Thursday, May 03, 2007

It's all about the characters

All right, who cried for Sawyer last night? Come on, you can tell me. I did! These last few episodes of LOST have been excellent. And last night's was great. And we all know why it's such a great show. Sure the action is good. Sure, there's a major mystery (like, what the hell is the show about, anyway?). And there's romance. (How can you not swoon over the looks Sawyer gives Kate?)
But fore is the characters. Without focus on the characters, the show would be nothing. Some writer decided that he was going to toss a bunch of people on an island and see what happened. What can happen with a group of people who don't know each other? A lot, if you delve into their histories, their psyches, and their goals, dreams and desires.

Makes me look at my stories with new eyes every time I see a great episode like last nights. People are always more than their surface. We know that. We sometimes crave for others to know us beyond skin deep. And other times we wear our skin as a protective shield. Those very few that we let inside must have our trust. And if they don't, then things happen. Events. A story that will make others want to follow it.

You must have looked at your distant neighbor, or that fellow you see walking down the street every Saturday morning, and thought, "I wonder". And if you did know, wouldn't that be the beginning of an interesting story? It may or may not. It's how you view all the details. And details are what makes a character come to life.

Now, what do you all think? Purgatory, Hell, or something completely different? For a while there I thought they might be doing cloning experiments on the island. What's your theory?

And the most important question: Sawyer or Jack? (Or perhaps even Locke.)

You know who got my vote. :-)



Betina Krahn said...

Didn't see last night's episode, but Sawyer has my vote anyway. I like Jack, but he has a lot going for him anyway. For Sawyer, Kate's love is it. If he has her love, his life is made worthwhile; if he doesn't his life is pretty meaningless. Darned wrenching in all the right places.

I wonder if I can "On Demand" the episode?

Betina Krahn said...

Also-- I LOVE this color! It's not quite as east to read the print, but it has GREAT ENERGY!

Anonymous said...

Betina, you can watch it online on



Michele Hauf said...

Yes, offers all the episodes for free the day after their airing, doesn't it?

I kinda like this salmon color, too. Wanted something darker, but when you get too dark, it's very difficult to read. I think the even lighter colors we've had over the past week are probably best, but no reason not to splash a bit of color in once in a while.

And yes, I vote for Sawyer. But Locke is coming in a close second. That bald old man is SEXY!

Betina Krahn said...

Thanks, Pattie and Michele! And I have to admit-- Locke could probably get a tingle out of me.

Debra Dixon said...

Here's my confession...I don't watch LOST. It's just too darned slow for me. I look forward to seeing in in DVD where I can run the episodes one after the other to get to the point and get some answers. (g)

QB said...

I've been a Jack fangirl from episode one, but I have to admit that this season I'm feelin' Sawyer's bad boy appeal!

annette said...

Sawyer! :-)