Monday, March 26, 2007


BLOOD TIES - Lifetime Television
Sunday Night

Who doesn't love a good triangle? Especially if you've got a vampire nailing down the apex! Toss in a heroine (Vicky) who is a former-cop-turned-private-eye, her former detective/partner (Mike), an urban setting and supernatural hijinks and I'm going to turn on the telly.

Here's the I going to keep tuning in?

I've felt a definite void in my life since they scrubbed Buffy and Angel. (We won't talk about my depression caused by the cancelation of Joss Whedon's other series - Firefly.) So when I saw a commercial for this new series my ears perked up. (Okay, I stopped in my tracks and swiveled toward the television like a bloodhound on the scent.) As the commercial progressed, I thought 'Huh. That sounds like the Blood series of books by Tanya Huff.' And yes, the series is based on those books.

Next I was sad to find out that the show had already premiered. Don't you always hate missing the beginning of anything? But...wait...some marketing genius put the first hour of the 2 hour premier on I-tunes for FREE. Cool! And then I remembered I'd never been to I-tunes and didn't have an account. I quickly remedied that. Well, not so quickly but I did manage to finally get the show downloaded. I also paid the $ 1.99 for the second hour of the premier. (I may become an I-tunes addict.)

Here's what I know:
I like (but not adore) the characters.
I enjoy some of the dialogue.
Vicky has an eye disease that will eventually leave her blind.
The vampire Henry is boy-toy yummy and a bit young for the heroine.
The triangle is progressing predictably.
The supernatural crimes are predictable.
I want to look like Vicky in a pair of jeans.

Sunday's episode involved a young girl (maybe 8) who's kinetic abilities have scared away her father, killed her mother and landed her in the clutches of a private school administrator who's building his own little empire of "gifted children." We find out the administrator has been scheming for a while and was intrumental in nudging the girl to the point her powers killed her mother.

The problem is, I knew all of this from the moment the grandmother sought the help of Vicky in finding the runaway dad. Grams said, "Gee, I can't care for her. If it hadn't been for her school's willingness to take her in, I don't know what I would have done." I watched anyway. I wasn't bored to tears. But I'm hoping for better.

Episodes 2 & 3 haven't lived up to the premier for me. But I've liked enough of what I've seen to tune in a while longer and see if the series can strike that balance between humor and drama that will keep me coming back for more. Right now they seem to be tilted toward paint-by-numbers drama.

Anyone else watch this show? Or have recommendations for something I'm missing and should be watching? (Besides Dresden. I've got that covered!)


blackroze37 -tami said...

MEi watched... i really REALLY want to love the show, but am having tough time, on its moving, and it is a giving to what is fixing to happen.. though i did miss the pilot (lucky me, the runned it earlier than the show, so i got caught up
well u know henry is going to give vicky some blood and that will cure her eyesight, im a betting
and he should be the son of cassanova!

Betina Krahn said...

You have a lot of company, Deb, in the "big empty hole" department on account of Buffy, Angel, and Firefly.

I didn't know about Blood Ties, so I'll tune in and try to catch up. But I'm really starting to like the Dresden Files and dislike Special Unit 2--ugh. But Heroes and House and 24 are mostly there to console me. I'm looking forward to the series "Painkiller Jane" on SciFi. It may turn out to be a mess, but I love the title and the kick-butt heroine, so I'll give it a try.

Helen Brenna said...

Tami, too funny, you have it all figured out!

I don't watch the show, but it sounds interesting, if not predictable. Some times I like a little predictability, other times it'll kill things for me.

I've been wanting to watch 24, Betina. Just can't seem to make it happen.

Shannon said...

I agree with you totally! I SOOOO miss Buffy, Angel, & even Tru Calling (started watching because Faith from Buffy was in it, and got hooked, before they cancelled it). I liked the start of "Blood Ties", but I agree that some of it was predictable. I hope it will get better. I am watching "Supernatural" regularly, but other than that I am low on those types of shows. I love vampire stories, so I hope that I will grow to love "Blood Ties". I haven't watched the one from last night yet, I have it DVR'ed. Will watch soon. Have a great day!

Michele said...

Buffy. Spike.

Yeah, I miss 'em, and started Dresden files, but that has dissappointed. I'm heading over to iTunes right now to download the Blood Ties show.

As for great new shows...has anyone watched The Riches? It's Monday nights at 9 on FX (i think). Very good so far. Makes me wonder how this family of gypsy-like thieves who've literally stolen the lives of a rich family can carry this through a whole season. But the characters are quite, well...characters, so I have high hopes. Eddie Izzard and Minnie Driver rock. And the boy who plays their youngest son, a cross-dresser, don't you know, is awesome. The whole cast is.

And since I don't get HBO or Showtime, I'm moaning because I won't get to watch The Tudors which debuts April 1st or 2nd. Jonathon Rhys Meyers as Henri the 8th. Num. But the website for the show is featuring the first two episodes for free, if you know the password (hint: king)


Debra Dixon said...

Tami-- I'm right there with you! We all know that Henry will be giving Vicky some blood *somehow* and that will fix the eyes or at least arrest the eyes where they are now. Most likely fix. (g)

Betina-- Yes, I'm really beginning to like Dresden. And they had Claudia Black from Farscape guesting this week and that always makes me happy. And I love House. My whole family is in to Heroes but I somehow missed several shows of that. :/ So, I'm thinking I'll pick it up in rerun.

Shannon-- I liked Tru Calling too! Don't know why they cancelled it. I love the gal that played Faith on Buffy.

Michelle-- Cool ! Thanks for the password for Tudors. We're one of those households without HBO and Showtime! Just have basic cable. We went to that when the kid was young and just never switched back. It didn't bother me until they started doing series. I've just finished Rome on DVD. Loved it. And am going to have to go to a friend how has on-demand so I can watch all this season's episodes. I caught a bit of The Riches. The tail end of the debut. Loved it. Planning to watch tonight.

terrio said...

Thank you so much for that password Michele. I only have HBO and not Showtime which is showing that series. I catch bits of Rome but the dialogue is so horrible it annoys me. And I think alot of the sex and violence are gratuitous but whatever.

I don't do the sci/fi stuff but I caught a little of Blood Ties - the pilot I believe. I didn't get any chemistry between the PI and the vamp but like I said, it's not my thing so that's probably just me.

I just wanted to mention that I made a major score at the UBS this weekend. Three Betina Krahns including The Last Bachelor in mint condition. I'm so excited.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Michele, I just got the first 3 episodes of "The Tudors" on dvd from Blockbuster. Haven't watched it yet, but that's one of my favorite periods in English hist. Also love Henry II period--"Lion In Winter" anyone?

LOVED the new film "Amazing Grace." I swear, Clyde got teary toward the end, and that NEVER happens. He loves to go to the movies, but he laughs at me for bawling.

Oh, Terrio, we're on opposite sides of the "Rome" fence. I thought the writing was excellent, and the casting was SO well done. So many fine performances. I was sad to see it end, but it ended exactly where it needed to end. (I'm a "Sopranos" fan, but I think they've let it go on too long. Hope the final season is better than the previous one.) Anyway, the final episode of "Rome" aired last night, and I loved the way they ended it, weaving the historical threads together with the story of the two Roman soldiers. I think I might have raved about Titus Pullo a time or two here?

No vampires for me. I'll take my blood pouring out of the gut at the end of a double-edged sword.

lois greiman said...

Okay, first of all, I can see that I need cable. Second, how long do you think the paranormal craze is going to last?

Virginia Lady said...

I haven't been able to watch an entire show of Blood Ties. I had high hopes, but I don't think the lead actress is the right one for the role. Something is missing.

I was hooked on Tru Calling, bummed when they cancelled it. I also loved Angel, watched all the re-runs on Sci-Fi over a few days. Sad, I know, but what can I say? I'm an addict.

I like Dresden Files, but it's not as good as his books. They changed some basic things about the lead character and I think that spoils it somewhat. I'm hoping it improves, and it has some already, but I think it needs a little more growth to be a really good one.

Michele said...

Kathy, you got the TUdors on DVD already? It hasn't even aired yet. How cool is that?

Lois, I think paranormal is here to stay. You just can't get rid of those critters; they are resiliant to stakes, silver and curses, I've heard. :-)

The Dresden Files books are much, much better than the tv show, but I'll give it a few more episodes to grow on me. I guess I had James Nesbitt in mind for Harry Dresden. He can play a great wise-cracking smart ass. The dude playing him now isn't as edgy as I'd hoped for Dresden.


Christie Ridgway said...

Oh, oh! I saw the promo for this series and forgot to watch. I have a lot of trouble keeping up with new shows because of the kids' volleyball games in the evening and the fact that I really like to book is always available.

However, I do have an iTunes account, so I can d/load it easily!

Debra Dixon said...

Virginia-- Yes, there's just some slippery something that isn't quite right and I'm so hoping they'll tinker and the series will improve.

Diane in Syracuse said...

I, too, miss Buffy and Angel. I wondered as you were describing if the series was Tanya Huff. The actor may look young, but surely Henry is many hundreds of years old, so that's just a perceptual thing. And, no doubt, very frustrating for any live person in love with an immortal.

But I won't be watching because I gave up on everything except the VERY basic cable, since I never remember to watch tv (I did watch Bones - with David Boreanaz -for a while, but I kept forgetting). I'm too busy reading!

JoAnna said...

I had to give up my cable so I am (sigh) without all these cool shows. I watch my Firefly on DVD and obsess about the show House.

Sometimes I even forget to watch House because I get sucked into a book!

Betina Krahn said...

Did you see that there's a new show coming April 15th called "Drive". . . starring Nathan Fillion! Yes, Mal from Firefly/Serenity! In a new series!! Cars are involved and I bet they give him come great quips. Can't wait!

I ran out and bought the first season of Rome and am rationing it. . . an episode a week. But now I have a number of great books to read, so I'm going to have to ration TV time to get a book or two of my own finished.

And Terrio, great that you found BK's in mint condition. Except. . . does that mean somebody bought it and didn't even read it? You can see how that might create a conflict in an author, right? lol. Great to have you here!'

Also, Kathy we went to see Amazing Grace and LOVED it. Wonderful story with great acting and a surprising and lovely romance. . . the real thing! Everybody should see this one! And folks who love historical periods. . . it's as genuine as it gets!

terrio said...


I picked up three of yours and only one was in mint condition. Looked to be a reissue that someone took very good care of. The others look like crap if that makes you feel better. LOL!

I saw Amazing Grace the weekend it hit theaters and it was wonderful. It really bothers me that it got so little attention. It's such a great and important story and very well done.

Oh, and I have to watch Drive. It looks really good and I love cars.

principessa said...

I love the show "24" since it began several years ago. The acting is superb, the plot and the writing is above all excellent. The one and only show that I watch. Also Kiefer is easy on the eyes.

Kaitlin said...

I dunno if we'll be lucky enough to find another Buffy. Buffy was basically awesome from the get-go because of Joss Whedon's awesome writing. *sigh* If only more writers out there could twist so much humor out of such angst.

I think this show is okay, though it's not my favorite. I find the guy who plays Henry hot, but he's so-stinkin-short! Sheesh! It's hard for me to think of a strong, hot vampire who's maybe 5'8" in his stocking feet. Kind of ruins the image for me.

It may be that the show takes a little while to find its feet. There have been some shows out there that started slow & built up steam as they progressed. There are also ones that showed great promise and petered out.

At this point, I'll cross my fingers & see what happens. :)

QB said...

I read the Tanya Huff books way back when. Henry was a bisexual Romance writer in them but I doubt they'll go the M/M route for TV. I thought the premier of Blood Ties was like watching a really good book come to life.

But I have to admit that this last episode was pretty cheesy and the child actress, while cute as a bug, was a really bad actor and that just added to the cheesiness. It was kind of like watching that old syndicated show Psi Factor.

I sure hope that this episode was just a glitch and next week's will be as good as the premiere.

MsIsis said...

My opinion is the problem is with "Henry". He's cute, no doubt about it. But he's not much of an actor,,, OR it could be his dialogue, but he just really doesn't "Feel" like an old vampire to me.

I don't mind the heroine, and I don't even have a problem with the X. It's Henry that gets me.

He's great "eye candy" but that's all the vibe I get.

I'll probably keep watching a few more weeks before I make my final decision. Often when an actor isn't "up to snuff" in the beginning, they learn alot later on, so it might fall into place.