Thursday, August 16, 2007

Another NEW puppie .....

Yes, that’s right. One puppy wasn’t enough. Weak moment #2. But my dh is so convincing. “Wouldn’t it be just as easy to housebreak 2 puppies as one?” was very effective. “They’ll be such good buddies and play so much with each other it will free up your time,” also made sense at the time. (I think I’d had a Marguerita)

So I actually bought this line of blarney and now the deed is done – without nearly enough protest from this writer who is rapidly lagging on her deadline because, well, gee, it’s NOT easier to break 2 at a time and they may play well with others but they get into twice as much trouble too.

Any hoooo, here’s the scoop. Lexie (a black and white English pointer) joined the family 3 weeks ago. Just look at that face! She’s 2 months old now and between her and Margaret who is 3 months, I’m not getting a lot of anything done - which explains the hurried post and the lack of inventive banter. Possibly several sleep deprived nights better explain it.

And I really had forgotten. Puppies are like newborn babies. They pee, they poop, they puke – not necessarily in that order. Lovely images, I know. Welcome to my life.

Okay, but here’s the upside. They. Are. So. Adorable!! I’ll let the photos speak for themselves and let you decided just how foolish I really am. As you can see, little Miss Margaret is growing and still as cute as a button.

Anybody else out there give in to someone or something and wonder where their head was at the time? What does it take to push your ‘okay, I give in’ button and when was the last time it happened? And how’s it working out for you now? Please tell me I’m not alone in these weak moment. And while you’re at it, please tell me that I will get a full night’s sleep in the very near immediate future.


Helen Brenna said...

Oh, boy. Lexie's a cutie, for sure. They make quite a pair!

New pets all around, Cindy. You with 2 new puppies and Deb with a new kitty. Almost makes me want to ... Nope, guess not.

One of the last time I was a sucker, er, had a weak moment was when my daughter was going through some tough stuff in high school, had just broken up with her boyfriend or something. She desperately wanted a kitten. I got the line, "I just want someone to love me!"

Hence, Riley. He's a great cat.

Have fun, enjoy them while they're so little, and sleep in the guest bedroom for a few nights while the DH does puppy duty!

Cindy Gerard said...

Helen. Yeah the puppy and kitty card are pretty hard to fight :o)
And I'm hoping my little darlings will soon figure out that 'dark' means sleep not play.

Samantha Hunter said...

OMG they are so cute. I think puppies are the cutest things on earth, period. I am a total sucker for puppies. Which is why we have two, and I consider a third. LOL They are wonderful!


Betina Krahn said...

Cindy, your new babies are gorgeous! I don't know whether to envy or commiserate with you. But I do know that the buckets of love you get will be worth whatever you have to put up with in the meantime.

In my family, I now have two new grandkitties. And honestly, they're cute as buttons and already doing their duty in the litter box. They're pretty well behaved and socialized. . . my son and his wife are in furry heaven.

And yes, you will get sleep in the near future. . . I promise. Just send hubby out into the yard with some tennis balls and tugging ropes and lock the doors behind him. Don't let him back in until the puppies can barely put one paw in front of the other. Wear those puppies out in the evening. Of course, that may mean they get used to the evening exercise romp. . .

Christie Ridgway said...

Cindy: They are so darling! I can understand the surrender.

I, however, cannot excuse myself. Years ago I made the rule that we would not have pets that require food that is alive. Since then we've had frogs and newts and turtles, all of which we've fed live things to. Gross. But it has only gotten worse. Last year husband and Son 2 came home with a pair of bearded dragons. They're these big lizard things that "love human contact."

Um, no.

Thank goodness we have our wonderful almost 13-year-old lab who is sweet to pet and eats dry kibble.

Cindy Gerard said...

For all my grousing, I am totally in love with the little beasties :o) Okay, make that sweeties - I can say that because they're sleeping at the moment.

And Christie - oh. eew. I'm with you on the live snacks. I'd probably want to adopt the food source too and then I'd really be in trouble.

Keri Ford said...

Nobody hit me but...I'm the one usually holding up the puppy going, "but just look at her. Big eyes, and she's sooo soft and helpless."

But alas, the hubby is immune to these charms!

Anonymous said...

Lexie and Margaret are so cute. I agree with having them run all over the place right before bed. Hopefully, they both will be so tired everyone will get a good night's sleep.


Debra Dixon said...

Lexie is GORGEOUS! Miss Margaret is adorable but Lexie just does it for me. Fab! I totally understand your moment of weakness. I had one myself two weeks ago.

And I always seem to have weaknesses whenever someone thinks I'm Superwoman. I have a sick need to prove it by taking on their task. When in reality if I just didn't *give in* everyone would know I'm perfectly ordinary and I would have a lot less to do.

Playground Monitor said...

We got our last dog about 24 years ago when the DH decided #1 son needed something to teach him responsibility. Uh... cleaning his room, helping with chores... those will teach him. Anyway, nobody had time for this puppy (a purebred Springer Spaniel named Molly) and she was a terror. I had a new baby taking up my time. So when we moved 2 years later we gave her to a family with a farm because otherwise she'd have had to go to a kennel for 6 months while we lived in an apartment (we were building a house).

I only gave in to the kitten because everyone said it would help keep snakes away, and we had woods behind our house. We're on our third cat now, but she's 14 and getting old and when she's gone, that's it.

#1 son wanted to get an iguana cause his best friend had one named Howard. Howard got lose and it took a few days to find him. #1 son's friend woke up one morning with Howard in his bed. I told #1 son "An iguana is out of the question cause I only sleep with one creepy thing and that's your dad." *grin*

They ARE cute puppies though, Cindy.


Cindy Gerard said...

Love the iguana story Marilyn. :o)

Deb I think I'm with you. I think I need to save everything and everyone. What kind of character flaw is that, exactly?
My dh is more of a sucker for these puppies than I am.
I have a pack and play baby crib set up for them in our bedroom by the bed. Yet if DH goes to be first I can count on finding both of those little fuzz balls snuggled up as close to him as they can get when I turn in. I get to play bad cop and put them in their bed. If I'm lucky, they settle down and go to sleep for a while - after we do the "good puppy go potty outside" routine. If they don't want to sleep then it's a wrestling match in there with lots of puppy giggling going on. Big sigh.

Smarty Pants said...

How could you say no to those faces?? I can't, which is why I have 2 cats and 2 dogs. I am forever cleaning up after them but they all have the biggest, saddest eyes. I'm a sucker, I admit it.

Cindy Gerard said...

Count me in on the sucker thingy. Those eyes get me every time :o)

MyWeeWorld said...

I'm such a sucker that I got a yellow Lab with my boyfriend who broke up with me two weeks later and left me with the dog. I was supremely peeved at the time, but the dog has proved to be a better companion than any boyfriend I've ever had!