Thursday, January 11, 2007

What were your favs?

Last year I started a list of 'Movies I See', both in the theatre and on DVD. I'm thinking about doing a book list as well this year. Actually, I downloaded a great spread sheet form for books, but I've already lost it on my computer.

So here's my entertainment recap for 2006.

Top Five Movies of 2006

The Prestige - Two handsome men, a plot that requires you to return (eagerly) to the theatre to watch it again)
Marie Antoinette - 18th century costume drama. Clothes, shoes, pastries, purse puppies, frigid sex.
The Holiday - this one made me fall back in love with Jude, and pine for an English cottage
Casanova - Heath rocks! This was a cute movie that had me smiling
Inside Man - the non-violent robbery that had me questioning the movie for days after. Loved it.

Worst Movie of 2006

Tie between The LIbertine and The Break-Up - Johnny and Vince at their worst

Top Five Reads of 2006

Peter Pan In Scarlet - Geraldine McCraughrey - My favorite read is Peter Pan. The sequel does it justice!
A Hunger Like No Other - Kresley Cole - erotica, gorgeously sensual vampires and werewolves. Nummy!
A Dirty Job - Christopher Moore - the antichrist as a two year old who can kill by pointing at something and naming it 'Kitty'
The Masque of the Black Tulip - Lauren Willig - Scarlet Pimpernel-ish adventure; right up my alley
Sex, Drugs & DNA - Michael Stebbins - a scientist take on the lies the politicians are preaching on the TV nowadays

Worst Read of 2006

The Midnight Work - well written, but not the romance the spine promised it would be

Top Five Songs/Bands of 2006

Wind It Up - Gwen Stefani - catchy, and it's got yodeling. How can you go wrong?
Korn - Hard, raunchy, but hooky.
Ring of Fire - Johnny Cash - my son sings this. He channels Johhny when he does. It makes me swoon
The Peter Pan movie soundtrack - great background music for writing fantastical fiction
Dil Se-CHaiyya Chaiyya - Hindi House (Opening song on Inside Man movie) - everybody shake those hips!

Worst Song/Band of 2006

Lips of an Angel - Hinder - a man on the phone to his lover, telling her how he adores her, while his wife/girlfriend stands in the next room. So wrong.

So what about you? What were some of your favorites, and your absolute worsts?



Holly Kennedy said...

Reading your entertainment list has inspired me to get out more in 2007! Clearly, I'm stuck in my cave writing to meet my pub deadlines and need a break.
Thanks for the list!

Helen Brenna said...

Boy, Michele, my memory sucks!

I will say this, though, my son does a great Johnny Cash Ring of Fire, too. He broke out in song one day after seeing the movie and had all of us rolling on the floor.

And the song Lips of an Angel reminded my daughter of a break-up, so she loved it.

Michele said...

Holly - always glad to inspire, especially when it involves ignoring work for a little entertainment R&R

Helen - have you listened to the lyrics for LIps of an Angel? I hate it. Is it because I'm married, and take offense? I don't know. It's the ultimate guy song, that's for sure.


Helen Brenna said...

No, haven't listened to the song lyrics, but I've got the gist of it. When I was a kid, I think I was completely oblivious to lyrics!

Reel Fanatic said...

The Break-Up was indeed just an awful, awful movie ... I couldn't understand why either of them would want to be in a relationship with the other, so what was the point of watching it? The worst movie of 2006 though, hands down, was M. Night's Lady in the Water .. simply hideous

Michele said...

Lady in the Water. An interesting movie to watch from a writer's perspective. I saw it, but still am not completely sure how I feel about it. Parts I liked. Parts were just embarassing to all writers. Parts were stupid. Others were intriguing. Not his best, that's for sure. But his last few have never matched his first few, unfortunately.


Debra Dixon said...


I think your lists are great. I agree with Holly we all forget (or many of us) forget how much experience will feed the muse.

I absolutely *loved* The Holiday. I'm also ga-ga over the new James Bond movie.

Michele said...

The hubby and son saw Bond and loved it. Now, I am quite proud to announce that I have never seen a Bond movie, nor do I intend to in this lifetime. Not that I have anything against them, I just have never found an appeal in them. Weird, cause I do like spy stuff.

I did like Daniel Craig in Layer Cake, and there was some other little Brit movie he was in...


Betina Krahn said...

Michele, dear, this Bond movie is worth breaking your pristine record for. . . especially to see Daniel Craig in his Speedos. Also, the man moves like a thorobred.

Loved The Holiday. Would not go see The Breakup. Can't imagine why Jen Aniston would take such a role. And Vince-- don't want to see him being petty and mean or oafish. I'd like to keep a few of my illusions.

And that awful "Lips of an Angel" song. . . ugh. I'm with you, Michele. Tacky and low. Like "Me and Mrs. Jones" from an earlier day. Don't want to have to listen to somebody crooning on about their sleazy extra-curriculars. Y'know?

Adored the Prestige. But was crazy about The Illusionist. Fabulous movie that I will buy on DVD soon. It had GREAT performances.

Liked Marie Antoinette for a whole lot of reasons. . . a visual feast and a totally different viewpoint. Drove home to me just how void of maturity the whole court was at the time. . . and how the "court" milieu set up by Louis XIV to control the nobility only worked with a STRONG monarch. The contrast between Marie's milksop husband and her visiting brother (the capable and manly king of Austria) was astounding and unexpected.

Also loved The Departed and Blood Diamond, which gave me renewed respect for Leo DeCaprio's acting.

Liked Cars and Happy Feet and suffered through The Pursuit of Happyness. LOVED Pirates of the Carribean. MY kind of movie! So glad it garnered a number of People's Choice awards. Just goes to show how the People and the Hollywood insiders differ in tastes.

Must go rent Casanova as soon as it's out!