Saturday, June 30, 2007

What tricks do you have for dealing with Big Conference Crazies?

As an addendum to my packing post from yesterday, thought I'd throw this out: Can you share some of your tips for minimizing stress and making the most of your 3-4 day conference experience? I just added some thoughts in a comment (#10 or 11) to yesterday's post. I do better, for instance, if I plan exactly what to wear each day to the letter. Fewer on-site decisions is a big plus for me.

Got any more tips?


FIONA said...

This is my first time going to National, but I have been to other conferences, and the thing I need the most is plenty of WATER. I always carry a water bottle with me.

Between the lack of sleep, and either maximum AC or roasting conditions in the conf. rooms, I am always thirsty.

Keri Ford said...

Dallas will be my second writing second so I really don't even know what to expect but to be overwhelmed.

As far as keeping my cool I always keep gum. No I don't smack it or blow bubbles while twrilling my hair. I chew it, then stick it to the roof of my mouth. Something I've done since jr. high to not get caught. I can distract all that extra nervous energy to that flavor in my mouth. Or sometimes I run my tongue over it.

Kinda like the paperclip thing on Maid in Manhattan (Jennifer Lopez)

Keri Ford said...

(((second writing second)))

*Not to self, do not comment after just getting out of bed.*

Dallas will be my second writing conference...

Kathleen Eagle said...

Keri, I like that gum idea. A worry stone for the tongue. Even though I'm basically shy, once I get going I tend to talk too much. I'm compelled to fill silences with chatter to quell insecurities. Something like that might help by giving my tongue something to wag on. Silently.

Tracy Grant said...

All this makes me so nostaglic for the RWA conference (I haven't been in years). Loved reading your packing list yesterday, Kathleen. I tend to be shy too (and the sheer number of people at RWA can be really overwhelming) so new clothes I feel good in always gave me a confidence boost. I'm totally with you on organizing each outft in advance--I even do that on vacations--I may end up wearing Thursday's outfit on Friday or swapping sweaters or camisoles with different outfits, but at least I know I have the right number of days and evenings covered, and I'm less likely to forget accessories.

Have a great time everyone!

Susan Kay Law said...

I'm not going this year (first one I've missed since I was too pregnant to fly, and that kid's turning 10).

I just have to be careful to a) sleep as much as possible and b) drink as little as possible.

I have very little conference stress. But I gave up the idea of using it to do much business a long time ago. Too crazy. If I need to do that, I'll just go to New York on my own and get my editor all to myself. It's mostly just a time to see old friends that I have no other opportunity to spend time with.

Have fun, all!


Kathleen Eagle said...

Susie, I saw the news about JUST SEX on the MFW loop and hopped right to the USA-T web site, where the cover of your book is 1 of the 2 featured as one of 5 "Sizzler" picks for summer. Too cool!

Playground Monitor said...

I blogged about conference tips last week and one of mine was to "Use Your Vibrator." ::grin:: Actually that means to be sure to put your cell phone on vibrate so you're not embarrassed to death if it goes off during a workshop or worse yet your editor or agent appointment.

I'm making my packing list now, planning each day's outfit, complete with what underwear goes with what outfit. Another of our group blogged about proper underwear last Saturday. Nothing yells "UNPROFESSIONAL!" more than uncontrolled ta-tas in a low-cut evening gown. ;-)

I read Kathleen's tips. Great! One of my roomies swears by plain scotch tape to prevent blisters. She's a former dancer and said she used to tape her feet up before she put on toe shoes. Seems to work for her anyway. Kathleen will have her Crocs; I'll have my Clarks comfy sandals.

Also remember to pack the charger for your cell phone and camera. Those can't be bought in the hotel gift shop.