Monday, May 07, 2007

Romantic Times Review

by Lois Greiman

So…I once again survived the Romantic Times convention, as did about 800 other attendees, I gather. And I have to admit, it was loads of fun.
The cover model contest, which my son, Travis (right pic), did not win (obviously, it was rigged) was pretty danged entertaining. Here’s a pic of one of the guys (Osvaldo Walle) to whet your appetite, but I’ll be talking about that at a later date. In fact, on May 22, I’ll do a cover model blog and give away their autographed calendar. So stay tuned.
On Saturday morning I hosted a Mixer to Die For with mystery authors (left to right) Karen MacInerney, Charlaine Harris, Jessica Speart, Lori Avocato, myself, Frankie Bailey, Lori Andrews, Lori Armstrong, and Michele Scott. We gave away bottles of champagne, gift baskets, and a cute little garnet and diamond tennis bracelet. I really thought some of Charlaine’s fans might swoon when they met her. On the other hand, I couldn’t help but notice that MY readers were suspiciously steady on their feet.
There were also hundreds, and I mean…literally hundreds, of other authors--signing books, doing giveaways, gossiping. Love that gossip.

Heather Graham aka Shannon Drake, hosted her usual highly amusing skit and Wild Wild West Party. I believe Heather was reenacting Kitty from Gunsmoke, but that’s Harley Jane Kozak in the striped saloon girl dress.
Author Jim Butcher of Wizard Dresden fame was also there. And although I’m a huge fan of his books I hardly stalked him at all, so don’t believe the rumors. I’m sure the restraining order will be lifted soon.
Readers came from seemingly everywhere. Amongst those I spoke to personally, the woman from South Africa came the farthest, but Australia loaned us an impressive crowd and England did all right too. I had fun just immersing myself in the accents.

Other than that there were dozens of workshops, fun stuff to buy, and lots of parties. Not to mention the faeries, werewolves, belly dancers etc. that one finds at your average convention.

So who’s got RT stories? Who’s been there? What’s the weirdest thing you saw there? Or…who plans to go? Hope I haven’t scared anyone off.


Betina Krahn said...

Wow, Lois-- I so wish I could have been there! And if Travis didn't win-- it was rigged. But it's RT and who knows the depths and workings of the RT Con? It is another dimension all unto itself.

lois greiman said...

I wish you had been there too, Betina. Maybe next Pittsburgh...yikes...we could resurrect the Cosmo Chix and do another party. It was great last year in Orlando.

Helen Brenna said...

I've never been, Lois, but I think I'm going to try RT next year. Sounds like a kick!

Cindy Gerard said...

You haven't lived until you've attended an RT conference. And then you wonder if it was real or an out of body experience. I haven't attended in a couple of years but I remember checking in to the hotel at KC, standing at the registration desk, turning around and seeing a scullery maid, a fairy and a vampire strolling down the grand foyer. I turned to my friends and said: "We are definitely in the right place. Those are our people."
And what was with the judges of the Cover model contest? Were they blind? Wings and fairy dust clouding their vision? Travis IS the man. Now I've lost faith in the system completely :o)

lois greiman said...

I believe I was in the grand foyer with you at the time, Cindy. I remember your expression quite well. It was kind of a mix between astonishment and glee?? terror?

We should ALL do an RT together. The CyberChix. How fun would that be?

Debra Dixon said...

Ah, yes! RT. I haven't been in years. It took a bit to get my "business conference" mind reorganized to think "fan party." (And think of "par-tey...par-tey" as a word that frat boys are chanting.)

Once I did, I had loads of fun. :)

Except I'm short and some of the cover models looming over me while trolling for votes was kind of disconcerting. LOL!

Christie Ridgway said...

I've never been to RT. What a hoot! I'm glad you had fun, Lois. What was the wildest costume you saw this year?

lois greiman said...

Wildest costume...there was a fishnetted faery that was really interesting. But my favorite was the faery baby. Little red wings and everything. She fell asleep on Mama faery's shoulder. Seriously cute.

Kathleen Eagle said...

A faery baby! (That's the cool way to spell fairy, right?) Sweet! I have garden faeries. (Now, that looks funny.)

I've never been to Pittsburg, and it's been too long since I've been to RT. I'll have to pencil that in. Soon as I get an '08 calendar. First I have to stick with my plan to go to RWA. Dallas in July. I'm sweating already.

Travis is our winner, Lois. He rules. The judges were out to lunch.