Thursday, February 22, 2007

What do you believe?

At a certain stage in our lives, we stop looking back, and begin to embrace the now. We come into ourselves. We are beginning to own our lives. And we have formed certain innate beliefs, things that we know to be true. Here are a few of my beliefs:
1. I believe the world is light, and we are creatures of light.

2. I believe in an ice-cold glass of extra-pulp orange juice so thick you have to bite it instead of drink it.
3. I believe there are no coincidences. Everything happens for a reason.
4. I believe a person can find bliss in the rumble of a cat's purr upon their chest as the two of you settle in for a cozy cat nap.
5. I believe in Maxfield Parrish blue.
6. I believe in a good brain-cell-blasting sneeze. If you're not going to go all out, then don't even bother.
7. I believe what you put out, you get back. Be good to people.
8. I believe in faeries.
9. I believe Johnny Depp was placed on this earth so that I would know not merely dreams, but gorgeous fantasies.

10. I believe in silence.
11. I believe that some day some day I will find a bra that fits.
12. I believe in 800-thread count sheets.
13. I believe the sun can heal.

So what about you? What are some of your beliefs?


ps - Happy Birthday, George!


Helen Brenna said...

Ah, Michele, you made my day. Particularly with #9.

I believe that sometimes things we don't want to do are exactly what we need to do.

I believe one trick to living a happy life is letting go and giving in. Much harder said than done.

I believe puppy breath is one of life's biggest treats.

Mia said...

I believe in lying on the beach in the sun with a good romance novel!

I believe in God, even if it’s not the popular thing to do.

I believe that Hiawatha Diary is going to touch a lot of lives in many different ways.

I believe that babies are the sweetest things on earth.

I believe in wandering around barefoot on a summer day.

I believe in iced tea as brain stimulation.

I believe that God created Keneau Reeves for the same reason He created Johnny Depp for Michelle!

I believe in helping my friends and family when they need it.

I believe in surprising the important people in my life with silly little things.

I believe in ghosts.

I believe in walking in the rain.

I believe in dancing under the stars.

I believe a good Italian Margarita solves just about EVERYTHING...

I believe in sitting in my swing watching the summer day go by.

I believe in wandering around the house in something comfy while my boyfriend plays his flute (Apache flutist, not the Band Camp type of flutist).

I believe in a good movie to cut the tension.

I believe in romance.

I believe that what goes around, comes around, and payback can be a real #$()#* so we all need to play nice.

I believe that silence is a good motivator.

Michele said...

Helen, puppy breath? Okay, I'll give you that, since it is your beliefs, and who cares if my cat purrs trump your puppy breaths. ;-)

Mia, loved reading your list of beliefs. Walking in the rain. Yes!


Helen Brenna said...

Cat purrs trumping puppy breath. Hmm, thems fighting words, Michele!

Lois said...

I believe that there are aliens out there, but if they are truly intelligent beings, they would not be showing up here to do anything. :)


Debra Dixon said...


Very cool ! Especially the Maxfield Parrish blue. We licensed Stars (the pic you've put up) for one of our BelleBooks titles but there was no way to really get "Max blue" with the print technology for covers and on our budget. (g)

And your # 8 about believing in faeries reminds me of a fabulous Christmas card I sent one year with a wonderful old time Santa and on the inside it said, "Not believe in Christmas? You might as well not believe in faeries!"

Fortunately I was able to retreive the card going to a gay client before the postman took the mail.

Debra Dixon said...

Oh, and I believe I will never regret any moment spent producing something-- whether that was the kid, books, quilts or happiness.

Cindy Gerard said...

Chiming in way late here but Michele, I believe you hit on some very impressive beliefs.

And in addition to Puppy breath (for Helen) and cat purrs (for Michelle) I believe in the healing power of smiles. And both of those things can produce enough healing to get us through the darkest days.

And I believe that my grandchildren were put on earth to make me see things through a child's eyes again - and what a precious gift that is.

Betina Krahn said...

Wow. I'm coming to this late and I'm awed by the thoughtful and meaningful contributions here.

I believe in the healing power of hugs and touches.

I believe love never ends. It reaches across barriers of time and space. . . even of life and death.

I believe physical reality does consist of "strings". . . and that with them, we're all truly connected. We're part of the "great web" of existence.

I believe we're all made of star dust-- literally-- and that we're special beings in the universe. We're Creation become conscious.

I believe our mission is to be co-creators with the Great Creator.

I, too, believe in the reciprocity of life. . . the return of good deeds and bad. The universe seeks equilibrium.

I believe things move in cycles of change and destruction and renewal. Have experienced this in my own life.

I believe that the human mind is one of the greatest forces on the plant. We're only beginning to recognize and tap the power of thought.

I believe grand babies are a reward for surviving your own kids' teenage years.

I chose this saying years ago as my life's motto:
"Everything I have seen teaches me to trust the Creator for all I have not seen."

And puppy breath is second only to baby smell in my book. Although late in life, I've come to appreciate the pleasures of kitty cuddles as well.

lois greiman said...

I believe in kindness. That in all the world there is nothing so important, sustaining, or spiritual.

But M, who's George?

Michele said...

It's great reading everyone's beliefs! It's good to believe in something, isn't it?

Lois! Erm...George Washington? (Had to give a shout out to the man.)


Christie Ridgway said...

Michele: I bought for my Pirates of the Caribbean-fan sons this great Captain Jack pillowcase. I saw it as Claire's (don't know if they're in your area...a store for tweens, pretty much with costume jewelry and other fun stuff) and I'm sure it was designed with little girls in love with Johnny Depp, but my boys got a hoot out of it.

Mia said...

I believe in equal parts reality and fantasy. Without a little fantasy in our lives we'd be totally boring...

Loralee said...

I believe all these lists of beliefs put a great big lump in my throat and brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for reminding me of the good things, 'cause my beliefs have sure been tested the last three weeks. Bless y'all.

Betina Krahn said...

Loralee, how great to have you back! Laurie kept me updated and I've had you in my thoughts. I hope all is better with the hubby now.

We all send our love and prayers your way!