Thursday, May 24, 2007

What Won't You Buy...

…for yourself? I don’t hesitate to buy new clothes, new dressy shoes, new running shoes, new sandals (okay, fine, I have plenty of shoes), or books. Even hardbacks. I always purchase the latest J.D. Robb and right now I have Lisa Kleypas’s Sugar Daddy and our own Kathleen Eagle’s Ride a Painted Pony waiting for me in my TBR pile as reward for finishing my current manuscript. Paperbacks require zero second thoughts, of course. Can’t wait to chow down on Cindy Gerard’s Into the Dark next week.

But when it comes to things for the kitchen… I was scrubbing a cookie sheet this week, contemplating its age. I think it should have rings like a tree…or maybe we should start carving initials and dates in it, at least, like you would a tree’s bark. Because I recall that this simple piece of metal came out of a box that was from a roommate of my older cousin’s at her first apartment. Who knows who had it before that?

This year I finally threw away a metal colander that had been my sister-in-law’s mother’s…but not until it had lost one handle and one leg so it listed like a pirate off his ship. I sure miss it, too. The plastic one I replaced it with just isn’t the same.

Then there are the cupcake pans. Every young mother knows (Keri, listen up) that you need cupcake pans. But I didn’t have two 12-cup pans. No, I had one that I received as a shower gift and then two four-cuppers that came from—guess—my cousin’s old roommate. For years, I struggled with baking the requisite 24 cupcakes you get from a cake mix, because I wouldn’t just go to Target and buy another pan. Too cheap, I guess, when I wouldn’t blink an eye at buying a pair of gold strappy shoes even though I already have two other pairs.

One year I asked my husband to buy me some new spatulas for Christmas. He looked at me as if I was nuts, because he already knew how bad that would look to the rest of the world if I said the love of my life gave me kitchenware. But I wanted kitchenware! I won’t buy myself kitchenware!

Am I suffering from some sort of disorder? I even like to cook! Please tell me you have some odd quirk that makes you reluctant to purchase, I don’t know, new pencils. Or maybe it’s gym socks. Is there something you won’t buy yourself?


Keri Ford said...

Cupcake pans??? You mean I have to sacrafice something important, like buying the latest excercise equipment that I don't have room for and won't use and for what? CUPCAKE PANS???

I don't even like cupcakes. Takes too long frost, and that means more time before eating!! Guess I'll be changing that...

I'm a sucker for large flashy earrings that just match one outfit. And I should note, I have sensitive ears. And underwear. I don't know why, but for years I walk past a pair of undies and I buy without even thinking.

I don't buy kitchen stuff either. My mom lives close by, so if I need something, I go borrow.

JoAnna said...

There is really nothing I wont buy for myself, how horrible does that sound:)

I love, love, love to buy purses though. I have actually had to limit the amount of purses I can own because I live in a small apartment, and they can only take up so much room. So, I keep them in my luggage when I am not traveling! If they get to be in such a large number that I cannot fit them into said luggage I know it is time to get rid of some of them:(

JoAnna said...

Oh, and I just finished Cindy Gerard's TO THE BRINK, and I am going to be right with you devouring INTO THE DARK. I can't wait.

I just got my mom hooked on them also!

Helen Brenna said...

This is too funny, Christie. I'm reading this thinking of all the stuff I have that dates back to my first apartment out of college. The dresser I bought from Goodwill for $65. The set of dishes AND silverware for $40. Obviously, many pieces missing.

My husband's the one who finally got sick of the old set of pots and pans last year and went and bought some nice new Calphalon.

But I don't like to cook, so I never think of that stuff as being for ME. It's for the house and family. That's why it's always last on the list. There are so many other priorities.

I can guarantee you my daughter would rather have a new pair of jeans than new dishes!

Bath towels. Never buy those for me either. But the guest bath is set.

Christie Ridgway said...

Keri, you'll need cupcake pans once the little one starts preschool. Trust me.

Hey, Joanna, I'm so psyched about your organizational tip. The purses in the luggage! I have tons of purses too. I'm only worried I'll forget them in there and find I just =have= to buy a black evening bag because I've forgotten I have three others squirreled away in the overnighter...

Helen: I bought new bath towels for the master bath and suddenly they were in the boys' bathroom. The thieves!

Anonymous said...

sorry guys - my cupcakes come from a box - from Sam's club. 24 oversized frosted cupcakes with pretty themed inserts with sprinkles for $11.00. Our schools (Daycare through 12) only allow prepackaged or individually wrapped items.

And, estate sales or garage sales are great places to get "new" kitchen stuff without paying too much. Plus those sales usually have some other reat "collectible" worth a look see.

Can't wait for Cindy's new book next week. Too bad it didn't hit shelves before the holiday!

Marcia in OK

Christie Ridgway said...

Marcia: I've heard that about some school requiring pre-packaged goods. I've always felt so pressured to do "home-baked" that this would really be a boon. Though, as I've said, I do like to bake when I have the time.

Hah! Kitchenware from garage/estate sales is just such a good idea!

JoAnna said...

Christie- Yeah, rebuying the same purse sometimes is a problem, but that is how I decide to get rid of some when I "outgrow" my luggage:) If I found I did buy 2 purses fairly similar I just get rid of the one I used the least or the one I don't really like as well. (sometimes I keep them both SHHHH.)

lois greiman said...

Cleaning tools: brooms, trash cans, mops. My dust pan's handle has been chewed off by a dog--don't know which one, but I have no plans of replacing it. Cuz who wants to spend money to clean...or to clean?

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hooray for electricity!!!
An awful storm blew through our town yesterday, and we were without electricity for at least 24 hrs. You don't realize how much you depend on it until it goes out.

I've probably mentioned what a packrat I am. I finally traded my 30+ yr old cracked Tupperware colander in for a metal one, and the holes are too big! I went through a period of collecting old kitchen tools, too, and DH keeps discovering my precious finds and trying to throw them out. "We don't need this stuff now that we've gone electric." Right.

I hate buying shoes. Always have. I still remember the days when the clerk would do a double-take when I told her my size.

Christie Ridgway said...

Lois: Maybe that's it! Maybe I don't like to spend the money on something so commonplace.

Kathleen: Glad for you that you're electrified again. I hate being out of touch and without my comforts. My in-laws just went 5 days without water. I couldn't believe it.

Debra Dixon said...

I never buy dishtowels or towels. An electric can opener!! LOL! Ours died I don't know how long ago and we just got used to using the hand-held can opener.

It's the "make do" mentality. Yeah, the cookie sheets have seen better days, but...they work. The towels don't have actual holes in them. None of the potholders match each other or the kitchen but they work.

Anonymous said...

My DH has been replacing our awful, decades old, pots and pans with worderful ones...every Birthday, Christmas and Mom's day...and I love him for it. I love to cook, but never buy new stuff. My cookie sheets are at least 18 years old!

For my last birthday (a big one), I was surprised with a new stove, microwave and fridge! I cried because I was so happy.

Yes, I love dinners out and jewelry, but we all love to cook and eat, and I love the kitchen stuff!

Christie Ridgway said...

anonymous: You have a man in a million! I love that he knew what would make you so very happy.

Deb: I get that make-do mentality, I do. My pots and pans were mismatched but I made do, until once we had the opportunity for an actual, real live Italian chef cook for us. I was so mortified that I made the party happen at my mother-in-law's. I now have very nice pots and pans, but no chef opportunity has come about.

And here's the weird thing: I have very, very lovely china a stemware. Lots of it! So once a mean is plated, it doesn't matter about my bent and rickety stuff that put it together.

Michele Hauf said...

Bath towels. I have some from my single days. And that was a loooong time ago.

But you know ,the new towels are always so thick and fluffy and they don't absorb as well as those old ratty, see-through towels that at least soak up water like a sponge.

That's my excuse, and I'm sticking to it.


Kathleen Eagle said...

I rarely bought towels, and then Tuesday Morning came into my life. Bargains! (Me and Lauren Bacall.) I've filled my towel shelf with big thick towels in 2 colors. I do enjoy wrapping up in a generous, fluffy towel. And I do buy a lot of stuff I don't really need at Tuesday Morning.

I'm with you, Deb. No more electric can openers. But do they make electric jar openers? Never mind. I've cut way back on stuff that has to sit out on the counters, and I don't have an appliance garage.

Michele, stay away from velour towels. They don't absorb on the velour side. But Egyptian cotton terry is good stuff.

Christie Ridgway said...

Hah. I'm feeling better that I'm not the only one with a lousy electric can opener. Lots of 'em. What's with that? Why don't they ever work well?

My mom loves Tuesday Morning. There isn't one very close to me, though. Might have to take a field trip. I love bargains.

Betina Krahn said...

Christie, there isn't much I won't buy for myself. I adore kitchen gadgets and even though I don't cook like I used to, I can't help buying all kinds of goodies for the kitchen drawers.

Glassware-- stemware-- dishes-- linens-- towels-- flavored teas-- decorative items-- baskets-- teapots-- Don't get me started! Only these days, I have too much stuff and have been thinking I ought to try selling some things on EBay!

Oooooh-- one thing I hate to buy-- bras. I'll wear one down to strings before I have to go find a replacement.

And yep, I have some antique bowls that came from my grandmother and a collander from my mom. What is it about those collanders? They never quit!

:) Betina

kaitlin said...

I had to giggle at this one. Why is that there's always something and it's usually ridiculous that we are either afraid to or just don't want to buy? My thing is underwear. I know, it's weird, but I like comfy undies and it's hard to buy brand spankin' new underwear when I've got super comfy pairs waiting for me in my undie drawer. LOL! Maybe once I've lost weight & can buy super sexy undies that I'll change, but right now, it's super stretchy cotton, thank you! :D

Christie Ridgway said...

Kaitlin: I'm a comfy underwear girl myself. I have the thongs and while everyone says I'll "get used to them," I never do. Historical author Eloisa James told me that men think panty lines are sexy, and I'm sticking to that story!

Betina: I hate to buy bras too. I want to go to one of those fitters, but I feel weird to have someone inspecting me up there, you know? Debra Dixon...give us the title of the book Belle Books put out about bras again!

Candace said...

There's pretty much not anything I won't buy for myself--but I comparison shop like mad first.

For took me nearly six months to find the bed frame I wanted at a price I was willing to pay. And I refuse to pay $30 (or more)for a plain white T-shirt from Banana Republic when I can get one at Target for $12. And I lovelovelove shoes but I will not ever (in this lifetime or any other) shell out $500 for a pair. Not gonna happen! As the Gretchen Wilson song says (paraphrasing here), "Victoria's Secret stuff is real nice but I can get the same d**n thing off the Wal-Mart shelf, half-price."

On the other hand... It's gardening weather here in Indiana and I have been spending all my spare change--and then some!--at the local nursery. Almost nothing is too much to pay for flowering plants.

Christie Ridgway said...

Candace: I love to comparison shop too. I can try on a BCBG dress at Macy's or the BCBG store and then get it half price, with tags on, through e-bay. Yahoo!

Flowering plants...lovely. Everything is blooming here in SoCal, even our bougainvillea, which grow like weeds everywhere but at our house.

MaryF said...

Underwear....towels....a wallet. You should see my wallet, falling apart, but I can't find another I like.

I finally bought a toaster this year. Our other was 20 years old and still working, but ugly as sin.

Kitchen utensils, too. My slotted spoons and spatulas are from Eckerds. I bought them when I was newly married.

Fun topic! I'm looking forward to Dallas's story, too!!!!

Diane in Syracuse said...

This has probably moved on, but I have to say that I have the "make do" mentality in almost everything. Once I've solved the belt - or shoes - or cookware -problem, I think it should STAY solved, and I shouldn't have to buy something just like it. Something new and shiny, yes, but replacing? No.

MaryF - I BOUGHT a new wallet, to replace the very nice elderly (21 years!) one that is falling apart, a little bit. But I can't bring myself to switch the the new one. It's been over a year.

Do I win, for weird hang-ups?

Oh, and I think the "only pre-packaged food" thing is sad. Kids today eat so much factory-made food...