Monday, February 12, 2007


Because I Said So...

3 1/2 stars (out of 5 stars)

Cast: Diane Keaton, Mandy Moore, Gabriel Macht, Tom Everett Scott, Lauren Graham, Piper Perabo, Stephen Collins

I have to admit that I went to see this movie because I'm a fan of Lauren Graham (Gilmore Girls). The trailer during Gilmore Girls last week made it seem like she had a much bigger role. Unfortunately she was on screen too little to make me happy.

The movie is really about the relationship between a meddling mother (Diane Keaton) who just wants all her daughters to be happily married and her youngest daughter (Mandy Moore) who can't seem to put a decent relationship together despite being attractive, a business owner, genuine and kind. The MM (meddling mom) has a nasty little habit of offering well-meaning advice that slices through her younger daughter's confidence.

Somehow MM's character is deftly played by Keaton and you truly believe she loves her daughter and wants to help rather than sticking in nasty jabs here and there as a power trip. MM is just clueless. Can't buy a clue. Wouldn't know a clue if it fell on her head. And doesn't know why she's so driven to see all of her daughters happy. Her motivation will be revealed to her as the events unfold. The viewer is pretty certain from the get go that MM wants her childen to avoid a long lonely life. She's raised them by herself and hasn't been in a romantic relationship/had a partner in ages. In one particularly touching scene we find out that she's never had an orgasm.

But let's get back to the action...

Instead of backing off as her daughter has asked, she places an online personals ad to interview men for her daughter. (mistake #1) After a disasterous number of men, she finds one that seems perfect. One a lot like her. An important, structured architect. (mistake #2) Meanwhile, a completely charming young musician with a 50's Brat Pack essence has watched her for most of the day and helps her out of a jam. He thinks he might like her daughter and throws his hat into the ring. MM turns him down. (mistake #3) So the charming young musician palms a card for the daughter's business from the table and arranges his own meeting.

The movie is predictable but fun. Comedy unfolds as the daughter juggles two men and her meddling mom and seeks the advice of her sisters.
Gabriel Macht who plays the muscian is yummy and he's a stand-up guy with a young dynamo for a son. It's fun to watch the MM begin to realize her flaws and needs. There's a romance thrown in for her (Stephen Collins who is the father of the yummy musician). And did I mention Gabriel Macht?? Yummy.

If you're a romantic comedy buff, give this one a look at the theater. My husband even enjoyed it. Not the best romantic comedy ever but a lovely way to spend the afternoon with a salted pretzel.


lois greiman said...

I saw this movie last week and thought it was fun...simple, relaxing, happy fun. My husband liked it too, though, as I already revealed, I'm not the romantic one in the family.

Cindy Gerard said...

I'm so glad you reviewed this movie. I've been wanting to see it but the reviewers have not been kind. should have know - it's ROMANCE - consequently not a viable contender in the world of male reviewers :o)
In any event, it sounds like fun and I love Dianne Keaton and it appears i REALLY need to check out Gabriel Machet:o)

Betina Krahn said...

Deb, thanks for the heads up on this one. I'm going to go see it. The reviews were so abysmal that I decide to skip it. I'll go back and pick it up, now!

Why is it they like to portray mothers as basket cases? Just once I'd love to see a savvy mother who really does know best and helps her kid find happiness. The years and wisdom that come with 40+ and gray have to count for something!

;) Betina

Michele said...

I'm glad for the review as well, because I've been vacillating about whether or not to see it. I love Diane Keaton. (Is it just me, or does anyone else think our own Kathleen Eagle reminds them a bit of Ms. Keaton?)
I just read an article on her in MORE magazine (which also features an article on Eloisa James trying on new careers) and Keaton just seems like a neat chick. But not afraid of her quirks, and stronger for them.

Debra Dixon said...
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Helen Brenna said...

Michele, I saw those articles in MORE too. I love that magazine.

Thanks for the review, Deb. Sometimes it's nice to go to a movie you don't have to think about too much. Just sit back, relax and be entertained. Kind of.

Wish I could get my daughter to do with me.

Debra Dixon said...

I'm replacing my first comment with this one to fix a typo, but I'm sure there will be more. ::sigh::

Yes, my hubby liked it, too, which was a relief for him because he was totally prepared for another evening like EMMA. (g) He's not much of a chick-flick kind of guy.

Totally! It's romance. Entertainment. And much lust after Mr. Macht anytime he's on screen. There is a natural charm and "love of women" about him. Not a sleezeball horny guy love, but only a true romance fan understands the appeal of a guy who things women are brilliant, fun and fascinating creatures.

I don't why they sterotype mothers so much. Diane Keaton is able to play this role but in so many actor's hands this part would have been unlikeable. I will say they have her standing around in her underwear in a locker room scene and the woman looks fab for her age! Fab. Not sex kitten fab, but just good old "I watch what I eat and get some exercise" fab. Probably with a little tummy flattening surgery or killer tummy flattening underwear. (g)

Debra Dixon said...


Diane Keaton is always a treat to watch. She is cool. And I have to say I was always trying to figure out how she could do what the script was asking for and not make me want to choke her. She always managed to make that love for her children come through everything. Plus she has no fear of being her age and showing her body. Mucho kudos for that.

Helen-- Hey, at least you have a daughter! Remember you're talking to the woman with an only son. ::sigh:: I'm so jealous. Wouldn't trade my kid for anything but when I see a movie like BECAUSE I SAID SO, I am sad that I don't have a daughter or too to form a merry band with.

Christie Ridgway said...

Diane Keaton played a great mother role in The Family Stone. She was wonderful in it. Great, fun holiday movie (Christmas) with a very poignant ending.

Debra Dixon said...

Christie-- I loved and adored the Family Stone. They did a beautiful job signaling the sadness and letting the viewer absorb it so that the hope of the movie still shined through.

Kaitlin said...

I'd say my favorite of Diane Keaton's latest movies was "Something's Got To Give" with her and Jack Nicholson. The chemistry between the two of them is great.

The chick flick I'm wondering if anyone saw was the latest interpretation of Pride & Prejudice with Keira Knightley. I LOVE that movie! The chemistry between her Lizzie & Matthew MacFadyen's Mr. Darcy was sizzling. Yum! And he's hot too, which helped. he-he

Cindy-Cannot wait for your next Bodyguard book. :) I've been waiting with bated breath since To The Brink and it's killing me that's it's taking so long to get Dallas' story. *sigh* :)

Helen Brenna said...

Kaitlin, I could watch the Keira Knightly version of Pride and Prejudice over and over. One of my all time favorite movies.

Cindy Gerard said...

You're a sweetie! Stop by my website soon and I'll have a trailer up for INTO THE DARK to torment you even more :o)

And I loved Family Stone too. Cried like a baby afterwards. Hit me like a brick. We had just lost my mother the November before and it all came back - and having said that, it was in a good way. Even the tears were good. I love it when a movie touches you like that.