Thursday, August 09, 2007

Girl's choice: Who's your freebie?

I'm talking sex today. Or what it is we secretly crave. We need a good girlie chat with giggles and averted glances from one to the other. So pull up a chair and let's whisper...

I just finished watching Unfaithful, starring Diane Lane. I'm starting a new book, and I have a vision of Lane in my head as the heroine, so I wanted to watch something she had been in. I saw this movie years ago, and decided it had one of the most awesome sex scenes I'd seen in a while. Sure, the wife was cheating on her husband. But that first encounter, paralleled by Diane sitting on the train remembering everything she had just done with the sexy young man, was delicious to watch.

But it was a cautionary tale, both to husbands and wives. Girls, be faithful, or you might lose all trust from your husband. Guys, don't be going around bonking your wife's lover on the head with a crystal ball! It can only end badly, I tell you.

But back to the sex. See, the movie got me thinking. Do you have a freebie? You know, that one person, who, if they come knocking on your door, or run into you in an abandoned train station, you're allowed to have sex with them, despite the wedding ring on your finger or the fact you're committed to someone else? It would not be considered an affair. It's a freebie, no strings attached, you walk away from the encounter completely sin-free.

Now, your freebie can't be that cute guy down the block or an old boyfriend from college. In order for the concept of the freebie to work, that person is usually a celebrity. Someone out of your reach. Someone who frequents your fantasies (and they are only fantasies, girls, if they don't come true). Someone unattainable.

And yet...well, you just never know.

I know, I'm asking you to confess your freebie. But be bold! Let's have some fun. We all know we love to gaze upon a handsome man, we like to go to movies and enjoy watching them stride across the screen. We all have aspirations for our freebies. And aren't they safer than an actual affair?

My husband and I have discussed this. And yes, I think the whole idea of it is that you do discuss it with your significant other. You let them into that hidden side of you. That's the fun part. And no, you're not allowed to get upset over your partner's choice of freebie. Anyway, mine used to be Michael Wincott. And he still maintains freebie status, though I've added a few more to my list. The deal is, that if Mr. Wincott shows up on our doorstep and begs for me, I'm gone. (Not forever, just long enough to well, you know.) Sorry, that's just the way it works. You may look at him and wonder, what the heck? But he's mine, and I have my reasons, girls. The hubby has already been warned. He's cool with it.

So, I know 'the freebie' is singular, and doesn't imply 'more than one', but cut me some slack. I've added a few other choice selections (all husband approved): Christian Bale, Jonathon Rhys Meyers, David Belle. (No, Johnny didn't make the freebie list; he's on an entirely different list, and no, I'm not going to explain that one.) :-)

But a girl can't put too many guys on her list. The less the better. And who wants to have to fight them all off when they show up with roses and champagne, eager to seduce me? (Okay, so that part could be lots of fun, but no, I shall restrain myself from encouraging such a scenario.)

So let's talk freebies. Toss out the name of yours. I promise I won't tell.


Debra Dixon said...

Michele-- I thought I was blogging today so I was thrilled when I logged on last night and saw you were already on the ball! I'll have to go check my calendar when I'm in my office tomorrow.

Now, on to your ever so interesting subject. We have what's called "The List." Has to be celebrities or famous people. Only three entries on my list. Three on his. The celebrity must be declared or "You've been bad." You can adjust your list as often as you want.

My list changes every three seconds. (g) Currently I've got: Gerard Butler, Richard Hatch (not the survivor guy but a crush from the original Battlestar Gallactica days) and Patrick Dempsey.

Keri Ford said...


Matt Damon (when’s he’s playing the ‘Bourne’ movies, not the clueless dork from the ‘Ocean’ movies)

Jason Statham (AKA ‘Handsome Rob’ from The Italian Job) *shiver*

Betina Krahn said...

Okay, I guess I'll have to institute this with the hubby-to-be. I never considered it. What's wrong with THAT picture?

Hmmm. . . probably Gerard Butler. . . either in "300" battle gear or "Phantom" white tie and mask. I'm also a fan of Jason Statham and Matthew McConaghey. But Gerard is clearly NUMBER ONE.

Samantha Hunter said...

Michael T Weiss. ;) See his pic on my guest blog from yesterday, but... oh yeah. Dh and I joke around about who's on his list or my list (I often manage his list, making suggestions or removing women I don't think are worthy, LOL), but for me, MTW is probably the only one I'd "freebie." ;)


Michele Hauf said...

Deb, you're on the calender for tomorrow!

So good to hear there are Statham fans here. Bet he'd be interested to know how many 'lists' he's on.

Samantha, is that legal, you adjusting your hubby's list? :-)

Debra Dixon said...

Yes, Stratham is excellent. Also I'm bumping Richard Hatch for Daniel Craig. I'm telling you, it's moment to moment with me.

flip said...

No one gets a freebie in my marriage. My husband is obliged to turn down Michelle Pfeifer and Angeline Jole whenever they come begging for sex. OTOH, he is allowed to crush on these women. I have my own crushes. It used to Hugh Laurie (pre-House). Now it is Dan Hampton of the Chicago Bears.

Helen Brenna said...

George Clooney, Christian Bale and Gerard Butler, in any context or costume, not necessarily in that order, nor for that matter one at a time ;) LOL

I'm with Deb, though, changes minute to minute.

Ktzmom said...

My "freebie" changes from time to time, but my constants are as follows: Shawn Marion (Phoenix Suns), Terrance Howard, and Ben Affleck. *sigh*

My husband has chosen the standard (IMO) male choices: Shania Twain, Angelia Jolie and Jennifer Aniston.

Good question.

Samantha Hunter said...

Michele, LOL, what can I say, it's how it is. ;) Actually, the only one I've every struck from his list was Gweneth Paltrow -- gag me -- how he could want that pasty waif on his list I don't know, but I found him some suitable replacements. ;)

The rest of my list shifts slightly now and then, but has generally consisted of "the two Hughs" (Jackman and Grant -- Jackman is a regular, Grant falls out of favor now and then), Naveen Andrews (Sayid on LOST), and Pierce Brosnan. But while I like those guys, MTW would really be my "freebie" choice. ;)


flip said...

Straham is gorgeous. I have crushed on him.

Anonymous said...

My list includes Patrick Dempsey, Matthew McConaghey, and George Clooney. I do change a couple out every so often, but this is my list today.


Anonymous said...

I forgot Jon Bon Jovi...I guess I'll take George off the list to add Jon. I've loved him since his very first album came out.


Playground Monitor said...

Hugh Jackman, baby.

Did anyone watch The Starter Wife on TV? The guy who played Sam the Homeless Beach Guy was pretty cute. Not freebie cute, but cute.

The freebie is Hugh. It had to be Hugh. ;-)


Christie Ridgway said...

Oh, yeah, Liza. Jon Bon Jovi. I have the hugest crush on him and the song, "Memory" from the new CD. It's a great story and I can see us lusting over each other and old times...

Rob Lowe. I've loved him since I was a kid.

But I don't think I want to know my dh's freebies!

Anonymous said...

rob lowe is hot

Debra Dixon said...


**Not freebie cute, but cute.**

LOL! I'm using "freebie cute" from now on. It's in the lexicon.

Michele Hauf said...

Ah, Jon Bon Jovi. And that makes me think of another great 80's classic: Joe Elliott, frontman for Def Leppard (gearing up to see that concert in a month; whoo!).

I think Joe was my freebie before I even knew what a freebie was, or had a boyfriend that it would have mattered. :-)


Playground Monitor said...

Wow! I made Deb's lexicon.

Do y'all have a lexicon posted somewhere? Michelle Buonfiglio has one on her blog and it's fun to come up with new entries. ;-)


Michele Hauf said...

Hmm, I think we should start a lexicon. We've got The Harvey, which is a wallbanger book.

What others, ladies?

Kathleen Eagle said...

I've never discussed the freebie concept with hubby. I'm such a puritan. But who could tempt me? Viggo Mortensen jumps to mind. Just saw "Indian Runner"--Sean Penn's directorial debut--with Viggo as a real bad boy, but looking mighty fine. Excellent movie. I see he's working on another Western. Yea! Close second of late--Ray Stevenson from "Rome." I'm so sad to see it end after 2 seasons. He was delicious. The character probably did it for me as much as anything.

Great topic, Michele!

Candace said...

Russell Crowe because of his intensity. Kurt Russell because he looks like he'd be a whole lot of fun. Bruce Willis because he's world-weary and knowing under that smirk. And George Clooney because he's so beautiful.

Today, anyway.

kaitlin said...

I'm currently not in a relationship, but if these particular gentlemen decided to come knock on my door, I definitely wouldn't turn them down. :)

Gerard Butler cuz he's hot, he's Scottish & he's taller than me (a must when you're 6'1").

Michael Vartan from Alias (ah, Agent Vaughn)

Clint Eastwood in his spaghetti western days. Yum!

And the really hot guy I saw dressed up in full Scottish regalia 10 years ago. He was tall, w/ black hair, unbelievable blue eyes and was built with a capital B. :)

Dara Edmondson said...

I love the freebie idea! Mine would be (in this order)
George Clooney, Johnny and Matthew McConaughey. Jon Bon Jovi is definitely in the running though as is Antonio Banderas.