Friday, March 02, 2007

Oscar night, by Susie

Okay, I watched. This, despite the fact that I think the only one of the multiply-nominated movies I've seen is DREAMGIRLS. (I can't deal with depressing movies. Sorry. Real life is tough enough; I like to be entertained with my entertainment.)

I admit that - and surprisingly, because 99% of the time I'm a fleece-and-Levis-girl - mostly I watch to see what everybody looks like. (Though I thought Jack Black and Will Farrell were very, very funny.) Mostly because, I think, that deep in my heart of hearts, I believe that if I had a stylist and a designer and a hairdresser and a makeup artist and a jeweler, all spending hours on making me-me-me look good, I'd look fabulous, too. (I can never figure out how any of them look BAD, given all the effort put forth. Don't any of them have mothers or sisters or girlfriends who go: Hey, Kirsten. NOT a good dress for you.)

I wonder if it's a mark of my age that the two I was most impressed with were Diane Keaton and Helen Mirren. Not that some of the other women weren't gorgeous, of course. But it was so lovely to see to mature women, who haven't had their eyebrows pulled into their hairlines, look just fabulous. My husband, more than a decade younger than either of them, took one glance at Diane Keaton when she went on stage and went: "Wow, she looks great."

Of course, I suppose to look like that at sixty, you had to have looked like they did at thirty. Sigh. Still, I loved that they looked age-appropriate and still not the least bit matronly. And - well, maybe not to my sons, but who cares? - they looked SEXY.

So there's always hope, right?

Who was your best/worst dressed?


Maria, Lover of All Things Romance said...

I thought Helen Mirren looked simply stunning and I loved Nicole Kidman's dress too. I thought Penelope Cruz's gown was a monstrosity

Debra Dixon said...

Helen Mirren is my new idol. Such a sexy, gorgeous dress. Yes, she's relatively slender, etc. but she managed to wear a dress that didn't look like it had been cut to hide all of age's little boo-boos.

I didn't watch the Oscars but did catch her dress on a TV Guide spot while I was looking for something to watch.

I used to hate all those TV Guide shows but I now admit that I occasionally get lost in them and forget to look at what is on the grid!!

Christie Ridgway said...

I didn't watch for like the first time in forever. We'd been gone overnight and I just thought....naaah. Instead, my younger son and I played with our iPods, exchanging ear buds to hear each other's songs.

Did see Jennifer Hudson's three gowns the next morning and she looked great.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Cait Blanchett looked stunning. Love that one-shoulder style. Naomi Watts was a standout in the yellow dress, very nicely put together with the hair. I thought Jennifer Lopez's dress would have been fun to wear--floaty--and her hair style was lovely. I enjoy seeing the straight hair because it's such a great blast from the past, but straight I've got. I covet the style JLo was wearing.
But I agree that Helen Mirren's dress had everything and suited her perfectly. Classy. Oh, and Beyonce, both dresses, but especially the one she wore when she sang with Jennifer Hudson (the best part of the show, really).

Didn't like Gwenneth Paltrow's choice. I don't know what color that was. Kind of reminded me of nylon stockings pieced together Didn't like--can't remember her name--white dress with the black thing across the boobs that kinda looked like a bow but wasn't. Nicole Kidman looked like she hadn't eaten in a week. And Penelope Cruz is gorgeous, but that dress must have been about as unwieldy (although certainly prettier) as Princess Di's wedding gown.

Jennifer Hudson's silver jacket looked funny, but I was thrilled with her win. She was fabulous in DREAMGIRLS. When she sang that big song--was it called "You're Gonna Love Me"?--I had one of those bowled over in the movie theater moments. (Can't get that watching a dvd in the living room). Take that, Simon Legree! (I don't watch American Idol, but I saw the clip of him telling her she was "out of her depth.")

I watched the whole thing this year because it was the first time I'd seen so many of the movies--all the best picture nominees--BEFORE the awards.

Michele said...

Watched part of it, when usually I don't ever watch. I'm the sort who tunes in to Entertainment Tonight the next evening just to see what everyone wore.
Yep, Helen Mirren was gorgeous.
Nicole Kidman's dress scared me, and her stiff botoxed face.
For some reason I really liked the strange schoolgirl collar on Kirsten Dunst's dress.
And the little girl, Abigail, was just sweet in her party dress.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Michele, I kinda liked that collar, too. Was that the dress that had the feathers on the bottom that didn't seem to go with the top?

Another one I liked, especially on the bottom, was Reese Witherspoon's midnight purple number. Liked her straight hair, but thought it was too long. Do you think the long, straight do's were real hair or extensions?

Cameron Diaz should go back to blonde. I liked her dress, too. The collar was cool.

Loved Penelope Cruz's hair. She reminds me of Audrey Hepburn--not that Audrey would have worn that dress. I can imagine walzing across a polished marble ballroom floor in that dress. It looked better on stage than on the red carpet.

And what was Meryl Streep thinking? Artsy and eccentric? It looked chunky and clunky and so NOT red carpet. But she's so consistently good at what she does, she's earned the right to suit her mood at these things.

Fun topic, Susie!