Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Happy Independence day!

No matter how you celebrate, whether with picnics, parades, fireworks, kegs or all of the previous, have a good one. I intend to work today. I've plenty to do, and the fireworks don't start until nightfall. Heck, I'm not too keen on fireworks. They're dangerous. But they are pretty. Yet, it seems, in the past, whenever we've gone to watch when the kids were younger we always ended up in the usual spot--the ditch about a quarter a mile down from the fireworks 'shoot off' sight. Ditches have mosquitoes. So I relate fireworks to itching.

But this year I made a bet with my agent. If she could get a particular item on my contract I was quite hopeful to get, then I'd honor her favorite holiday by going to the fireworks. I was quite sure I would be luxuriating at home in a warm tub tonight. Wrong. She got it. Which thrills me. And kills me.

So I'll be trekking out to camp with the mosquitoes tonight. Unless I can find a non-ditch viewing area. The things I do to honor my country's independence. :-)

So what are your favorite 4th traditions? Family picnics? Fireworks set off to music? A handful of sparklers enjoyed in the quiet of your backyard? Can you set off fireworks in your state? (They're illegal in MN, save the smaller ones that don't look like some kind of RPG or mini-rocket. Of course, that doesn't stop many from trekking to Wisconsin or North Dakota to purchase their thrills.)



Betina Krahn said...

Happy 4th of July, Michele! And everybody else! Here's hoping our wonderful USA honors its founding traditions and stays strong in defending individual liberties and promoting individual responsibility!

And yes, I'm headed out to the fireworks. . . after a dinner of ribs, corn-on-the-cob, and pie!

Do I ever love holidays!

Michele Hauf said...

You've already got my mouth watering, Betina! With the hubby away to visit his family, it's just me and The Boy. We hadn't planned to bar-be-que, but with your mention of ribs....

Debra Dixon said...

Well this year BelleBooks had a book arrive at the warehouse yesterday which was early (AT HOME IN MOSSY CREEK) so I'll be spending the day organizing the distribution launch! What fun, eh?

Michele Hauf said...

Hey, that sounds interesting, Deb. One day we'll have to have you detail your 'day in the life of...' behind the scenes at BelleBooks. I'd love to hear about it.

Helen Brenna said...

I was working today, too, Michele. But I'm calling it a day.

We're some of those folks who drive to Wisconsin for the illegal variety of fireworks. The dh and son are closet piros!

Actually, I live in a neighborhood of piromaniacs. Tomorrow morning my street will look like a warzone!

Happy 4th everyone!!

Michele Hauf said...

Sounds like our neighborhood, too, Helen! I usually lay there listening to the 'cracks' and 'pops' well into the early morning hours. I always pray never to hear a kid crying or sounds of an accident.


Cindy Gerard said...

Hi all and happy 4th! What is it with us writer types?. We're all working and it's a holiday. What's up with that?
I'm knocking off for the day too. Hot, hot, hot here and since our fireworks were last night, I'll stay inside with the airconditioning :o)

Anonymous said...

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Patricia Cochran said...

Hello to all, My name is Pat Cochran, I'm from Houston, where it is illegal to light up fireworks within the city limits. From the sights and sounds around the city, many folks ignore that in a BIG way! My family gathers at my son's home in The Woodlands for the 4th to share food, fun and fireworks. As darkness falls in the area, the group makes the 3-5 minute walk to the nearby elementary school
where area residents gather to watch the colorful and very loud display. Grandma (that's me) is not too wild about the loudness
so I stay home with grandson Paul.
He is autistic and the noise of the display hurts his ears. After the
group gets back, we all head home
until the next birthday or holiday

Pat Cochran.