Wednesday, March 28, 2007

RITA Finalists Announced!

Here's to our 2007 RITA finalists!

Kathleen Eagle - Ride a Painted Pony
Betina Krahn - The Book of True Desires
Cindy Gerard - Under the Wire
Christie Ridgway - Must Love Mistletoe

You guys so deserve it! We'll all be cheering you on at National in July!

For a complete list of Romance Writer's of America's RITA finalists, check out this link:


Debra Dixon said...

That's awesome!!

Congratulations all. :)

Betina Krahn said...

Thanks, Riders! Here's to gold statues all around!

lois greiman said...


You guys ROCK!

HUGE congratulations!!

anne frasier said...


Susan Kay Law said...

Oh, look how brilliant you all are!



Christie Ridgway said...

Thanks, everyone. It will be a fun conference, I'm sure.

Cindy Gerard said...

Thanks guys!
I'll be AWOL the rest of the week. Leaving for NYC tomorrow for meetings with my publisher and to attend the PASIC conference. Oh yeah - and I might be up for some fun too :o)
I'll check back in next week and let you know how big a bite the Big Apple takes out of ME :o).

Kathleen Eagle said...

Thanks for the good wishes, guys. All this time I was thinking we were all in different categories, but I schecked the RWA web site, and Christie and I are in the same one. Ah, well, it's bound to be one of us, right?

Little side note--when I won my Rita years back ('92?) in single title contemporary, there were 3 finalists (get this: I beat Nora Roberts and my good friend Sandra Brown!) and this year we have 9! The number of finalists in each category is based on the number of entries. Back then it was all about historicals.

Anonymous said...

alot of talent there!