Friday, June 15, 2007

Kathleen says, "Works For Me!"

I loved the blog about hair products a while back, and since it's summer and the straight hair challenge approaches its peak, I went looking for some of the stuff recommended right here by fellow riders. I did a search for one of the products--Nioxin?--something like that, and went straight to the nearest outlet, which happened to be a Great Clips. Met a helpful fellow who said that wasn't what I needed because my hair isn't thin or thinning, but fine and straight as it gets. He suggested a root lifter, which I'd never tried. Said his favorite was Matrix because his clients report good results and it has a nifty nozzle. Apply directly to the roots. (Hair On! Apply...) Then hit with the dryer. Man, does this stuff work! Style in these pix may not look like much, but it had more volume yesterday. This is after it's held through sleeping, combing, and summer heat for 2 days! Dallas weather, do your worst. I'm packin' root lifter.

So I decided to do my own little pitch today for a couple of other summer lifesavers. (Okay, LIFEsavers is poetic license.) Here's the best stuff I've found to keep Bambi and Thumper away from my hostas. Tree Guard. Accept no substitute. It's hot pepper (cayenne, I think) suspended in the stuff they use to make plants shine. It doesn't wash away, so you don't have to re-apply except for new growth. I couldn't find it in the stores this spring--they said it had gotten too spendy--so I had to try some stuff that's supposed to drive them away with smell. It drove DH away, but somebody was still eating the hostas. Got the bright idea to Google Tree Guard and ordered online. This size is $20, but well worth it. Don't leave it in the garage over the winter. It gets gooey.

I try to get after the dandelions and what I call "mean weeds"--those thorny things I've only run into in MN--early and without chemicals, but I don't enjoy doing it on hands and knees. I discovered the "Weed Hound" when I was in a checkout line at one of the garden stores. "Does this work?" I asked the 16-yr-old at the till, who shrugged. "Absolutely!" said not one but two gardeners in line behind me. We've been friends ever since, Weed Hound and me. Step on the pedal, lift, and pop the weed out by hitting the knob on the handle. You can tell how much fun I'm having. (And you can imagine the guff I'm getting from the photographer.)

What's your latest tried-and-true find?

One more recommendation while I'm at it. After you've finished the yard work and you've done your hair, you'll want to get yourself a glass of ice tea and enjoy a good love story. If you're alone, read Helen Brenna's brand new book, Dad For Life. If it's you and your fella, our house gives two thumbs up to new dvd "The Secret Life Of Words" with Tim Robbins. Good characters, good performances, good script. Two wounded people, unusual setting, intense and very touching. The title obviously intrigued me, and it fits, as the saying goes, on so many levels.

Has anyone else seen this one? Comments?


Helen Brenna said...

I don't know what I'd do with you my root boost, Kathy! It's all about getting the gel or whatever close to the hairline and you can't do that with traditional applicator bottles.

I get rabbits eating my plants. I'd heard human urine keeps them away, but I can't seem to talk my dh into taking charge of that situation. Good think you've provided a substitute.

As for my new find - Burt's Bees products. Evening primrose overnight creme and something else simply called repair serum. Talk about an infusion of moisture to all my face wrinkles! It's a little heavy for summer, but this winter I'll be in heaven.

BTW, thanks for the shameless Dad for Life plug!

Michele Hauf said...

Kathy! I do believe if this writing thing doesn't pan out for you, you may have a future at the Home Shopping Network. Look at that style, the grace, the utter capacity to demonstrate a useful product while looking showgirl lovely and not evening mussing a single hair or breaking a heel!

My hubby is a big fan of the Weed Hound. It's got that distinctive 'ching' every time you anhilate a weed. Some mornings, I don't even have to look outside, I can just 'hear' what he's up to.

Seen the previews for that movie and was intrigued.


Debra Dixon said...

Kathy-- You've sold me. I'm going to go get a Weed Hound and try some root lifter. Very cool. :)

I haven't seen THE SECRET LIFE OF WORDS, because the hotel I was in didn't have a preview and I wasn't sure what it was. With your recommendation, I'm dropping it in my NetFlix queue.

One hair product I love is Redkin's Extreme Anti-snap. I'm convinced that product is what allow me to grow my hair out long enough, quickly enough to donate to LOCKS OF LOVE without shooting anyone in the process.

They have another product called CAT which is restructures your hair somehow giving it more ooommph and bite. It's not a daily product. You just retexturize a couple of times a week. Quick, easy, in the shower thing for me.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Deb, what does Anti-snap do? Reduce breakage, like the name suggests?

Debra Dixon said...

Kathy-- Yes, it keeps the hair from breaking and stretching. After you towel dry your hair, you use a tiny amount, maybe the size of a dime or less. Smush that around your palm, then apply to the ends, working up. I use it most days I shampoo but not always.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Helen--didn't know Burt's Bees had face stuff. I got the "hand salve" for my workin' man, and he likes it. Wouldn't trade my Bag Balm for feet. Put it on after showering with your Crocs to keep you from sliding across the floor and the Crocs (love Crocs flip-flops!) nubbies keep massaging the Bag Balm right into those feet.

I just started using a face product that I heard advertised on the radio. "Hydroxatone." Anybody heard of it? My jury is still out. I don't know why I called the 800 number. I think because they said it was "chosen" for the swag bags at Sundance. Stay tuned.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hmm. Bag Balm and swag bags. Why do I have bags on the brain? Maybe I've been hitting the summer sales too hard? Cold Water Creek's really got it going on, girls. I discovered the mall store just in the nick of time.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Oh--there was a music moment in "Secret Life of Words" that reminded me of yesterday's blog. Two guys singing along with Blood Sweat and Tears "You Made Me So Very Happy." Can't resist singing along with BS&T. My last book title says it all. That's my kinda music. And, of course, Beatles Forever!

Kaitlin said...

If you're a gardener, which it sounds like you are, have you ever heard of poop tea? My mom uses it on her plants and our garden is GORGEOUS!!! Plants are huge, healthy and all that good stuff. If you're interested in getting the stuff, let me know & I can get you the info. I guess it's ridiculously simple (per my mom). :)

Kathleen Eagle said...

Kaitlin, I've never heard of poop tea. Do tell!