.

The book is less of a calorie hazard though.

Best thing, visiting a friend--usually over a cup of latte and browsing the newest books at Barnes & Noble--and laughing. Laughter with friends is the best. And no calories.

Betina Krahn said...

Lois, I'm right there with you, girl. I have days where I can't remember which leg to put into my panties. And don't bloody care!

On those days, I reach into my bag of tricks. I make lists of everything I have to be grateful for and I carry them around all day, adding things whenever they occur to me. I go for a long walk in whatever weather is out there (leaving the headphones at home;I need to near nature). I go for fur therapy with the nearest dog or puppy, go for some fudge therapy at the nearest Haagen Daz, go for some cinematic therapy at the local theater. When I'm down, I usually want to get out of the house and see or do something new.

Sometimes I read or watch a video that I know has a high laugh quotient. [I try to avoid the old books I've written. I like visiting my old characters, but I always find things I wish I'd done differently.]

When all else fails, I turn to the bathtub full of bubbles and request that the pool boy rub my bunions-- er-- my back. In fact, I request a fully body massage and try to fall asleep in the process.

Michele Hauf said...

Hmm, so me calling you today to give you someone else's good news probably didn't go over all too well, eh? :-)

Chocolate is my number one cure. But a good walk in some brisk fall weather works too. Comfort movies, like Practical Magic and City of Angels (always makes me cry; but a good cry) are great too.

lois greiman said...

Looks like chocolate is the number one cure. Not too surprising. You're obviously an intelligent bunch of women.

Exercise is a good idea too. I think I'll consider that while I'm eating chocolate. :)

Thanks all. It's good to spend time with my internet family.

Dara Edmondson said...

For me a day of shopping and a pedicure cures most anything. I don;t have to buy much, just a couple things I really like and have my tootsies painted fire engine red!

C.L. Wilson said...

Hi Lois,
I just read an article on Being Grateful. Apparently, people who find things to be thankful for are happier, physically healthier, and all around more at peace...

I've been stressed out and depressed quite a bit lately, but this past weekend, I partied with friends and today I'm going to try the grateful approach and see where happy thoughts lead me. Hopefully to my happy place :)

MaryF said...

Honey, I'm right there with you. I'm giving myself something to look forward to, a day of hookey where I don't worry about anyone but ME.

Virginia Lady said...

I think the grateful thing is the trick. Everything else doesn't really snap me out of it. If I shift my thinking to appreciate what I have and what I can still do, it helps immensely. But I have noticed that actual exercise has an amazingly positive effect on my mood.

Thanks for the post. You've encouraged me to shift my negative thoughts from all the bad things that have been happening lately and to get out and get some exercise too.