Friday, April 13, 2007

My Confession, by Christie

I was surfing the internet instead of writing pages (laziness, not bathroom clogs stopping me like Susie!) and came across something at AAR (All About Romance) in which several people shared some confessions, proving what they read about is not quite like their real life.

So I thought it might be fun to make my own confessions, using some of my own books:

I’ve never asked a man to play my lover (for pay) so that I have an adoring escort at my ex-fiancĂ©’s wedding. (My first book, The Wedding Date, which, BTW, predates the Debra Messing movie of the same name by several years.)

I’ve never taken care of my deadbeat brother’s baby and found myself a “husband” next door in order to appease my nosy landlady. (My first Silhouette Special Edition, Beginning With Baby.)

I’ve never tried to break the ties with my mobbed-up California family, only to fall in love with the very man who thinks my Mafia dad killed his. (An Offer He Can’t Refuse.)

I’ve never returned home at the holidays to run my family’s Christmas store, only to run into my first love…the man I’d left without a word ten years before. (2007 RITA finalist book, Must Love Mistletoe.)

I’ve never rushed off in a rainstorm to break off my engagement with my new fiance, only to be soundly seduced by him…and then discover he’s really my guy’s twin! (His Forbidden FiancĂ©e, out now from Silhouette Desire.)

From books I’ve read recently:

I’ve never accepted a ride from a gorgeous pro football player who takes me to a farm where I get caught up in the drama of his dysfunctional family. (Love this book! Natural Born Charmer by Susan Elizabeth Phillips.)

I’ve never fallen for a human ex-cop who can’t possibly fit in with my vampire lifestyle despite his very close friendship with a band of bad-ass vampire warriors. (J.R. Ward’s Lover Revealed—tell me that you’re like me and just suck (oops sorry for the bad pun) these stories up!)

Want to play? If you’re an author, try a “confession” from one of your own books. If you’re a reader, how close is the book you’re reading to your real life?


Betina Krahn said...

Oooo, oooo! :: hand waving madly::

I've never been kidnapped by pirates who were furious when they found out later that I wasn't worth two cents' ransom. Though if I ever were kidnapped by pirates in real life, I'm sure they would suffer the same disappointment. (Passion's Ransom)

Also I've never been a religious novice who practically burned down her convent and got sent off to administer a "Husband Test" to a dubious nobleman seeking a bride. In fact, I've never been in a convent at all. I grew up Baptist! (The Husband Test)

And for sure I've never been a fussy crown princess who was rescued by a huge barbarian mercenary and required to spend three nights with him as payment. Unless you count that night in Italy. . . (The Princess and the Barbarian)

:) Betina

Christie Ridgway said...

Betina! Those are great! And I want to know about that night in Italy over drinks someday.

Helen Brenna said...

Christie, this is cute! I've never done anything in any of my books, that's why it's so darned fun to write them!

Who wants to read about real life? Obviously, I avoid Oprah books like the plague.

Michele Hauf said...

Hmm, I've never been a sword-wielding medieval chick, on a quest to annihilate evil demons, who's just discovered her lover is a faery, and then realizes that she's actually a fallen angel. [SERAPHIM, Luna]

I've never stolen a ruby to keep it safe from another jewel thief, who then overwhelms me with his sexual prowess and takes off with the jewel anyway. [ONCE A THIEF, Bombshell]

And I haven't shot my lover lately, because I know he's a vampire, and just wanted to exert my kick-ass-girlfriend power over him before he starts thinking I might really love him. Because I do. I mean, I don't, love him that is. Well, okay, maybe I do... [KISS ME DEADLY, September, Nocturne]


Christie Ridgway said...

Michele: Awesome! I have to admit the historical and paranormal examples outshine my reality-based contemporary stories. Fairies and angels and pirates and princesses! I so cannot compete...oh, except for:

I've never woken from a 10-year coma to find I gave birth during that time and now have a 9-year-old son whose father died in the same accident in which I was brain-injured. I never then went on to fall in love with the FBI guy watching over me who has his crazy, serial-murderer brother out to get him. (The Reckoning, a Fortunes of Texas story from Silhouette.)

However, this storyline was part of an editor-generated series, so I can't claim to have come up with idea on my own.

lois greiman said...

I've never had a guy chase me around my desk, then die of a Viagra overdose. (Unzipped) But of course, all the rest of it... the medeival sword fights, the warrior statues coming to life, the 19th century con artistry, and all the bad lads in plaids...that all comes from personal experience.

Candace said...

I haven't been a private investigator, a fashion designer, an actress, an Olympic equestrian, a bodyguard, a limo driver, a movie producer, or a mother.

On the other hand...

I have worn most of the shoes my heroines' wear (if only to try them on in the store). I've cooked most of the meals I describe in my books. I've been to a lot of the places, too. Also, I learned to shoot a hand gun (for the P.I. heroine, I've been to limo driver training school, and I go to lots of movies.

Christie Ridgway said...

Candace: All cool jobs! (There's limo driver training school?) I'm afraid of guns but also have this urge to learn to shoot one even though I don't write romantic suspense. Go figure.