Saturday, February 24, 2007

Nancy Warren Guest Blogs!

Hello again. Sorry for the late entry today but we had a disaster yesterday. Woke up to find water all over the basement. Our water tank had burst in the night. It’s astonishing how fast water can wreck things. Floors — we had laminate flooring down there — all gone. Walls wet up to six inches from the floor, some furniture gone.

Most everything, of course, is just stuff and can be replaced, but my boxes of Christmas ornaments got wet and I cried when I had to throw away some of the home made ones that my children had done through the years. But, as always when something disastrous happens, it’s hard to get too worked up when your family is safe! No one was hurt. So, for the next three months, they warn us, our lives will be intruded upon by restoration and trades people. What can you do?

However, I’m supposed to be here talking about Daytona and the launch of Speed Dating, which was the first of the Harlequin/NASCAR series of romances. There are four out this month. Mine, Gina Wilkins, Roxanne St. Clair and Debra Webb’s.

I thought the PR and marketing folks did a fabulous job. They decided to do an actual speed dating event right at the track at Daytona. Carl Edwards (superstar NASCAR driver who makes an appearance in my book) was on hand for the event. He’s just a sweetheart and really likes being aligned with Harlequin, so that was great.

He and I had a few minutes to talk about how he’s going to appear in my second NASCAR novel coming out in November. It will be called, appropriately, Turn Two. Carl gives dating advice to my heroine in Speed Dating, but I think in Turn Two he’s going to give driving advice to a rookie. Hah, should be fun getting the inside scoop!

The jewel in my crown was when Charles McGrath of the New York Times came down for the speed dating event. I was terrified that he’d use the obvious opportunity to mock romance, but he was actually genuinely interested in what we do.

When his article appeared on the front page of the NYT Monday, well, it was one of the coolest moments of my life. On my way home I bought out all the copies at the Orlando airport and showed all my seatmates on the plane ride home. Whether they wanted to see it or not. I definitely felt like I was riding with the top down!!! You can see the full article on my website When I get dried off, I’ll get organized and post some photos. Waving to all.



Helen Brenna said...

Hey, Nancy. Sorry to hear about the household problems. They're never fun. I'd cry too at losing Christmas ornaments. Weird how we can get so attached to inanimate objects!

As for NASCAR - I read that NYT article on-line but didn't know it was front page. So happy for you. Go girl! Pave the way for us 2008 NASCAR authors! LOL!

robynl said...

So sorry for your flood problems but good that everyone is safe.
Material things can be replaced most often.
I love Nascar stories so bring them on.

Helen Brenna said...

Nancy's having troubles commenting, so she asked me to post this.

Thanks, Helen. The NYT writer actually asked me about plans for 08 and I introduced him to Marsha Zinberg who was there, but I guess there wasn't room for him to talk about 08. I think there is a lot of excitement around this series. Fingers crossed it takes off!

I was shopping today for new flooring ideas. You know, it's one thing when you've been planning a reno, quite another when one is thrust upon you LOL.

Helen Brenna said...

Robynl, you're so right about the material things. Important to keep reminding ourselves of that.

Hope you enjoy the NASCAR books!

Kathleen Eagle said...

Hi, Nancy! Welcome!

Oh, man, there's nothing worse than a flood in the house. I've had more than I care to count. You have my sympathy!

I've been hearing about the NASCAR books from Helen. Had no idea how big this sport was until I heard that Harlequin was doing a whole line of books focused on it. I'm into horses rather than cars, but my brother lived in Indianapolis years ago and still talks about going to the Indy 500. Is that related at all?

Helen Brenna said...

Kathy, I'll answer since Nancy's having trouble commenting.

The Indy 500 is called Grand Prix racing, or open wheel and I'm not sure how the car is different. There's little to no car contact in that kind of racing.

NASCAR is stock car racing, so the vehicles look more like real cars and the wheels are covered, so there's more bumping and hitting that takes place, especially on the "short" tracks. The cars really get beaten up.

Kathleen Eagle said...

Oh, stock cars, yeah. I think I went to a stock car race once when I was a kid. I remember the bumper car aspect. Kind of reminded me of pro hockey. I've never been to a pro hockey game, but a player from the Springfield Indians (team moved to LA I think) went to our church--again, when I was a kid. He got really beaten up, too.

I remember seeing a demolition derby once, too, but I think it was only like a demonstration and not a whole thing. I remember asking someone how they could tell who won, and the answer was something like "The winner can still move. The losers have all been totalled."

Christie Ridgway said...

Nancy: Thanks for posting here and sorry for all your water troubles! That NYT article made its way across the entire country and was on the front page of our San Diego Union-Tribune newspaper. Very cool.