Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Helen Plays Matchmaker for a Day

Today wasn't supposed to be my day to blog, but Cindy's having some technical difficulties in the form of no electricity since Saturday due to terrible ice and snow storms in Iowa. I don't get what the big deal is. Gosh.

Anyway, I was blogging on Romance by the Blog yesterday (http://romancebytheblog.blogspot.com) and the group seemed to like this, so I'll post it here too, with a couple minor alterations.

We all know there are many heartfelt and important factors that go into making a relationship work. Common values and interests, sexual spark, the ability to communicate, along with so many other things. Friends, lovers, soulmates, you know the drill. All that aside, have you ever noticed how couples sometimes look alike?

Gee, I’m not shallow at all. LOL!

Honestly, though, when I was a kid I used to believe that not only did fate and destiny play a huge role in getting two people together, but somehow if you looked alike, you belonged with each other. I’m guessing on a subconscious level that’s part of what’s going on with the whole love at first sight blast. We recognize something in that other person that reminds us of ourselves.

Look at these two. Do they look beautiful together or what?

If you’re skeptical, think of the opposite then, the biggest mismatches of faces ever made. Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman, for example. She was way too classy for him. Uma Thurman and Gary Oldman, what’s up with that? Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. Any guesses as to whether that one’s gonna last?

So let’s take it one step further.

I know we’d ideally like to keep our favorite eligible bachelors all to ourselves, but, for the heck of it, let’s play matchmaker today and come up with mates for some of these guys. We can’t do much worse than most celebrities manage to do on their own.

What do you think of Orlando Bloom and …

Jessica Biel or …

Blake Lively

How ‘bout Matthew McConaughey and …

Scarlet Johansson or …

Heidi Klum

Here’s an interesting one. Colin Farrell and

Shakira or …

Elisha Cuthbert

Who fits with Jake Gyllenhaal …

Rachel McAdams or …

Anne Hathaway

I’d take George Clooney all for myself, but if I had to share him …

Kate Beckinsale or …

Penelope Cruz

Which one of the two ladies offered as options would you pick for each guy? Or do you have better ideas? I’d love to hear them!


Betina Krahn said...

Helen, dear, I'm still trying to get my head around the whole "look like each other" thing. I've seen old couples who look so much alike they could be brother and sister. I think it's a matter of living together all those years. . . and of course, choosing someone with familiar features. . . someone who looks like family.

As for the matches. . . some inspired choices here! Hollywierd should pay you to set these up!

My votes are:

Orlando: Blake Lively She just looks. . lively and fun! And that boy takes himself way too seriously.

Matthew McC: Scarlett (Only because Heidi is taken! I protest. We should find him another option. And I modestly put forth my own. . .nah, I'm taken.)

Colin: Definitely Shakira. She could shake that boy up and keep him on his toes! Picture him watching her hips. . . which don't lie.

Jake: Rachel McAdams. She's adorable. But together, they'd be too cute to live.

George: Penelope. Definitely. She's a woman to reckon with and her scorching sensuality and strong sense of self would have him stumbling all over himself. . . which I'd love to see. Payback, baby.

Hey, this is fun! We ought to do this again, sometime!

lois greiman said...

Good stuff Helen.

I'm liking Shakira for Colin. How dangerous would they be together?

And what about Thandie Newton for George Clooney? She's got a great face...full of depth.

Anyone know the name of that darling little actress who was Owen Wilson's love interest in The Wedding Crasher? She'd be great for Matthew McC.

Hey, this is fun. I'm ready to start on my own kids.

Helen Brenna said...

Betina, I think I voted for the same match-ups, cept George.

I love the Shakira/Colin set. I should do this for a living?

Who Thandie Newton?

Strangely enough, Lois, OW's love interest in the wedding crashers was Rachel McAdams, who've I've paired with Jake. I'm thinking she'd be great with George, though.

Silly stuff, but fun.

Debra Dixon said...

Betina-- LOL! We picked exactly the opposites except for Colin and Shakira.

I don't want to marry these guys off!! (g)

Okay okay okay.

But I'm keeping Owen Wilson. I just adore him and I think he's open to being my second husband but we'd have to move somewhere the cultural practice is to have two hubbies because I'm not getting rid of # 1.

Christie Ridgway said...

Colin and Elisha! She's a little wholesome/a little bad girl. One would balance the bad in him and the other would keep the spice going in their relationship.

But isn't Tom Brady (he's a football guy, right?) dating Scarlett now? Someone is. I don't think I wish Matthew M. on anyway until he grows up A LOT. Now there's a man's man, as we were talking about the other day.

I don't want George matched with anyone. I love the idea of him as the perennial sexy, sophisticated bachelor.

Helen Brenna said...

I don't want to marry em off either, Deb. I thought about putting my pic next to everyone, but you guys would never let me get away with that!

Dating Scarlett, dating, Christie. She's still fair game.

If George ever does get hitched, there will be one big wimper across the country, I think.

Cheeky Wench said...

God, that's kinda depressing really. I'm not sure I want my soulmate to look that much like me. I was hoping for someone a little better looking than me, at least. :)

For George, I don't care for either option. Not because I think I'm the best choice. (What an idea.) But because I don't think Cruz is as jokey as he is--and their personalities would clash--and I don't like Kate. Never liked her. She can't have him. I don't care how pretty they look together.

I do like the idea of Jake & Anne together. I think they'd do well.

Helen Brenna said...

Cheeky - LOL - good point, never thought of it like that, but you're right.

Laurie said...

I can see Georgge Clooney with Meg Ryan. They both have a sense of humor and Meg's more mature.
I liked Orlando and Kiera Knightly in Pirates of the Caribbean so I'd put them together.
Elisha Cuthbert...let's see Keanu Reeves.
Pen Cruz and Rachel are a bit odd so I don't have any one for them. I envision them with older men.
Shakeria I 'd put with fellow Latin singer Juanes.
I'm not sure who to put with Matt M..I also see him with an older woman not a starlet.

Helen Brenna said...

You know, I have to admit I'm not crazy about Meg Ryan. I love her movies, but she can't have George!

But I did almost put Keira Knightly with Orlando, Laurie. They look good together.

Karen said...

What about Shakira and Brad Pitt?