Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Guest Author: Leanne Banks

Hi. Cindy here. It's my very great pleasure to welcome my buddy and author extraordinare, Leanne Banks to the convertible.

Leanne and I go way back to the Bantam Loveswept days - anyone out there remember Loveswept? Big sigh. Loved writing those books.

But I digress. We've both moved on - first to Silhouette Desire and then to single title. With over 40 titles to her credit, Leanne is now a USA Today and New York Times bestseller. Woo Woo, Leanne!! I'm so proud of you. Give her a big welcome and make her feel at home, okay?
And without further ado ... heeeeerrrrrreeeee's Leanne...........

Hello, everyone. Virgin Rider...

kay, well sorta.:) You’ll understand more in a minute. But first, RIDERS, thank you so much for letting me join your fab party! I’m so honored!

nd when I thought about your blog title, riding with the top down, I thought of a few different things -

Girls Gone Wild – topless, top down, get it?

riting my first book - more of that naked feeling..

he times I’ve ridden with the top down.

e first time, I did it on a motorcycle. Get your mind out of the gutter. Not that it! The first time I rode with the top down was on a motorcycle, which isn’t a convertible, but it was daring and the wind was blowing in my face and hair and it was so cool. I loved it and rushed home to tell my mother how wonderful it was. She told me, “I’m glad you enjoyed it, because you’re not doing it again. No more motorcycle rides.” See, she knew that the ER calls motorcycles “donor-mobiles."

he next time, I was fifteen and I rode in Steve Key’s red/orange MG Midget. To me, he was so good-looking and my first real boyfriend. It only lasted three months, but ohhh, it was nice. Until the angsty break-up because not only did he have killer eyes and dark hair, but there was that cute car. In retrospect, though, that angst served a useful purpose because I’ve used it in my books.

ince then, I remember taking a convertible for a spin when we considered buying one. A different experience as an adult. I was shocked when the sales guy turned on the heat at the same time he put the top down. And there were rides in jeeps. I was tempted to buy a convertible for myself when I finally had some choice (and credit). I think that was about five years ago. I chose a modified convertible – a car with a moonroof. So, now I can ride with part of the top down any time I want...

hat about you? When was your first time riding with the top down? And how do you ride with the top down now?


Leanne Banks


Helen Brenna said...

Welcome Leanne! Very fun to have to visiting with us.

Hmm, my first time topless? I guess it was on a motorcycle too. In college, I dated a guy-read motorhead-who had 4 motorcycles, 2 dirt bikes and a gorgeous classic baby blue Tbird. Hmm. Wonder whatever happened to him?

Honestly, I'm not too crazy about the whole topless thing these days. All that wind. Helmet hair. I burn in the sun. Wah, wah.

The moonroof sounds wonderful!

Thanks for stopping by today, Leanne!

Betina Krahn said...

Hi, Leanne! Welcome to the back seat!

All my life I wanted a convertible... something sleek and sexy and with a top that retracts. (Those 50's and 60's Private Eye shows always made it look so cool.) So three years ago I finally bought one. A used Lexus SC430. Man, could that baby go. The convertible part was a retractable hard top and there wasn't a rattle anywhere when I traded it this winter.

I discovered that the best way to ride was with the windows up and a cap on to minimize the hair thing and shade the eyes. Also, when the top was down we usually had the air on. . . yeah, it sounds crazy but it was comfortable. I loved it for short and medium trips, but anything over an hour each way and all that roar began to get on my nerves. I guess I got it out of my system. . . cause I traded it in for a crossover with a great --you guessed it-- moon roof! I love that thing. Now I don't feel so guilty having the air on with the top down!

And I guess I've always been too chicken to climb onto the back of a motorcycle. Saw a gruesome fresh accident when I was 16 and never forgot it. But down here in Fla-land, every guy over 50 has a Harley. And you don't want to know what most of them look like in leathers. ;)


Christie Ridgway said...

Hey Leanne! Thanks for joining us. I remember my first topless as a motorcycle ride mom had fits when I got home (like yours) and told me it served me right that I had a horrible burn on my thigh from the exhaust pipe. I did not dismount gracefully.

However, the boy's other vehicle was one of those old kind of vans that looked like it had a bed in the back! My poor mother. I dated him for about three months and I'm sure I contributed to her need for hair color that summer.

robynl said...

My first was a motorcycle also. I wore a helmet and hung onto the guy for dear life(I'm not complaining though as he was dark and handsome). First hubby had a motorcycle also and now dh and I go Quading(no top there also) and love it.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hey, Leanne! Do you remember the first time we met? You were signing at the table next to me at--RT? I'm pretty sure it was RT. I remember enjoying your spiffy display and your outgoing, fun-loving approach to your many fans.

I don't think I've been on a motorcycle since a terrible accident in our neighborhood when I was 9 or 10. Guy lived but was paralyzed. He had a daughter my age.

Happier memories of covertibles--one of my best friends in high school (and before) beautiful Becky Perkins. Her parents' car was so much sexier than mine--a convertible T-Bird--and Becky actually got to drive it. Occasionally had to run an errand for her Mom and didn't have time to change out of her bikini or put on a pair of shoes or a cover-up. It happens. Mind you, bikinis were comparatively tame in those days. And Becky looked great in the bikini and the convertible.

flip said...

My grandpa drove a white convertible. One of my fondest memories was grandpa driving up in his convertible, his black wavy hair blowing in the wind and his eyes shaded by his cool foster grants. My younger brother just remembers the hot red head sitting next to him. I love convertibles. They represent freedom.

Michele Hauf said...

Cool to have you here, Leanne!

Hmm, topless. I guess I'd say my first time was just a month ago. Seriously. I'm not much for driving in cars without tops on them. Not that I've ever had a great hairstyle, but I just don't like the wind blowing it into my eyes.

But, I got me a new car last fall, and it has a sunroof. About as close to topless as I'll get. I just got to try it out last month, when the weather starting getting a little nice. I like it! But I still can't go without the screen to block the wind. I don't think I'll ever go completely topless!


Debra Dixon said...

Hey, Leanne! Another Loveswept alumn here, adding my sigh to Cindy's.

When hubby and I were first married he had a Camaro Z28 with a T-top. I felt marginally safer than in a convertible. (only because I was young and stupid)

I recently rode in my son's Jeep without the top and wondered if we would ever arrive! It was all I could do to hold onto my hair and grip the hand-hold. My son is something of a maniac and I had not previously realized it.

Susan Kay Law said...

I'm not a fan of the top down, either. Dries out my eyes, tangles my hair, way too loud. To my husband's everlasting dismay, because he desperately wants a convertible. Told him to go ahead. Just don't expect me to ride in it.

First time? (Probably only time.) I had a cool uncle. My mom's much younger brother, who was handsome and blond and athletic. He played the guitar and dated girls with really long hair (it was the seventies) and rode a motorcycle, and my mom let me ride with him, out on the country roads.

It was dusty. But I thought I was way cool.


Playground Monitor said...

Oh yes... Loveswept. I didn't start reading romance until about 5-6 years ago but my first romance author was Leanne and after I read her Desires I hunted down all her old Loveswepts (and those couple of Special Editions too!). I have one of Debra's Loveswepts too -- Hot as Sin, and I got her to autograph it in Birmingham last summer.

But I digress.

My husband bought himself a red convertible Fiat Spider in 1980. I hated that car. I couldn't pull the seat up far enough to fully depress the brake and clutch. Plus we had 2 kids and it didn't have a backseat. Now we have an empty nest and he has a big, bad Harley and I get to "do it" on the Harley on weekends -- leather jacket and all. ;-)


Cindy Gerard said...

Hey guys
Leanne just let me know she's been having technical difficulty getting onto the blog.
Sorry I was gone part of the day and just now checked in.
So - she's been trying to respond!!! Just hasn't worked out!!
So sorry.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Leanne, I feel your pain. I've had e-mail difficulties off and off for two or three weeks now. The worst is the time spent on the phone with techs. Finally got one who gave me the direct #. Bless her!

Kathleen Eagle said...

I never wrote any Loveswepts, but I enjoyed reading them--found lots of good authors and followed them to other publishers. LIGHTNING THAT LINGERS (Tom and Sharon Curtis) is still probably my all-time favorite series romance.

JoAnna said...

My friend had a convertible but it just wasn't for me it was to much wind in my hair:) I just felt messed up when I got out of the car instead of sexily mussed!

Cindy Gerard said...

Lightning That Lingers - Oh man. I still have my copy of that book T and S Curtis were amazing!

Helen Brenna said...
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Helen Brenna said...

As Cindy said, Leanne's in Mexico with technical difficulties. But she wanted to respond, so she emailed her publicist, her publicist emailed me.

From Leanne:

Hey Guys, I´m in Cancun and the Mexican computer isn´t allowing me to post, so I´ve asked a friend to respond for me These ARE my responses though I sent them in an email. Oh, and my top is firmly in place! xo, Leanne

Helen, I´m with you. Sometimes I wonder whatever happened to.... Great idea for a book! ;D And I don´t like the messy hair either. I would, however, sacrifice my hair for a ride in someone else´s corvette convertible. That would work for me! xo, Leanne

Betina, baby! You go girl! Shouldn´t be surprised that you went out and made your wish come true. Glad you enjoyed your ride. Rock on with the moonroof. Cindy had one of those too and she told me she loved it. ;D xo, Leanne

Christie, I can totally see you turning you mom´s hair gray. Sweet blonde girl driving the boys wild. I bet you still do! ;D

Robyn, Please explain quading for the motorcycle impaired. You sound like you have a LOT of windblown experience! I think a practical workshop would be a great thing for you to teach the rest of us. That would provide a great break at the national RWA conference, yes

Kathleen, yes, I do remember meeting you and I´ve always admired you writing. I´m with you. A convertible is so much more fun when someone else is the OWNER!´D

Anonymous said...

Does riding a bicycle count?

You know, it is cold in Canada so our tops are usually quite covered. Fur is also appreciated.

Kathleen of Winnipeg

Helen Brenna said...

Kathleen ... fur topped and riding a bike ... now there's a picture!

robynl said...

Leanne, a Quad is a 4 wheeled ATV(All Terrain Vehicle)and you can buy a seat to put on the back so another person can ride along. They are meant for off-road use and recreational riding. We drive in the ditches, in fields, etc.

Helen Brenna said...

Thanks for clarifying, Robyn. I too wondered about that!